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  1. Molly’s New Job Part 5 “This bikini is so tiny...” Molly said, red faced. “You look great, hun.” Wanda replied. Six months after the party, the two were now an official couple, and were holidaying in Italy, in Wanda’s modern Beach house. Molly had just gotten changed into a light blue velvet bikini, which really did little to cover Molly’s body. The top managed to hide her nipples, but a lot of cleavage was on show, and her bottoms barely did anything - her backside was large enough to swallow up the bottoms, and her front was covered by a large, hanging gut anyways. The belly was the most noticeably thing, totally free from restraint, soft yet round, a sight to behold. “I wanna see your bikini,” Molly said, putting her hands on her soft hips. “Ok ok...” since Wanda had made the couples relationship public, she’d also stopped wearing shape wear. It was funny, as Molly was actually fatter than Wanda at this point, at around 240 pounds, but Wanda wasn’t far off, at about 230. Wanda dropped her gown to the floor revealing a sexy black bikini, showing off her bottom heavy frame and thick thighs. Her large gut was also on display, all the way up to her to which covered her large breasts. “Turn around!” Molly said. Wanda sighed and turned, baring her large ass to Molly. Molly slapped it, causing the two orbs to jiggle ferociously. “Ow!” Wanda said, laughing. “Come on, let’s go to the beach,” Molly said, and the two headed to the beach. They attracted stares as they went, the two fat girls wearing distinctly revealing bikinis being a sight to behold. They got to the beach and set up chairs. Molly sat down, causing her gut to look even bigger. “Man.. I must’ve doubled in weight since I met you...” Molly said. “Doesn’t matter. You’re perfect to me.” Wanda said. She placed a hand in Molly’s soft gut. “I’d love to do it here on the beach...” “Oh come on...” Molly laughed at the idea. But then... “no one is around though...” The two looked at each other and smiled seductively, and went behind some rocks on the beach. Wanda put a hand behind Molly’s bikini and pulled, causing the panties to come apart and revealing Molly’s fat ass. “Ooh.. this is so dangerous...” Molly said, totally turned on, and she pulled Wanda’s bikini top off. “That’s what makes it fun.” Wanda said, pushing her own panties down, and caressing Molly’s gut. Molly undid her top, and squeezed Wanda’s cheeks. “You wanna get some donuts after?” “Always.” End.
  2. Molly’s New Job Part 4 “I feel like everyone’s staring...” Molly said. “Oh shush. Everyone here is a butterball. We don’t stand out.” The two were at a ball, full of the rich, powerful and glamorous. It was effectively a place to network, and Molly was there as Wanda’s assistant, as they weren’t “officially” a couple yet. Despite the liberal values of those at the party, two fat girls in a relationship may not have gone down great. And that is what they were now, two fat girls. Wanda was wearing shape wear, as she needed to keep up appearances, and was wearing a sexy, tight green dress which showed off her thick thighs, but was modest enough to not appear ridiculous. Molly, however, had no need to wear shape wear, and thus was in a plus size dress. It had now been a year since Molly had started to work for Wanda, and she was now around 200 pounds, likely more. It showed in her figure - her belly was increasingly noticeable, a deep belly button visible in her tight dress, and it hung over the front of her panties - which she was not wearing tonight. Her hips were even wider, and her backside had plumped out so she filled up every chair she sat in. Her thighs and arms where continuing to thicken, and her breasts had had a growth spurt too. However, she did look very pretty. The weight did sit well on her, and despite the fact she was very clearly fat, her round bottom and the curve of her waist meant she fit with modern standards of “curvy”. Her hair was curled, and her face looked very pretty too - her silver, sequin dress and the makeup she wore made her look like Grace Kelly, or rather, Grace Jelly. “What do I do?” Molly said, with little idea of how to act in these types of places. “I’ll just introduce you as my assistant, and say you’re here on business.” Wanda replied. “You’re too uptight!” She laughed. “This dress is too tight...” Molly complained, jokingly. “Every dress is too tight for you.” Wanda replied, also joking, though she was undeniably right. “Wanda!” Came a man’s voice. “How are you?” “Oh Henry,” Wanda said, shaking the man’s hand. He looked to be in his sixties, wearing a smart suit, and was perhaps handsome when he was younger. In fact, he still had an edge now, and if Molly were into older men, and not in a secret relationship with Wanda, she might’ve felt a tingle of excitement. She had decided at this point she was pretty clearly bisexual, though it seemed Wanda was the only woman she was particularly attracted to. Henry kissed Wanda’s hand. “Good to see you again. Who’s the lovely lady?” He gestured at Molly, who blushed slightly. “Oh, this is my assistant Molly.” Wanda said. “Nice to met you,” Molly said, as Henry kissed her hand too. “This is Henry Bonavich, who invested in the company in early days,” explained Wanda. “And I’m glad I did,” Henry said. “The stock is fantastic.” “I know. Anyways, perhaps we shouldn’t talk business here, let’s have some fun,” Wanda said. Molly noticed how Wanda changed her tone of voice when talking to other party goers. “We can get some drinks.” Henry said, leading them to the bar. Molly’s stomach rumbled. “I’m kinda hungry,” she said to Wanda. “Go to the buffet. I’ll keep people entertained.” Wanda said, smiling. Molly wandered over to the buffet and looked around. She grabbed a plate, and was taken with the sheer amount, and diversity, of the food on display here. There was pastries, bread, devilled eggs - and food from around the world, Indian, Japanese, French. Of course, it was all to a very high standard, and was very posh. But Molly figured she’d try a lot. She grabbed pretty much everything she could, piling it on to her plate, and took a seat at a table, her ass filling the whole chair, causing it to creak slightly. She tucked in. Meanwhile, Wanda spoke to her father, who was also at the party. Despite the fact she was considered to have made her company form the ground up, Wanda came from a wealthy family, and her father was the epitome of traditional upper class-ness. “Wanda,” he said sternly. “You’re looking... well, quite frankly you’ve put on a few.” “Dad, I create one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world and all you can talk about is how fat I am.” “Well, that dress is awfully tight. No modesty.” He said. “And who’s that porker you brought with you? You’re assistant?” Wanda sighed. “Yes dad she’s... she’s actually my girlfriend.” Wanda did defiantly. “And don’t call her a porker.” She turned away and joked Molly, wolfing down some of her own food selected from the buffet. End of part 4.
  3. Molly’s New Job Part 3 “I told you this would happen!” Max yelled. “What would happen?? It’s baby fat!” Molly shouted back. “No... it’s more... you’re getting so...” “Say it then!” Molly shouted. “Tell me I’m fat.” “You’ve just gotten chubby.” Max said. “I put so much work into my body and you can’t even go for a run.” “This weight is normal!” Molly said. “So what? I’m a little softer now. What does it matter to you?” “I just don’t... I don’t find you as... attractive anymore...” Max said. “Well, if you don’t like it... leave...” Molly said, disheartened. “Molly...” “It’s fine. Just go!” Molly said. And so, Max left. Molly took a look at herself in the mirror. She’d been working for Wanda for 6 months now, and Max was right - it had taken a toll on her body. She stripped down to her underwear and stood on her scale. “No way...” Molly read the number. “172 pounds?? How did I gain 50 pounds in six months??” She looked in the mirror again and took it all in. The fat has distributed evenly over her body. Her breasts had grown a bit, pushing her bra to its limit. Her eyes noticed her once toned arms had even got kinda fat. She noticed how her gut, once flat, was increasingly globular, pushing out over the front of her panties, noticeable but soft. Her hips had widened a lot too, and her thighs were thicker than ever. She turned around, and noticed her her pale, large ass was barely covered by the panties she wore, her cheeks so clearly visible. She looked at her face, and noticed how even her cheeks and chin had gotten a little chubby. Molly began to blubber. “What am I gonna do??” She said. “I’m a fat girl now...” she looked in her wardrobe for something to wear but it was all too small. She grabbed Max’s large dressing gown and wrapped it around her, before dashing to her car. Molly had gotten much closer to Wanda while working for her. She knew where she lived, she confided in her, and they were always sharing food with one another - Molly was even at a place where she’d consider her boss a friend. She drove to Wanda house, a large, modern build in the suburbs. She got out the car and rang the bell, her eyes wet from crying, makeup smeared down her face. Wanda answered the door. “Molly?” She said, dressed in a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. “I’m sorry... I don’t know where else to go...” Molly said. “Come in...” Wanda offered. “What are you wearing??” “The only thing that fits!” Molly said. “Even my work clothes are too small...” “What are you talking about?” Wanda asked. “This!” Molly dropped the robe, revealing her chubby body to Wanda. “Molly...” It suddenly settled in that Molly was almost naked in front of her boss. “I’m sorry... it’s so unprofessional...” she said, as her arms went to covering up her breasts.” “No molly, you’re beautiful.” Wanda said. “My boyfriend left me. Said I was too fat.” Molly sniffled. “You’re not too fat at all,” Wanda said, getting closer to Molly. “You’re too thin if anything...” “What??” Molly said. “Nothing, you’re just... here...” Wanda undid Molly’s bra. “Let it fall.” Molly let the bra fall to the ground, her larger breasts now free. Suddenly it just felt right. Wanda’s soft hand travelled down to Molly’s large backside. “Now these aren’t doing you any favours,” she said, noting how the panties dug into Molly’s pale flesh. She pulled them down, revealing Molly’s butt crack, and further and further until they were on the floor. “Wanda... I...” Molly said. “It’s ok...” Wanda pushed her own leggings down, and then took her shirt off, revealing shape wear underneath. She turned around. “Undo it, please.” Molly, now fully bare, undid the shape wear. It fell to the floor, and now Wanda was fully naked too, her wide ass bare. She turned around, revealing a stomach much pudgier than what Molly imagined. The two women were probably about the same weight, but Wanda was more pear shaped, where Molly had a larger gut. Wanda put a hand to Molly’s belly, and pushed it down, toward her vagina, and began to rub. Molly was so full of ecstasy that she couldn’t even think about how she would pleasure Wanda. “Come on.” Wanda said. “Let’s go to my room.” End of part 3.
  4. Molly’s New Job Part 2 Molly had been working for Wanda for two months now, and was getting on well. It wasn’t too demanding and the promise of eventually travelling with Wanda to parties and meeting was exciting. However, Molly was facing a slight issue. Perhaps it was the lack of physical activity the job required, or the fact Wanda was constantly giving her calorie filled treats, but Molly had put on a little weight. Around twenty pounds, to be clear. “Come on...” Molly struggled to pull on a pair of grey trousers over her increasingly large backside. When she finally got them on, and managed to button them despite the layer of chub on her belly, they looked particularly tight, showing off how Molly’s slightly thicker thighs jiggled as she walked. Not to mention the fact that a muffin too was becoming ever more prominent, and her shirts were getting more difficult to button. Molly drove to work, promising herself she’d start and exercise regime soon, and made her way to the top of the building via elevator. She got off and sat at her desk, ready to do some paperwork, when Wanda came over and offered her some pastries. “Oh thank you Wanda,” Molly said, smiling, “but I think I need to cut back on the food... I’ve put on some weight...” she gestured to her midriff which was looking a little pudgy. “Oh don’t be silly,” Wanda laughed. “You’re the skinniest girl I know. What’s wrong with a little weight anyways?” She asked, putting her hands on her wide hips. “I mean...” the pastries did smell good. “Maybe I’ll have one or two.” “I’ll leave them here,” Wanda said, leaving the box, with about five pastries in it, on Molly’s desk. Despite her resistance, the pastries were gone by noon. Molly got home and changed into some sweatpants and a large t-shirt, and sat down next to her boyfriend. “Hey, Molly,” Max said, fully aware of how Molly was slowly but surely gaining weight. “Can I talk to you about something?” “Sure,” she replied, smiling. “Uhm... I feel like... you’ve maybe uh... put on a few recently?” Max said, apprehensively. “A few what?” Molly said. “I mean, you’ve noticed it too right? The tighter clothes, the spare tire...” “Spare tire?” Molly said, offended. To be fair, her belly wasn’t THAT big. “Are you calling me fat?” “No! It’s just... you look great it’s just... if you keep this lifestyle you will eventually get fat...” “It’s cause I’m working in an office. Il start exercising more but...” Molly gestures to her midsection. “You really think this is a spare tire?” “I don’t know... sorry...” “I’m going to bed.” And so, Molly went off to bed, but not before grabbing a snack. She took a shower and noticed just how soft her body felt, but it really wasn’t a big deal, right? End of part 2.
  5. Molly’s New Job Part 1 “I got the job!” Molly told her boyfriend, Max, excitedly. “That’s great!” Max replied. Molly had been unemployed for a while now and he was excited she would be doing a job she enjoyed. Molly had taken the interview a few days ago, for the role of assistant to the CEO of WandCorp, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world. Of course, being assistant probably mostly involved making coffee, but Molly was excited to be working in such an interesting environment. Besides, she really needed work. The following Monday was her first day. The young, slim blonde walked into the office wearing a simple button up white shirt and dark grey trousers, looking smart but not enough to outshine her new boss. Molly collected her new key from the front desk and a woman came to greet her and introduce Molly to her new job. “Hi, I’m Pam,” the woman said. She was in her thirties, quite pretty with curly brown hair, but very heavyset. She seemed to be around double the size of the slim, 120lb Molly, and was wearing a tight fitting suit made up of a black skirt and blazer over a white shirt. “You’re Molly?” “Yep, that’s me!” Molly replied enthusiastically. “We’ll take the elevator,” Pam said, leading Molly to the top floor. “I used to be Wanda’s assistant you know.” She said. “Oh really?” Molly replied. “And Mrs Hirsch is a good boss?” “Sure,” Pam replied. “You can call her Wanda by the way. She likes to be personal with her assistants.” “Oh, ok.” Molly said. The two women got off at the top floor, and went towards and office marked “Miss. W Hirsch, CEO”. Pam opened the door and signalled Molly in. “Ah, my new assistant,” Wanda said. She was standing up and looking out the window, across the New York skyline. Molly had met Wanda during the interview process. She was an extremely beautiful woman, 36 years old, young for someone so accomplished. She wore her brunette hair long with bangs, framing her pretty face nicely. Molly immediately noticed how, when Wanda was standing up with her back turned, she looked... well, larger than Molly remembered. Wanda had been sitting down in the interview, and so Molly hadn’t got a good look at the woman’s wide hips and large backside, now clad in a pair of grey trousers. “Good morning, Miss. Hirsch,” Molly said. “Oh call me Wanda, otherwise I feel like a school teacher,” Wanda replied. She turned around, revealing that her lower half was as thick as it looked from behind - her thick thighs and a slight muffin too were noticeable. She wasn’t fat, just a little chubby. Perhaps it’s to be expected considering she was so wealthy. “Well, Wanda, it’s a pleasure.” Molly said. “Molly, I’m not going to give you a big talk about this job. It’s an assistant role. It’s important, but you’re not the CEO. You know what you’ll be doing. Taking calls, filing paperwork, getting me coffee. The boring stuff.” Wanda made direct eye contact with Molly. “But there’s fun stuff too. You’ll come with me as I travel the world. To events and parties. You’ll be there.” “It sounds great,” Molly said. “Unfortunately, we’re starting with boring stuff. I have some contracts for you to type up. You have a desk outside,” she pointed to outside of her office to what looked like a secretary desk, “and you’ll be working from there. You’ve got enough experience for me to assume you know what you’re doing.” “Yes, Mis - Wanda. Yes Wanda.” Wanda smiled. “Ok good, here’s what I’ve got for you to type up,” Wanda handed Molly some sheets of paper with neat handwriting on them. “If you need any clarification, ask.” “Thank you,” Molly said, and got to work on the papers. It was dull. The day was comfortable, but uneventful, until about 2 o’clock when Wanda came over to Mollys desk with a box. “Hey,” Wanda said. “I’m not gonna eat all these. You want them?” Wanda handed Molly the box, which contained three large, sugary donuts. “Oh, Uhm thank you, I don’t know if I’ll eat them all...” Molly replied, a little confused. “Go on, have ‘em,” Wanda sat on Molly’s desk, her large backside causing it to creak a little. “Well, ok...” Molly opened the box and began eating one of the donuts. “Small bites,” Wanda laughed. “Take bigger ones.” Molly took bigger bites, and before long, the donut was finished. “Thank you...” she mumbled. “You can have the rest.” And so Wanda stood up and walked away from the desk, her ass swaying as she walked. Molly was a little baffled at what just happened, but it wasn’t that weird, right? The donut was pretty delicious. She decided to have another, and then another... and then the box was empty. End of part 1.
  6. Here’s a story I wrote. It pretty short, only five little chapters. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Blackstar89

    Lana Del Rey

    Any predictions as to her weight atm?
  8. Blackstar89

    Lana Del Rey

    It’s actually insane how much weight she seems to have gained, especially in a year. She looks to be double the size of 2012 Lana. I hope when she goes back to touring or whatever she embraces the curvy look and doesn’t try and lose weight, instead showing off her curves in sexy outfits.
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