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  1. I absolutely need more of you 

  2. When is another video coming?


  3. Your vids are seriously the cutest and most fun on this entire site!! I have not been able to find anything like what you do, so I cannot wait for more to come ☺️ Really hope to see more soon! 😍 Thanks for the videos, and I hope you are having as much fun doing these videos as they look!!!!


  4. I did plan on getting coke. Long story short I just forgot to buy it in the end which is sad because it's my favorite drink 🤣
  5. Neither do I haha. Thank you so much. Should have a new vid out sometime this week hopefully. And some photo updates within the next few days ❤
  6. Whats the difference uploading there, rather then on curvage?
  7. Thank you! I'll be bigger in no time if I continue how I am atm
  8. Here's a link to my new video! Was really happy how this one turned out. So please leave a review if you enjoyed ❤
  9. Submitted my clip 8 hours ago and still not been approved, hopefully will be soon though
  10. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a video in a while, but now I'm back with a massive stuffing of my favourite food.. CHICKEN AND CHIPS! I scoff back a massive plate of it piled so high whilst in my tiger print bikini everyone has wanted to see an update in. I really enjoyed making this video and I hope you all enjoy watching Please leave a review if you can, it really helps me out and helps me bring new and exciting content for you guys and helps me give you guys what you want to see. Love Barbie x


  11. My new video will be out with in the next 24 hours, my partner is just editing the finishing touches on it atm. Here's a teaser of what I'll be wearing in the video
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