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  1. What you’ve done to yourself is outrageously hot; such a rampant, naughty, convention-defying, greedy, gluttonous, sensual and erotic gain 😍
  2. That vertical split on your burgeoning, hefty, ballooning lower belly is beyond hot x
  3. You are an absolute dream, a true sensual ballooning BBW goddess, would love to have been a fly on the wall to watch you devouring all that naughty delicious food 🥵😍
  4. I adore the sexy split between your upper & lower belly (Bellissima) and love the vertical split on your lower belly from your bellybutton downwards, a gorgeous display of the results of massive decadent intentional gluttony 😍
  5. You never cease to arouse, excite, shock and amaze me with your massive growing figure and your candid, sexy, decadent narrative of your intentional gluttonous journey to huge BBW x
  6. Utterly mind-bendingly sexy! 😍 Please do a vid of you walking and/or going up/down the stairs, would love to see your deliberately-engorged, obese, wide, deep, heavy, wobbly, jiggly, erotically feminine mounds bouncing and quivering with every hefty step 🥵😍😍😍
  7. Had to revisit this one today - one of @Goddess shar’s best ever vids IMO - would love to see a recreation of it with even bigger curves in motion 🥵😍
  8. My god you’re absolutely THROWING IT ON!! 🐷🥵😍 I’d love to be squished under your huge sensual voluptuous mounds
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