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    This is such a great Q+A. Jennie looks adorable and her reflections on the relationship between bondage and feederism are so candid and sexy. Watching her talk about how much softness turns her on while grabbing her growing belly—all with an absolutely infectious smile—makes this clip an A+ in my book! I'm so excited to watch Jennie grow and see her features change: from her ass getting rounder and rounder to plumping cheeks that augment those beautiful eyes 😘 thank you for sharing!
    The production on this clip is next-level! Watching these two pigs fatten themselves by the pool and let their ample, round bellies splash in the water is totally irresistible, particularly when @Curvage Casey lets her deliciously juicy ass do its thing toward the end. I can't wait to see what these two look like next summer 😘
    Watching @GainingGothGF pout and rub her plump and rounding belly while talking about getting pregnant—with twins, or triplets even!—is completely irresistible, from start to finish. I saw this video and immediately knew I had to have it! She says all of the right things about growing and changing, and giving into new cravings; I can't help but think about how big she will be after three, maybe four 🥵
    Listening to @NikkiMaialina talk about feeding me while stroking and grabbing her round, plump belly and luscious rolls just makes me want to completely give in! I will keep coming back to this video and, who knows? Maybe I will be rounder myself each time I watch 😋 I've never been so enticed by the idea!
    Camilla gorging herself on cake with her breasts barely contained by her shirt is a sight to behold! One of the best stuffing videos I have seen in a while—can't wait to see more 😘🤤
    The way Camilla fills up the tub is impossible to forget! If you are a fan of jiggling, this video is for you 😍
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