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  1. Does she realize by now a majority of her followers are horny FAs? Lol
  2. What a cute beautiful story thank you for writing this! Welcome
  3. I hope you return soon :( is everything well?

    1. lovecurvefat


      I miss her so much

    2. mattkoty


      LAST VISITED: February 8. 

      Her return at this point would be epic especially if she’s been hard at work on the gains for the last 4-ish months.  I continue to patiently await...

  4. You're breathtakingly gorgeous and your plump face is so beautiful to behold! Looking so plump here!
  5. That thigh cellulite, double chin, pillowy arm rolls and sausage fingers are just divine.
  6. I think most males in this community can deeply relate to your troubles, don't worry. This fetish is a curse. There at least several rants I could write about all of it, but for now I give you my deepest sympathy. Something perhaps to ponder is this: What do you value most in a potential ideal wofe, and how far would you compromise for what you feel truly matters for a good life and healthy bond?
  7. Based on your incredibly passive tone of writing and the fact you're mid 20s and never had a gf before, I know you're Scandinavian and everything but your problem while relatable seems to be part of a much bigger general psychological and lifestyle issue. I am a huge hypocrite but I care about you because I can see a part of myself in you, you need to learn how to "man up" as another reply said. The hard truth to even getting a gf at all of any size is that virtually all women do not like this groveling walking-on-eggshells mentality. If you have a life of any integrity worth living, you will end up being offensive to so wine out of billions no matter what you do. Subconsciously I can imagine your demeanor being a major turnoff. You need to take charge of your life, and perhaps by now aim higher than a gf and start looking for wife and mother material. Time waits for no one....
  8. :( Hope you're alright 😢

  9. This makes me want to listen to some good old Serb turbofolk.
  10. Her arm rolls are gonna make me faint
  11. DailyDose

    Losing looks

    I actually admire messy hair quite a bit... maybe not like an extreme example like she got sucked into a tornado but if her hair is not naturally straight like spaghetti like a Nordic, then I take a lot of attraction to the nuances and waves of a woman's hair that drapes down in such a fairly unkempt manner, without being frozen by artificial products and sprays.
  12. I would mash and melt a bunch of chocolate protein bars with a pint of heavy cream and lots of eggs and sugar, then bake it in a giant tin and serve it like a cake. -I claim no liability for her bowels after the fact-
  13. Хорошо! I notice her necklace in the last pic is cool, it is a good cross next to what I presume is a tiny Orthodox icon (?) since she is Russian.
  14. *Emirates patriotism intensifies*
  15. Once they feel like they won their goal, the weight will slowly pile back on haha. Although I should tell you you should try to let her know how you truly think about her body in a way she understands.
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