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    Favorite Food: STARBUCKS! Gelato, pasta, pizza & mac+cheese 4ever

    Hobbies: Gaming, listening to podcasts, reading, collecting stuffed animals, anime, true crime, eating junk food

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    4' 11" (150cm)

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  1. I ❤️ being spoiled. Whether it's yummy food, plushies or cute clothes to barely cover my dumptruck ass

    My Wishlist




    1. Carter F

      Carter F

      I wanna hug you in that outfit :3

    2. BellyStuffer$26


      What a juicy fatass🥰😋 

    3. Chubby girls are sexy 320

      Chubby girls are sexy 320

      Senoritá Bonita indeed. Wow you’re gorgeous. I’m looking forward to seeing more content!!!❤️❤️

    4. IwantCurves


      This is what I need in my life

  2. Making your Monday more spicy! Snag this popular clip on sale!





  3. Yay! It's Xmas Season!! Enjoy my xmas polar bear burping clip---on sale!




  4. NEW CLIP! My butt is so huge 🍑Having uhh some sizing issues with these new shorts lol




    1. Carter F

      Carter F

      I think a burger will satisfy me today

  5. I just got another pair of cute gym shorts. They're compression style but have a lot of stretch to them. A size large should fit perfectly. I excitedly start pulling up the shorts and whoa--already on my thighs they feel way too tight. Just squeezing these thick thighs and I haven't even gotten the shorts over my huge booty. I struggle trying to fit these shorts over my neverending growing giant rump until I finally manage to get them on. They're rolling down my tummy, tight everywhere and I'm shocked I can even have these on at all. I stretch, arch, bend over in different angle showing you this bootylicious XL sized ass. It truly is a miracle these haven't ripped. I also show off a bit how tight it's squeezing my belly at the last moment of the clip.


  6. I have a brand new clip! I was impressed by the amount of bloating my belly is capable of!



    1. M_ustang1


      Oof 🤤 would love to plump you up 🥵 gorgeous 

  7. I was in the middle of a camshow and realized how bloated my belly was! I just ate a huge dinner and decided to be sexy right after--but I'm exhausted with this big belly. I look so roly poly in this blue shiny bikini. I show off closeups and an angle above. I do a few jumping jacks and wow I'm so jiggly and chunky. I'm curious and want to measure my belly first sucking in my bloated belly as much as I can, then letting it all hang out--wow these numbers even surprise me! My playback sound didn't work so I did a fun narration of me reacting to how my growing, stuffed, belly looks


  8. HAPPY THURSDAY! Enjoy my newest clip now half off for the next 24 hours! 🍑❤️





  9. Halloween Sale!! Get my new clip! 👻 Was $12.99--->Now $6.99!



  10. My Halloween clip is finally up!!💋Feel the burn....or not. I think I'm gonna lay down, be lazy and eat instead lol




  11. You came back to my fitness class and are shocked: I have gained tons of weight. In fact, you notice a bunch of candy wrappers that I try to pass off as Halloween candy for other people. I suck in my belly in my cute aerobics outfit trying to hide my shocking weight gain. Finally, I realize there's no hiding it anymore--I am chunky, thick and hungry. In fact, these basic exercises tire me out and I'd much rather get comfortable and eat some more candy. I want to leave my fitness lifestyle behind and embrace being stuffed full and thick-ified. Let me pull down this outfit and show you how jiggly, round, soft my belly has become. The outfit hid all of these chubby, juicy curves. Will you still come to class? We can be lazy, eat candy and I can gain even more weight.


  12. Brightening up your Monday with a sale on my newest clip! From $15.99---->To now $8.99 24 hours only!



  13. NEW CLIP! Add some more fun to your Friday with your favorite latina thickie



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