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    OMG this is the best day ever!!! I got paid and Kawaiipiggy uploaded the perfect stuffing!!! 10/10 amazing job as always, hopefully we can more of these types of videos in the future, maybe a large pizza stuffing with 2l soda?!
    Please make more of these!!! These are the types of videos are masterpiece's! Lots of food, burping, moans etc., It all comes together perfectly, 10/10 seriously I could watch is all day!
    Okay so this was one my first time watching your videos and my expectations were completely blown away!!! Keep up the good work and hopefully next time their could be some burping?! If your into that of course.
  1. That’s fine whatever outfit you want then 😁 thanks btw can’t wait to see this vid!!!
  2. Hey Kitty once again loved the video!!! BTW I wanted to ask is the large 30min pizza stuffing with soda still on your list of video ideas because that would be the dream!!!
    A very different type of HLK video its still as hell!!! Kitty if your reading this if you want a 300lb body, go for it the sky is the limit 10/10 XOXO
  3. Kitty if your reading this pls do more stuffing and chugging videos!!! If you cant do 30min that's fine. But having more stuffing videos will definitely make you best model on this site!!! XOXO
    NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A STUFFING VIDEO!!! 1000/10!!! Well done Kitty!!! I love everything about it, the lights, the sound, the burps and of course the belly its all perfect!!! Im so glad my new PC came in the Mail so I could see this HD!!! Kitty if your reading this your amazing pls dont ever stop you star XOXO!!!
  4. BTW while im here im want to give a request for a stuffing kitty if your reading this, is it possible to have a like Long video of you eating a large or medium pizza while chugging soda for something because that would be cool!!! XOXO -CallmeBBW
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