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  1. Stuffed & ready for you 😈🐷


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bbwlover87


      Tiger belly!😍

    3. mz7000


      Nice. I'm ready too.

    4. Lovesthechub
    5. bellydance4me


      it does not get any more perfect than that!

    6. regbill
    7. Tendedsugar


      Such a good piggy🐷🥵

  2. Lazy weekday afternoon, think I’ll spend the day I eating & not moving this ass outta bed 😋🐷😴 


    1. ExponentialGrowth


      Can we move that ass in bed? ;)

    2. AllContrast


      Your ass is exploding in size!

    3. 60inchesormore


      You lay right there and I bring you all the food you want. Don't move unless you want to jiggle it for me.

    4. Tendedsugar


      Such a massive ass🥵😏

    5. Bellygazerpics


      All I need is a blanket, and a mattress, bc that ass would serve as a perfect set of fluffy pillows to snuggle up to 😍😍

  3. Lunch break vibes 😋🐷




    1. regbill


      Young lady, you are a fluffy dream come true.

    2. Joeblow


      Damn, that’s some awesome cellulite 🥵 

    3. JRome


      Love your stretch marks. Sexy. 

  4. Been beyond busy with wedding planning & hit a new fatness milestone at my dress fitting today… Eager to get the dress on & see how snug it fits with all my new gains, I stepped into the dress & it wouldn’t make it past my ass one bit 😅 Spent a solid 15 minutes jumping up & down in the fitting room desperately trying to get it to budge past my bottom half all while the seamstress watched me helplessly try to jiggle & squeeze all my growing curves into the dress. Hopefully she enjoyed the show 😜🐷 😂
  5. Final day for my $5 sale for these clips! Cum see what this fatty does best 😋🐷😘



  6. The stuffing vs the aftermath that night… left me absolutely stuffed & insatiably horny 🥵🐷
  7. Two new videos coming this weekend, but for now how about a sale on some of my best selling clips? 😋Now till Sunday, these 5 clips will be on sale for $5! 😘🥰



  8. Happy hump day 🍑😘


    1. regbill


      After seeing this pic I wish every day was hump day.😍

  9. Tonight’s dinner coming out to several thousand calories, hopefully it doesn’t ruin this super fit figure 😋😜🐷
  10. Have you checked out my two recent clips yet? Both 5 star rated & fatty approved 😘🐷



  11. Spending my Saturday the best way possible, tipsy & stuffed AF 🥵😋 Thinking it’s time for some updated before/afters, what do you think? 🥰
  12. New clip out now & it’s a hot one 🥵🐷


    1. WhiskeyLizard


      It's not a secret if you were my gf I would want to feed you all the time. 😄😄

  13. In This Video: Fat Chat. Sexy tease/Boyfriend chat. McDonald’s stuffing. Bouncing/jiggles. Belly play. Some burping. POV: Reds and you have been dating for a while and things have been great! But recently reds has found out about your little, or not so little secret… Reds sits you down & explains how she caught you watching porn the other day, but not just any porn… it was a bunch of fat women. Like fucking FAT women. Eating, feeding each other, just fat galore. But don’t worry, reds has a secret herself. She actually thinks it’s fucking hot and wants to try it for herself… she wants to try growing for you! To prove she’s serious, after a little chat Reds dives right in and stuffs herself silly with a wholllle lot of McDonald’s: Big Mac, Two large Fries, McNuggets & large soda: she eagerly & greedily stuffs it all down for you as she tells you how fat she wants to get for you. Hope you really like fat girls, cause it looks like your girlfriend is going to get massive soon enough.🥵 Hope you enjoy, Babe! XOXO- Reds💋🐷


  14. So swollen, piggy is ready to pop 🥵🐷 

    New Clip out today! 


    1. WhiskeyLizard


      Love to try to give you a little more. So sexy. 

    2. regbill


      If you get any fatter you're going to pop out of your lingerie.

  15. Getting fucking fat ….I love it 😈🐷



    1. regbill


      It looks like you've been working overtime grow those curves of yours.😍

    2. Risquereds


      @regbill this fatty works hard, but these delivery drivers are working harder for me 😅🐷

    3. regbill


      @Risquereds I'm sure they know good customer when they see one and want to do everything to make you happy.

    4. Feedmee


      I can’t wait to see what you look like at 300 pounds. You must be getting close fatty

    5. SVegan


      I love your beautiful belly ❤♥ 😍

    6. JRome


      I love your stretch marks that are literally popping up everywhere, nice work! 

  16. I just want to be absolutely stuffed. 😈🐷🥵



    1. Feedmee


      What a hog ;). Those stretch marks are out of control. Keep stuffing that fat face piggy

    2. lovechubbybelliedgirls


      That bellybutton 🥵🥵

    3. SVegan


      You have the sexiest stretchmarks 😏 😋 😉 😘 😍.

  17. Mind if I use your face as a seat? Promise the suffocation is worth it 😈🐷



    1. JR


      Look at that butttttt

    2. Ace500


      Oh my goodness look at all that sexy junk in the trunk

    3. Bruno49



      Sign Me Up Jennifer Lopez GIF by NBC

    4. zibbz95


      No need to ask 🤤

    5. FeedHerMusic


      What a way to go 🤤

    6. SVegan
  18. ROGO sale ending tonight! Don’t miss out on this 5 ️ rated clip 😘🐮


  19. Big Macs will always have special place in my belly 🥰 (I’d say heart, but my bellies bigger) 



    1. pgtip00


      Good lord does that camera love you! 😍

    2. regbill


      You do a great job of filling up the frame with your magnificent curves.

    3. Ney


      It's very noticeable how you really enjoy eating that fatty Big Mac. 😋

  20. Don’t miss out on my ROGO sale for my newest clip for the next 24 hours! 😘🐮😈


  21. New clip up now & on a ROGO sale for the next 24 hours!  Cum check out your greedy growing cow 🐮😈😘


  22. ROGO SALE : 9/5/21- 12 AM 9/6/21 (EST). For the next 24 hrs Rate this video & get another one of my clips of your choosing, for free! In This Video: Ice cream & Heavy cream chugging. Sexy tease/breeding chat. Bouncing/jiggles. Belly & ass play. SLO-Mo jiggles- over 12+ minutes. Reds has returned! Shes been working so hard for you recently, feeding & chugging cream all day every day. She's growing & working hard to become the fattest cow for daddy. She’s sat you down today to show you how good she’s been & tells you all about how shes ready to become the ultimate greedy & gluttonous cow so you can finally breed her. That’s all she wants after all, to be fed, fattened, and fucked like the good dairy cow she’s destined to be. 🥵 To prove it, she’s decided to stuff herself with lots of ice cream, whipped cream, and plenty of Heavy cream. After sufficiently stuffing herself full of delicious cream, reds shows off all her sexy fat curves in her teeny tiny cow bikini that barely stays on as she bounces around, jiggling all her delicious new fat. Hope you enjoy, Daddy! XOXO- Reds 💋😈🐮


  23. Small cow & lots of cream 🐮🤤 New video tonight 😘



    1. JRome


      Looking forward to it! Also looking forward to seeing you continue your gain! 

    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      There is nothing small about you! 😍

  24.  what’s for dinner? 😋🐷🤤




    1. pgtip00


      I don't know about you, but I'll take a big slice of that booty. 😍

    2. JRome


      Love your stretch marks everywhere 

    3. mrfatfatfatlover


      Cellulite legs activate, what a fatty

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