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    Another 10/10 video from Devi!!! I absolutely adore these longer stuffing vids, like srsly they are the best XOXO
    Okay listen Cece If your reading this you have created a masterpiece!!! Like Seriously I literally ran down to the Bank and back for this vid because it everything about it done to perfection!!! I absolutely adore these longer mega stuffing's please do more like!!! 1000/10 XOXO
    This Sequel has been a long time coming, And Im glad its here because Kitty's made major progress!!! That Booty has come a long why fellas trust me you dont wanna miss this one!!! 10/10
    Best GGG vid so far, like this is what im taking about!!!, Chugging and Burping, cant go wrong with those two!!!
  1. Attempting a large Pizza Stuffing with Soda would be nice!!! Also if you can make the video pretty long like 20-25 mins tops, and lastly that button top with jeans from the last video would be so great to wear!!!
    Been Loving Kitty's Progress so far cant wait for the next video 10/10 as always!!! P.S. Another Long Pizza Stuffing with Soda would knock all other models out of the Ballpark!!! XOXO
    First of of all I really wish I could rate this more than 5 star because this is literally the definition of Perfection!!! The Belly shots, The Burps the Body and of course cute kitty herself its all amazing!!! I've been looking forward to more vids like this, love it 1000/10!!! Keep it Up Kitty!!!
    These vids just keep getting better and better!!! I really love how you just really pushed it to the limit, and the video length is nice too Perfection!!! 10/10 Cant wait for the next one
    Another Prefect vid, you cant stop this girl I mean she's on fire!!! Those burps and Belly shots are sexy af!!! Cant wait for the next one!!!
    Is it even a queastion at this at this point to rate 5 Stars, She's amazing!!! Love the return of the stuffing, burps, and measuring as she's goes, all on point!!! Proud of you kitty never quit on us beautiful XOXO!!!
    Okay lemme start off the this by saying im so proud of Kitty, Literally her progress is insane!!! Kitty and Definitely the model that stands out from the rest, srsly guys give this a new you will not be disappointed!!! 10/10!!!
    Nice video!!! pls tell me the next is a stuffing, I want to see that belly in action!!!
    CeCe continues to impress me!!! I fucking love her belly, boobs and Booty its all prefect!!! I cant wait to see where she's goes next!!! Not gonna lie would love to see another Max stuffing like your burger vids but this time with pizza and Soda, that would make her hands down the hottest model on this site!!! -Love, CallmeBBW
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