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  1. What are your gain goals?

  2. I was really skinny last year but I would imagine I was around 69kg I’m now 81
  3. The first photo was taking a year ago today 😱 and I thought I was so fat! But look at me now 😏
  4. We will get it to you as soon as possible but won’t be for at least another week.
  5. What do you mean my shirt doesn't fit? Been busy painting my room, should have a video for you guys in a few days, may or may not be of me stuffing a cake into my mouth. Stay tuned
  6. Patience is all I can ask for lol. I'll get there one day
  7. Double my weight I want to said most of it in my lower body.
  8. Don't worry, if u watch the video you'll know the fitness life is well behind me haha
  9. Video is now live! Please make sure to leave a review if you enjoyed and let me know what you want to see next. Thank you all for your support xxx
  10. The Workout video is being reviewed and will be posted sometime soon. Here's a little sneak peak to prepare you all.. Enjoy xxx
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