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  1. I think it's malpractice if any bariatric doctor does that surgery for a 217lb woman, unless she's 4' tall.
  2. She's gained a lot of weight and looks so good
  3. Wow! I'm impressed. I wouldn't mind more of her.
  4. I'm going to have to see some charts and graphs to back up your assertions. 🤓
  5. Also, ocasio-cortez-appears-on-price-is-right
  6. high

    Beach Babes

    If you have any more of those, that would be great. 4th pic is the large woman in the one piece on the left.
  7. If women aren't allowed to wear booty shorts or belly shirts, how are our daughters going to learn how to dress? /s
  8. The past 25 years have provided an ever-increasing flow of sh#t from academia. I'm not entertaining this author's paranoia.
  9. There's an abundance of yt vids from formerly skinny black girls who use it to get curves. They swear up & down that it works and give video evidence. I don't believe that is over-the-counter in the US. Maybe Amazon or your favorite online drug store?
  10. Don't fantasize, just take her out on eating-situation dates and only do her when she's full. She'll ask you questions eventually, and you can tell her then. If you made her toes curl, it's a lock.
  11. If it's her way or the highway, get out!
  12. Sorority ETA Pi, amiright?? Is this mic on? But seriously, the hot girls are the BBWs. I can't even shop at The Gap because of what it stands for. Oh, if I were in college now...I'd be scoping the girls who can funnel beer, take em out for late night forgotten food runs and have them work up to funnel gain shakes.
  13. If you enjoy it, there's really not a problem. Like a previous poster said, if it's a burden, than seek help.
  14. So you're either a park ranger or a lumberjack with a very active imagination, right?
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