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  1. It's so hot how you can't stop growing rounder! Bellissima!
  2. You're getting so lusciously plump, I adore your chubby face! That belly and booty look super heavy too now, I think it's safe to call you officially FAT with those new marks!
  3. It's amazing how well your body is growing, right now with that refined little double chin and thickening thighs you could be in a Peter Paul Reubens painting. I can only describe these added punds as making your body even more womanly and "silky". I can tell that you're only going to look more wonderful as time goes on, I think your gorgeous curves will become a whole lot more to handle with waves of pillowy softness!
  4. Absolute plump queen and positively gorgeous jewel eyes! 10\10 she's already clearly obese and doesn't hide it!
  5. I can't help but think of Pulp Fiction I'm sorry haha. She's beautiful though and this is a very cute nice goal! Why message want a potbelly specifically so much ?
  6. She's a dream wife, you're bkessed! I love her overflowing shape, it is like everywhere is a pillow. It's like she's already an ultimate goal for many women, where can she grow from here?? I can't believe I missed this thread, thank you.
  7. It's like her butt quadrupled in size and you would never expect that kind of growth! ChubbyBunny, what are some current models that inspire you by the way? Do you see e.g. KittyPiggy and Carmen LaFox as goals? BigCutie Bonnie?
  8. I can't even find any pictures searching for a 65 inch belly or hips so I can't illustrate with real photos what you may look like then, but it's so exhilarating to read your responses and enthusiasm! Your bottom is definitely getting huge, everywhere must be a sofa for you haha! Welcome Christmas 😇
  9. You must get this a lot, but your face is even more lovely than your body - and I'm a huge fan of pears! Thank you for posting here!
  10. Now something no one has noticed: cute back rolls lol
  11. You look positively gorgeous, thank you for sharing, my favorite is the third to the last picture followed by the 2nd and 3rd! You are just so soft all over!
  12. Beautiful true "wife" body! Lovely soft shape , she looks like she's a lot to grab haha
  13. She looks great, thank you for sharing and I hope she learns to indulge even more! Her curves are beautiful. What does she like to eat most?
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