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  1. If you were upfront about it before the relationship, then she was dishonest with herself and you. Pretty straightforward.
  2. It's a tease, 'cause you can never feed someone indefinitely. You love her lots, so you can open up yourself to her. It can go either way; she's either weirded out or maybe indulges your fantasies. Gotta be ready for either.
  3. Welcome! Yes, we do appreciate the fuller (and fuller) female form here. Enjoy the freedom from having to watch what you eat, and enjoy your stay!
  4. What quite a few women here are doing to fund their expansion is to make videos and sell them for profit. You know we're a bunch of pervs that want to see how you're gaining, so get to makin' those vids. Or not, just a suggestion, lol
  5. high

    Beach Babes

    Had I been the cameraman, I would have taken pictures of this one all day long.
  6. omg, climate refugees. please, i'm gonna piss myself
  7. Maybe they see him coming when his pickup line is lmswagg, I own a mansion and a yacht. Would you like to chat? Even I'd ask him to pay me before I'd speak with him. lol A little off topic, but back in the day, didn't swag mean Single White And Gay?
  8. This is definitely one to keep an eye on!
  9. You don't seem plus size (yet), but what I'd suggest is to get some online stores' size charts so you can measure yourself and see where you fall size-wise. That will give you an idea of what size you should be looking for. It used to be that you'd go to the mall to see what's popular. Now, I'd imagine you'd watch some "haul" videos on youtube, or go to Instagram model sites to see what they're wearing/selling. When you are plus sized, you'll want to go to Torrid, that seems crazy popular (but a little expensive outside of any sales) Read this https://www.rankandstyle.com/top-10-list/best-plus-size-clothing-websites Good luck.
  10. Such a great story! I was disappointed when I got to the end, only because it was riveting and Emma getting into it so much is way hot. Some sexual tension goin' on there with Paul. Good storywriters such as yourself understand tension and it's awesome!
  11. Welcome! You're sure to be popular with your beauty and willingness to gain. Make sure to pop into the Women of Curvage board, too!
  12. How'd you hear about this place? Do we have a good rep or not? Did you grow up already chubby, or is this a recent gain and you are just exploring? Really, gaining wouldn't be so popular unless it was awesome, and it is (not a question) What country are you from? That's all I got. Welcome!
  13. Thank goodness Brazilian women have discovered food. Lovely curves.
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