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  1. You're being very altruistic about this. I wouldn't lie, but there's nothing wrong with making your woman feel good, even if the outcome benefits both of you.
  2. Congratulations in being a regional leader in feederism! You're in the right spot. Now, you just have to be an ambassador of fat to all the Chilean women! Welcome.
  3. They insult 50% of their audience and can't tell a good story to save their lives. But who cares when half their sales come from outside the country.
  4. You'll live the rest of your life thinking of what could have been... that's not cool. Don't do that to yourself. Go out with her. If it comes up, let her know you appreciate thick chicks (but always that she's the best/ most awesome). And every time she eats a lot, make her feel good. The weight should come. If it fails, at least you know you tried.
  5. I put on shoes this morning
  6. high

    Gearheads Fap Forum!

    No, they are not as much fun.
  7. high

    Kay Hill

    Her thighs don't match her ass- I'm calling fake- she had work done. And for some of you that's ok.
  8. I'd like to find a dog that doesn't eat my blinds.
  9. Are you talking about Rachel Dolezal? She crazy
  10. I thought you were talking of trannies. You know..."this is Rich. He used to be Michelle." Michelle became Rich. Of all the male names, it seems that most are interested in becoming rich. Poor Bob and Jose.
  11. Dude.... thanks for the installment.
  12. high

    What're you listening to?

    Infectious Grooves https://youtu.be/suKtuoJyzaA
  13. I'm not black, nor do I have any hair on my head. I'm aware of different hairstyles, but just as I would comment on the tediousness of maintaining an overly complicated beard, at first glance this particular hairstyle looks challenging. I've seen it 1/3 the size, and it looks manageable. She is attractive, not trying to offend. I believe answering cross cultural questions helps everyone.
  14. Yes, I'd say rare exception. There always are. I'm more concerned how long it takes her to prepare that hair on a daily basis.
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