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  1. its the entire clip, which is not available on youtube.
  2. Heres my vore video, The Thirsty Waitress for sale! You came into my restaurant, and you happened to catch me when im feeling really thirsty...


  3. thank ya :3 i love making it....it satisfies my dominant side lol
  4. I has a new clip available on youtube!!! for anyone dats interested :3 tis a vore clip in which i get hangry at the delivery boy full clip will be available here soon!!!!! dis is just a preview :3 Pizza Boy Doesn't Get a Tip
  5. was advised to give this a shot......heres some sample shots i recently took :3 Hi! im LBG (Little Belly Girl: Celene) i've been around the community a while, just a bit shy and of course disappeared for a while thanks to life and living lol..... would love to get to know some of yall :3 thanks thanks!!! ❤️
  6. heres another cake shake from me on a chubbier belly 😛


  7. Hey what’s up! I like your content. Glad to see you on here.

    1. littlebellygirl


      thank ya :)

    2. Fit2Stuffed


      Check out my status/content and let me know what ya think!

  8. Just found your YouTube and your vore roleplay is top notch! Please message me when you can 

  9. Heres another old video....just some good ole' belly play :).... i find myself getting lost in my tum when i rub and jiggle it so....sorry for the not on point facials 😛 lol....but it can be rather hypnotizing 😐 so....


  10. heres an old clip i think just needs to be shared!!! my second attempt at vore, from a giant's perspective ^^


  11. here is a video of me trying on some old clothes and making an effort to pop some buttons on a button down dress ^^


  12. this is my first attempt at talking vore wiff yall.....context: you've already been eaten and i am enjoying your company lol


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