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  1. Stunning!! You rock that anyday of the week hot or cold lol!! Plus that little pouch you got is definitely rockin
    That was unbelievably sexy!! One of the hottest videos I've seen in a long time!! She is a jiggling machine!! Definitely worth it!! Grade a video dont miss this
    Wow that was definitely a treat!! She looks so damn amazing!! Belly is definitely getting big!! This clip is definitely worth every penny!! Eat up
  2. Stretch marks aka success and well fed lol
  3. Yes a couple heavy cream shakes a week would blow you up nicely and get you ti your goal faster!!
  4. Haha nice loving those tiger stripes and that belly
  5. No problem definitely loving the content!! Eat up lol no holding back lol
  6. Either or lol probably on your forum Yoi look amazing!! Do you plan on getting bigger.?
  7. What is your favorite movie?? And whats your favorite restaurant?? When you feel full to the max is that one of the biggest turn on that you've ever had?? Whats the craziest thing you've done recently that we don't know about?? Lol
  8. Your going to get those new goals with ease!! I'd rub the hell outta your belly!! But still tease you with more food!! You gotta satisfy that gut babe
  9. Hey babe keep doing what your doing!! Alot of us love what you do!! Yes everybody expects something they like but not everybody on here does that and that is no problem one bit!! This place and community is for people who want to show curves not just wanting to gain or stuff there self like crazy!! There's alot of role play here!! I like how you change it up no lie and I love your confidence in what you do and yiur wanting to try new things!!! Your little bit of chub is one of the sexiest things I've seen in a while!! And your living comfortably in your skin and your damn proud of it!! Your nice soft chubby belly, thigh, and booty!! Yeah if you gain a little so be it!! That doesn't mean your going all out and going for broke to get massive no it means you like how your body looks with some chub on it making it beautifully curvy!! I love your stuff!! Your so damn amazing
  10. Love that confidence!! Lets get you massive and growing!! Growing non stop at this point love
  11. Not at all strange very erotic!! I think when you hit 350 you might want to go a little more lol!! I think you'll enjoy it tremendously!! But yiu might need a new bath tub soon lol
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