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  1. For anyone that this is the first time you've seen Zewik7, you're in for a treat!
    It was invetiable, four litres can no longer fill her bottomless her beach ball belly. Will two gallons do the job, or will it prove once more that it is still bottomless? A brilliant video as always ❤️
  2. I've just seen your recent picture after the "candied bacon" thing. The fact that your gut is almost big enough to sink between your thighs and hit whatever you sit on is just 😍
  3. Can't wait to see how much of that gut overfills your lap in the month 🙂
    Another video that proves that Curvage's favourite Colombian's beach ball belly is bottomless as she devours two pizzas and almost a gallon's worth of soda with characteristic ease. Will that belly ever be filled? We will never know until she cannot finish all of her food.
    Beach Ball Latina strikes again with a gut that could empty a pizza buffet showing once more that her big gut can consume more than almost everyone her weight. Looking forward to a bigger beach ball with every post!
    The beach ball strikes again! A big belly and a bottomless pit shows us once more why she is one of the best big-bellied models on Curvage.
  4. If this is empty, I can't wait for with what you're going to fill that gut with! 🙂
    Chanel "Beach Ball Belly" Latina does it again with another video showing her seemingly bottomless gut drinking almost a gallon of smoothie. Can't wait for the next video 😍
    Here I was thinking that the Beer Wench and the Beer Chugging videos was a giant turn on. Holy moly, this sets the loins aflame with joy! 😍
    What can I say? A bigger belly and bigger measurements. The famous beach ball belly showing us why she's the best model on Curvage! 😍
  5. Such a hot belly. All round and stuff and to be played like a drum!

    1. TheRealMaxima


      Thats a guy{Tranny} belly your looking at...

  6. I know that you've counted your takeout orders, but have you counted your soda bottles? That would be an interesting statistic to see.
    That belly becomes more of a beach ball with every new video! Keep at it!
    Another good video, watching her gut get bigger and bigger each new video. Can't wait for when you're able to eat almost double that!
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