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  1. DailyDose

    Fiancé losing weight :(

    Once they feel like they won their goal, the weight will slowly pile back on haha. Although I should tell you you should try to let her know how you truly think about her body in a way she understands.
  2. DailyDose

    Diana Sirokai

    She must really be shoveling food in every single day wow, I don't know how you can be a conscious model like that and gain so much without it being on purpose.
  3. I think my highest request would be to improve the optimization of the site in general especially when navigating threads, on some of my browsers it crashes after a while.
  4. It's been almost 4 years since last update, she must be huge now! 

  5. DailyDose

    Diana Sirokai

    I wish she would just become a straight up bbw model lol
  6. DailyDose


    I misread her caption as losing 20 kilograms but then I realized that would mean she got 8 years younger -
  7. DailyDose

    Diana Sirokai

    Overflowing with marshmallow fluff, so soft! She carries all her fat so well. One day I hope she realizes most of her audience follows her because of her "flaws"
  8. DailyDose

    Rebecca Penfold UK

    T H I C C, nice find I wish she had more of a belly though
  9. oooops

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      >_< 0_0

      Ich denke Sie mussen PM, weil zu viel information ist 🙄

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  10. DailyDose

    Grey Shorts - Video

    You're so fat I can't believe it 😄 beautiful covered in flab!
  11. DailyDose

    Fat BBW Doughnut Stuffing Part 1

    You look so fat and beautiful! You're gorgeous too without makeup 😁
  12. DailyDose

    Laura Brioschi

  13. DailyDose

    My GFs just keep getting bigger

    And a MERRY MASS OF JESUS CHRIST to you too!
  14. DailyDose

    Diana Sirokai

    Her butt is twice the blonde's size, wow They're just cheering in the desert though and that's pretty funny
  15. DailyDose

    Diana Sirokai

    She has the best chubby fingers and calves! can't get enough of her