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    GGG flaunts her fun and sexy personality every second of this vid. She has a beautiful voice to match her gorgeous and growing body. It's very hot to watch her get flustered reading fanmail reactions to her gain and squirm around as she gets excited, getting distracted by her round and plump belly. As it seems that everything GGG does is crazy hot, you can expect a video well worth watching and I will attest to that.
  1. All the awesomeness going on on curvage lately got me like


  2. First off, a preface; human sexuality is friggin weird. Sorry about the length, there is a tldr at the bottom. There could've been something even earlier but for sure the first time I remember feeling strangely drawn to chubby girls was in grade 3 (so around 9 years old) and there was this book about kids dealing with paranormal stuff, it was a series of books, and in this one they were dealing with a werewolf type character and they said something to the effect of 'they'll want to eat so-and-so because she's the fattest'. I just recall being very drawn to the idea of this girl being the most desirable because she was fat and there's a tie-in there for vore for me. I guess vore is a weird side kink I have that rears it's head every once in awhile, though I don't really care about the whole eating thing as much as the role fat can play in it, and I have never had any interest or fantasy about playing any role in vore myself, just an observer I guess. Looking back I think I could perhaps see another even earlier connection to dinosaur movies and stuff when i was like 4 or 5 where for some very strange reason I wanted the carnivorous dinosaurs to succeed in eating the main characters (esp. the female ones). Also just FYI I am not into some weird dinosaur stuff lol (also sorry, not to kink shame) but I can see how easily people get caught up in that I guess, seeing all that media as a kid. At any rate, I feel like what I like may have some connection to the idea of a female being fattened as a meal or being pursued as prey because she is fat or has fattened up. I think there’s something that appeals to me about her increased desirability and vulnerability having been fattened up. So yeah... like I said, human sexuality is friggin weird. I believe there were some less memorable hints about my inclination toward chubby girls in the interim but in grade 7 (12-13) I cannot recall what things happened first but I do remember feeling a little aroused because of a short story we had to read where some guy was turning into a werewolf {lol of course, I swear to god I don't have a thing for werewolves or dinosaurs} and it described how he eyed a 'fleshy' part of his girlfriend's throat. Around this time as well, all the girl's my age were obviously developing, and some were gaining noticeable weight and that caught my eye. Most definitively, and I can't be sure why I decided to do it, (probably just curiosity) but one day I googled 'fat girl' or 'fat girlfriend', 'girl getting fat' or something and the rest is history. I think 2 or 3 websites kind of helped put a finger on what I liked, I remember something like lardbiscuit, dimensions, and some other one I can't remember but it was about the progression of some guy's girlfriend/wife as she got fat. From there on out female weight gain has been my sexual driver, like sex itself isn't even something that particlarly turns me on, it's just a means of release. Today I really just like the idea of fattening up girls, seeing them indulge, gain weight, fulfilling my sexual ideals that a man is a strong, lean, hunter-provider figure and a woman is his soft, fat princess. I really like the amplified sexual di-morphism of that premise. Even in the mainstream, the sexually di-morphic characteristics that guys focus on are TnA, breasts and ass which are different from men's because of increased fat, so in my mind liking a fat girl kind of comes across as just amplified desire for a primary feminine characteristic. (The end of this might get a little off topic but I don't think people will mind.) In my late teens I sort of 'came out' to my buddy's gf who was somewhat into me, it was actually a love triangle kinda thing, long since worked out, anyway I showed her a belly play video of a girl that I can't remember the name but she wasn't even that big, (like 170-180 at 5'7-5'8) and buddy's gf was nice about it but she said 'honestly, and I don't want to hurt your feelings, but that's gross' I didn't really care, and she had issues with anorexia and body weight so I guess it should have been expected, lol she didn't really know exactly what I liked either, from then on she just thought I liked bellies. Fast forward a bit to when my fiancee and I started going out around April-May 2011, I really can't remember how early it was, it might've been as early as that summer or it might've been way later but one night she commented that I probably wouldn't like it much if she lost weight which I reassured her I would find her beautiful and sexy at any weight, I don't remember if I just opened up that night or if it was little things over the course of some months but that was the point where it started to come out into the open for us. The reason she asked was because although I was actively avoiding being overt with my desires whenever we spooned I usually ended up cradling her little belly and subconsciously I imagine there was squeezing and fondling going on that indicated to her that I liked her plushness. She liked the attention and affection she got from me so she didn't mind and gradually it was open that I wanted to fatten her up and she would tease me with pics of her belly and what she was eating, eventually I got to take some pics and weigh and measure her, the first weight I have is from November 2012 180lbs at 5'4. I may have had an earlier one but i don't think so, I did have a memory stick get corrupted on me. She definitely wasn't any lighter than 170 when we started out, she says she was 160 but I doubt that, more likely she weighed that in 2009-2010 at best, supposedly she was 130 when she stopped growing in height but she seems to have always been on the thicker side to me. So anyway I didn't force it on her but she did indulge herself. She was 178 in March 2013 but up to 190-192 by August 2013 (she had been hittin the ice cream pretty hard). She remained around there as far as I can tell until probably late 2015 and definitely hit 200 by June 2016 adding another 5 by October. She was probably steady around there for a year and got up to 208 by December 2017. 210.8 in March 2018 so ~32lbs in 5 years. I didn't weigh her all summer and I wish I had but she was 212 on January 4 2019 and a week ago tomorrow she was 213.8 (February 19, 2019) so almost 36lbs in 6years. Wow I don't think I've measured her in a year but between March 2013 and December 2017 her belly went from 40 inches to 46 inches 178 - 2013 March 40" belly 190 - 2013 August 200 - 2016 June 205 - 2016 October 208 - 2017 December 46" belly 210 - 2018 March 212 - 2019 January 214 - 2019 February I'm not actively feeding her, and she isn't trying to gain but she also isn't trying all that hard not to either. She has talked about losing weight and I said I would support her but she has also expressed how much she loves the attention she gets and the power she weilds being chubby. If she wants me to do something or she wants to trump a disagreement we're having she'll roll up her shirt and tease me with her belly and I am at her will. It doesn't help that she's inclined to be a fat girl, she's a bit of a gamer and bookworm, doesn't like to sweat and stays indoors quite a bit. So I would say it's almost like coming out to her just kind of naturally flowed into our relationship and if not overtly the reaction has essentially been positive. TLDR: I was probably as young as 9 when there was any indication, and definite confirmation as of 13 y/o (mostly by internet). I have 'come out' to some people, didn't seem to think much of it, completely open with my fiancee.
  3. Lol 401-500 is a clear distinction; all or nothing, go big or go home
  4. My girl is 5'4 212-214lbs (bmi~36), and she looks great although i would also say a strong part of me wants to see another 20+lbs. I think that anywhere 230-260 would be the sweet spot for me (so bmi 40-45). Heavier is fine too but I think most girls i'm drawn to are between 200-300 at heights under 5'7. I think what's challenging to quantify is a change in weight, that's what I think is really hot and the actual weight itself isn't as critical as much as seeing the accumulation of weight. What turns me on about my girl is partially just how chubby she is now but more so knowing and thinking about how much she's grown (36 lbs - 6 years)
  5. Randomtasker

    Lady Gaga

    Knew as soon as there was exposed belly people would be talking about Gaga on Curvage, there was one angle where it did look fairly flabby. I guess we'll see if it turns up here.
  6. I've seen this chick for ages but it doesn't seem to trace back to any one place. What's the story?
  7. I have been lucky enough to see this for myself. My girlfriend is 5'4 and her younger sister must be 5'6-5'7. My girl was probably 160-170 (might have been more, never got to weigh her) when we started going out in 2011 and as of November 2012 she was 180 then by at least August 2013 she was up to 190 where she hovered until this fall where she finally surpassed that 200 mark. She could be sittin at 205 right now for all I know, I haven't weighed her in over a month and she's been sitting around playing video games a lot. I kind of wish she had been much thinner when we started because I can't remember how much she's grown to compare but the numbers don't lie. Her waist (narrowest part of torso) and belly have grown 2 inches (I think just over the summer really). Meanwhile her sister (starting in 2012 I think) probably began at a similar weight 160-170 (seeming a bit slimmer b/c she's taller) and rather quickly grew a nice little belly. I think it's because she worked at an ice cream stand over a summer or two probably getting up around 190-200 (maybe more?). This was pretty awesome to witness, my buddy commented once that the sister was really packing on the pounds and in my head I'm like 'well aware man, how can I not notice?'. To kick up the awesome level, she seemed pretty comfortable with the extra pudge, she would walk around in a bikini, bouncing all over. An oddly regular occurrence was that she would come out pantless with her shirt riding up and she would rub her lower belly. I've always wondered if it was on purpose, I know she thinks I'm attractive and my gf may have mentioned my attraction to bellies. So both girls ended up with stretch-marked sides, plump cheeks, thick thighs and large breasts (both have always had large assets DD+) and they were both asked if they were pregnant in different instances. I don't know if I should ruin it but gf's sister has been going to a gym and weight watchers for several months now and she's lost 20 pounds. Weight loss makes me so sad... but it's hard to say where things will go and with any luck my gf may creep up another 20lbs. She's looking into a call centre job and I'm hoping she get's it, plus I think she would have to give up juice and pop if she wanted to curb weight gain.
  8. Also there's this link http://www.people.com/article/model-leah-kelley-plus-size-industry somewhat of a misleading title though So if I've got the timeline right; she started modelling at age 19, size 8 (around 2006?) at age 25 she was weighing in at 200 size (height 5'11) (around 2012) and now at 28 she's back to size 8 (2015) 5'11 size 8 can be around 155-170lbs I think This quote about her weight gain efforts sounds delightful though: "I discovered penne alla vodka and I would eat that almost every single day," she says. "Then I would end every single night with a Häagen-Dazs quart to myself."
  9. I believe this is Crystal Coons, http://sometimesglam.tumblr.com/ I googled the file name you posted. There's an instagram account too I'm back, baby! Today's post is a MEGA POST with THREE new looks - all @rebdolls
  10. Randomtasker


    I also find it amusing that both of these girls are wearing the same pair of shorts they probably bought at that walmart and even stranger they're both wearing grey t-shirts http://www.curvage.org/forum/imageserver.php?id=495400 http://www.curvage.org/forum/imageserver.php?id=495993
  11. Randomtasker


    Creeps aside, I find it amusing how you can stake out the candy isle and fat girls actually come by it.
  12. I think you're thinking of Curvygainer.....http://stufferdb.com/index?/category/247-curvygainer
  13. Hey almostpopular, good stories and nice pics - don't know how I missed this stuff. Just thought I'd pass along some experiences with my girl to let your wonderful lady know she isn't the only one spoiling her man. My girl is on the chubby side and sadly she isn't into gaining but she likes to tease me nonetheless. Like your wife she often texts a description of how much she's eating, pictures of her belly and the odd story (if I knew I was gonna relay them I'd have taken notes) like one time she found her self admiring her belly in the mirror after her shirt slid up exposing the curve of her tummy, apparently she even rubbed it in satisfaction. Later she divulged that she kinda thinks other girls' bellies are cute - which is pretty phenomenal. Recently she took it upon herself to jiggle her belly when she wants to get me going and she enjoys it because of how excited it makes me. Pretty much since about 6 months into our relationship I'm now typically wrapped around her cradling her belly and what she once considered her least sexy feature is now a sensual part of our bonding. So any way long story short your wife is not alone in being an awesome lady. Also tho my girl isn't into gaining she has unintentionally gained at least 20 lbs in the 2 years we've been together and it looks pretty good. We've also talked about posting on here - she's kind of curious and it could be an extra confidence boost. We just need to get pictures that she actually likes. Cheers
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