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    Seeing chubbydumpling burping is always a treat plus she stuffed herself too I cant wait to see how big her belly will be in a couple months!
    Frankly this is probably one of the best burping videos on this cite the only thing is I wish it was longer >w<. But a gorgeous girl with unlady like belches man it was incredible and really hot!
    Amazing video! Dumpling has very explosive belches and finishes the video with one of the best burps on the sight! I'm excited to see how she continues her growth
    Man Dani looked a little tired. If yoy dont have anything comfortable to sleep on ive heard im pretty comfortable 😉😉😉. In all seriousness Dani still has the best burps even if they arent that many.
    The burps in this video are extremely fucking hot not too mention how full Dani gets from the soda. It makes me wish i was there to rub her belly for her so she could focus on the Ginger ale. It also makes me wish shes burp at me!
    Another perfect video by chyy, it was really hot when she would stand up and play with her gut. I only wish I was there to hand feed her the pizza!!
    Man this is amazing vore video and an amazing serleena cosplay, it makes me wish that I was in that belly!!!
    Man this is one of the hottest videos ive seen just that ass alone is amazing but the way she tooks control, its hard to last 😂😂
    This clip really makes you want more, bogar is fucking hot in this clip and her belly is amazing 😍😍😍
    Man this video is extremely hot, makes me wish I was in that belly!!!
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