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  1. Yes! That super-stuffed look is absolutely, totally awesome! And I agree that you should do it often 😁
  2. Just a suggestion, but how about making her cum after every stuffing?? Do that for a while and she might be ready for anything
  3. high

    Haley's Gain

    What a great and awesome story!!! I can't say enough good things about this!
  4. If you're the one who cooks, almost double the amount of butter you put in. Maybe work up to it, slowly increasing over time. Buy chocolate covered granola bars. They seem healthy, but are fattening. Low-fat carb snacks, like potato chips and Cheez-Its. You can make smoothies, but integrate whole milk and work your way up to half &half or cream. I've also heard that maltodextrin mixed in will turbocharge gains. There's lots more, but I need to go now
  5. The 80s were a big girl desert! Nothing. Except Wendie Jo Sperber https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/private-benjamin-a-cbs-television-sitcom-based-on-the-movie-of-the-picture-id1189038707?s=612x612 The show The Facts of Life had some ugly big girl, but the real action was in later episodes when the black girl started porking up. I have to give props to rap culture, which got big in the 90s and started the whole baggy pants thing (room to grow,) and calling girls "phat". That started it all.
  6. Good opportunity to reward her when she's stuffed 😈😈
  7. Welcome! You sure have some nice curves. Looking forward to seeing a whole lot more of you!
  8. Welcome! You can get a lot of support and advice here. The moderators and the models have a lot of great info on becoming a model. The rest of us will be glad to give you advice on gaining. We look forward to seeing more of you!
  9. I could tell you, but it's a secret.
  10. When malls were a "thing", you could sometimes find me lingering on one of the benches between Lane Bryant and the ice cream shop waiting to chat up the right woman. Now that people don't really go out and socialize, and when they do it's masked, I'd recommend you stick to online dating. Besides, it's specialized where you know what they like. Chat a lot before you meet. Those conversations may tell you a lot.
  11. Thank you! It's small actions like yours that helps push the needle in a positive direction!!
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