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  1. Now something no one has noticed: cute back rolls lol
  2. America probably 😅 why do you ask? And welcome !
  3. DailyDose

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Can't believe I just found her. She looks magnificent and has an adorable baby bump! I wish more anchors looked like her, she is gorgeous.
  4. The irony of that description while being slathered in layers of make up and wearing a dress that hides the belly and being photoshopped to hell and back....
  5. She's perfect - so plush with a pretty and distinctive face.
  6. Phenomenal meaty legs !! What a beauty
  7. Not many comments for 5 years then you come back and say mean words what's wrong with you brother ;_;

  8. She looks so doughy here wow I'm in love
  9. Notice how even her arm fat wobbles a tiny bit! Her face is so gorgeous too. Every aspect of her you could just drop your jaw at.
  10. DailyDose

    Who is she

    I don't know but the Requests subforum might.
  11. She's thicker than a marshmallow but I would die if she just gave in totally and grew bigger all over... I can dream! 😅
  12. Does she realize by now a majority of her followers are horny FAs? Lol
  13. What a cute beautiful story thank you for writing this! Welcome
  14. I hope you return soon :( is everything well?

    1. lovecurvefat


      I miss her so much

    2. mattkoty


      LAST VISITED: February 8. 

      Her return at this point would be epic especially if she’s been hard at work on the gains for the last 4-ish months.  I continue to patiently await...

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