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  1. Yes! Unfortunately their lingerie isn’t true to size for me
  2. To kick off my birthmonth I am running a sale on my stuffing videos for ONLY $2.50!! The sale ends next Monday so don’t miss out! 

  3. The after math of it all 😭 so disappointed but at least I at a lot! Video coming soon 😏


  4. I love wearing lingerie! My only problem is the only place I can find things in my size is Amazon and that’s always a hit or miss. I have yet to find a lingerie that have actual 4X through 6X! If you have any suggestions please let me know!
  5. Get an up close and personal view of me picking out on a dozen donuts! I was starving and they were so good!


  6. I ordered so much food! Mozzarella sticks, an alfredo sandwich, and a WHOLE pizza! Look how big my stomach got! I was sooo full!


  7. I LOVE trying on new clothings! Even when they are TOOO tight I love the snugness on my body :PI was definitely out of breath after this one though!


  8. Oh I love all these tips and tricks! One brand I recently got into is UCANBE they are SUPER affordable and very pigmented! You can even find them on Amazon!
  9. A little under the weather so I’m staying home 😅


    1. SinnamonKiss


      Thank you ❤️

  10. Good morning 🍑 ☀️ 


  11. Honestly McDonald’s is my go to for the fastest and cheapest way to gain 🤤 


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