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  1. The health of the third person in this situation is imperative. Let her and the baby have a healthy pregnancy and then you can go full throttle after.
  2. When a woman feels confident about themself, especially given that you have made it clear that she's hot, they're more willing to relax or even indulge your fantasies a bit. Keep the positive feedback flowing and she might get bigger.
  3. You write well and I'd like to see more!
  4. It's good to have some way fatter friends you can hang out with. And I'd recommend investing in some loose sweatpants and leggings
  5. You want advice, I'll give you some gold. First, never, ever be embarrassed about your size or anything about being chubby/fat/obese. You're doing this because you're living your life on your terms and doing what you want. Get a lot of food that you like and is easy to eat. Here in the U.S. there's Little Debby Cakes which are great to eat one box at a time (each box has like 8-10 cakes in it). And they're only a dollar or two. Mix it up, variety will keep your appetite interested. Salty to sweet, different foods, etc. Keep snacks in every room. A fridge by your bed if you can. Eat how your body responds best- graze all day, or stuff at meals. I would recommend at least 2-3x/wk a good stuffing where you have a hard time breathing, but not all the way to nausea-you want this to be fun! A big bowl of ice cream before bed every night. Search on the web for diet articles "Don't Eat These Items" or "10 Worst Foods for Losing Weight" and make sure you get lots of everything on those lists. Pizza, ice cream, brownies, etc. Lots of carbs and fats. Protein is not a priority at all. When making a gain shake, get Cytocarb or some other carb powder (not protein). It's good for putting fat on you. There's a lot more, but it's a good start!
  6. high


    Looking good! We really appreciate curves like yours here. Maybe you'll keep visiting?
  7. Yes, to the Women of Curvage board. It will get a lot more views.
  8. Eating when full....that's super hot! Your stretchmarks are totally appealing and I love your thick belly and thighs. Super pretty face, too. Welcome, welcome!!
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm curious, though, I've seen 5 foot 6 inches and 500 lbs and your wife doesn't look that weight. Maybe you meant 300 lbs?
  10. You should receive a very warm welcome! I'm totally stoked that you want to share your re-gain with us (don't worry if you overshoot your old weight- we definitely won't mind!) And it's totally hot, like fire, that you love being uncomfortably full!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining us, and I'm looking forward to seeing more
  11. So far, so great! She looks fantastic with the added curves. I wouldn't mind one bit if we saw a lot more of her....
  12. All your pictures are great, but I especially like the one of you in the white knit cap!
  13. Welcome! Yes, you would look divine with an additional 20++ lbs. You're attractive and I'm glad you'll be making a post in the Women of Curvage board to keep us crazy with updates of your gain 😁
  14. You know diet culture has invaded everywhere when she says this. Besides, how can it be a disorder when the food's delicious and so is she.
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