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  1. Welcome! It's always a pleasure to see such a beautiful gainer and feedee! I'm looking forward to seeing you really grow!
  2. I liked it a lot. Thank you!
  3. Great story. Really good plot, pacing, descriptions, the whole magilla!
  4. Glad to see another feeder. It's important to make this world beautiful.
  5. Who designed the kitchen???? No island should be up on the fridge like that.
  6. Welcome! Here's a good starting point: How Curvage Works Awesome that you're a feedee. It's an exciting time for sure!
  7. No one wants to see all that fat in a bikini. Well, maybe one set of people... deviants. You got so fat that only those feeder perverts will want you. It's too late to go back, so you might as well enjoy the donuts, shakes and buffets. You know, all that food that gave you those stretchmarks , fat belly and thunder thighs. And next time when you've eaten too much and have to keep readjusting your pants because your overly-full belly is pushing them down, remember that there's a lot of people judging you, talking behind your back. "She keeps eating!", and "Don't you remember her from last time? She got huge!" Knowing that all eyes are on you, you want to give them a show, so you go for thirds. It's pretty exciting, and the thought of you being even bigger next time you see them makes you quite wet.
  8. high


    Good beginning. Nicely paced. Please continue.
  9. I thought someone here might be interested...
  10. There are many videos on YT with women attesting to its effectiveness. More details are available at the videos
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