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  1. IN THIS VIDEO: Belly Play, Navel Play, Belly Slapping, Jiggling, and a healthy dose of chatting/fat shaming myself! Watch me as I play with my belly post-stuffing! I'm wearing a brand new pair of pajamas that I bought, and I'm STILL convinced that I'm a medium size! It shows, as when the shorts are pulled up my belly overflows over the top of them. I slowly start to acknowledge my pig gut, telling that my friends have called me a piggy. I start to agree, since I'm having a lot of fun with it myself. My fat, squishy pig gut is so soft that I just couldn't stop playing with it this time around! Throughout the video, you can see me slapping my jiggly belly and playing with my bellybutton. I'm surprised at how big I'm getting without me noticing, from the side I look like a total pig. It's shocking in a way to me! If you enjoyed, please consider leaving a review!! They totally make my day ❤️


  2. ChubbyFluffyStuffy

    Cute Pink Pajamas

    This cute outfit that I love
  3. Literally so mad rn

    was filming a long 2000cal Burger King stuffing video and someone called me in the middle of it, corrupting the whole video. This blows.

    anyone wanna see a belly play video of the aftermath instead?

  4. Look at what the continuous stuffing over the weekend did to me! Holy hell. Weighed in about 5 pounds heavier than the beginning of the weekend! And it shows too, my belly feels a lot rounder. I carry my weight in all the right places, don’t you think?

    Gonna be filming a video soon where I stuff myself EVEN MORE, so watch out for that! :3c



    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Amazing! Sounds like you'll be doing these stuffings more often. :D 

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Looking so cute and well fed.

  5. New video soon!!! Piggy promise!!! 🐷💕

    in the meantime, enjoy some post-pizza pictures for good measure :3c I bloated pretty big and felt cute.




    1. NickyPeters


      Your belly looks so soft!

    2. BLTs


      That combination of hips and belly. Goodness 

    3. Kysmith247


      Looks like the pizza is expanding in there! 

    4. haye


      Perfect round belly 😍

    5. Fisherman07


      Wow you look amazing!! Belly is getting big

    6. Bellylover777


      Beautiful round belly - very sexy - keep on.

  6. Surprise surprise!! I’m back! In this set: tight jeans, lots of gifs, navel play, And belly play!!! I found these jeans from a few months ago, and I wanted to see how much I’ve grown since then. Well, only to find out that just getting them on is exhausting! I could only button them up for a few seconds before my belly wanted to pop out. I could barely keep them on for half of the photoshoot haha. Hope you enjoy! 😋


  7. I look so cute and soft In all of these! Some butt, and a WHOLE lot of belly! Plenty of angles, positions, etc!


  8. IN THIS VIDEO: Soda Chugging, Eating, Belly Play, Jiggling, a few burps here and there, a bit of chatting Watch me completely negate my workout by chugging the last bit of soda out of a gallon bottle, followed by eating some chips while I rub my belly! It's so unbelievably soft I can't even tell you. I can't stop squishing it lately!! I don't even want to lose weight anymore, I'm starting to like how my belly rests on my thighs whenever I sit up. Also, I couldn't help but burp a little bit in this video, but I'm sure you don't mind, right? 🥺


  9. Anyone wanna see a soda chugging video in the athletic outfit I just posted? Well... You're in luck!! ;3 Stay tuned babes

  10. Gonna be drinking lots of soda tonight!!! Maybe some snacks too, I've got a very special video planned hehe!

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