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  1. Thank you all so much for the love! Hopefully I'll have another video out soon
  2. This was so kind to read! Thank you so much!!!! I’m trying to gain a more but with summer it’s only hard to keep up but I’m sure I’ll get a hold of it hahaa 🤣
  3. Hehehe thank you for being so patient! It’s really hard for a tall naturally slim girl to gain weight but I’m getting there!
  4. Yes I do! My thighs, hips and belly all have faint ones
  5. Happy birthday to me !! I stuffed myself full of cake over the weekend ! As you can see 👀👀
  6. You are unbelievable 😍

    1. ChampChamp


      I'd pay more for your videos, easily worth far more x Hope you're happy and well!

  7. I will definitely be releasing some new stuff like this !! Thank you for being so kind ☺️
  8. Hey everyone! New video up for you all. Don't forget to leave a review if you enjoyed and let me know what you want to see next xxx
  9. Long time no see! thought I would treat you all to another video of me bursting out of my old tight clothes If you enjoyed make sure to leave a review / comment / react for me please. Thanks to everyone who stuck around on my thread as well. I appreciate you all x See you all next vid B.B


  10. Miss yea.. 😋😔

  11. Even though you're new on the scene you're my absolute fav! No one comes close with editor Ken's quality. Hope all is well! Missing you lots 😊

  12. I absolutely need more of you 

  13. When is another video coming?


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