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  1. Beautiful vid - you’re looking so voluptuous now 🥵, can you find Shar though?
    Such a beautiful vid, can’t believe the girth on Kat lately, this girl is BIG now 🥵 🐷 😍
    A solid 5 stars from me! ❤️ What a big number the stunning Lauren has now reached, she’s been BUSY! 🐷 The combination of that flawlessly pretty face, combined with those huge, ever-growing, deliberately-huge, sensually voluptuous feminine mounds, is enough to tip anyone over the edge in seconds ✊🏻💦❤️
  2. OMFG you’ve totally blown UP!! 🐷 So sexy, hope you and cousin Shar collab again soon x
    My GOD, yes you absolutely DO waddle Lauren!! 🤩 This has to be one of the sexiest displays of BBW (SSBBW?) curves in motion I’ve ever seen ❤️
    What a gorgeous vid of these two growing beautiful goddesses in glorious motion together! 😍 Em has REALLY ballooned and taken on an incredibly sexy shape, Rach looks insatiable as always 🥵
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