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  1. high


  2. Welcome! You look fantastic with the additional weight! If you like showing off your pics (as much as we like viewing them), make a thread in the "Women of Curvage" board where you'll get more views.
  3. I've only read about it, but Delta8 offers edibles legal in a lot of states. Munchies, lol
  4. Do you have any experience with Delta 8?
  5. Not many responses for guys, lol. Try the personals board if you're looking. Also, welcome!!
  6. high

    New Member

    Welcome to Curvage and also to the exciting and delicious world of being a feedee!! What an awesome journey you will have!
  7. Oh, my! Those thighs! That belly! Quite intoxicating
  8. Why you asking us? You know you want to hit the "go" pedal. Do it
  9. What a great story!!! Many thanks 😊
  10. There's a lot of celeb assholes around, WAY more than we need. Big butts, notsomuch
  11. Thank you so much for sharing!! She's lovely and we would love to see more!
  12. Whether it's for money, pride or power, people try to define things, what it should be and the "correct" parameters. Find yourself a good woman and work with her on a personal level.
  13. Great story. Sounds like you have a winner with her. I'd like to read more if you have.
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