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  1. Watch me enjoy my jello with pop rocks candy on it, soda, and cookies with sprinkles on top. As you can tell I was excited!


  2. just loaded a measuring vid! see what my measurements are! 

    1. Lardfiller


      Tape measure will indicate HOT 😍

  3. ASMR eating sounds and fat chat loading now! XOXO hope u guys enjoy!

    1. Submissivefeeder


      Is it just eating sounds or belly sounds? 

    2. Primadonna25x


      just eating sounds burping swallowing and fat chat. i have another belly sounds vid loaded. im going to do one this week after ive ate though

    3. Submissivefeeder


      Thank you for the reply! This one still sounds pretty awesome lol 

    4. Primadonna25x


      yw and ty! 

    5. Lawbrin


      Cant wait 😊

  4. Come eat lunch with me while I tell you how I love gaining weight for you and getting all nice and plump. Burping and lots of crunching, chewing, and drinking sounds.


  5. not feeling well today i might post a vid later but not sure loves.... happy valentines day and i hope u have a good one! 

  6. video coming later today ;) hope everyone has a great friday and weekend! xoxo


    1. Lardfiller


      Hot, chubby and sexy 😍

    2. Primadonna25x
    3. Lardfiller


      You are welcome 🥰

  7. Just loading my belly rub video! I hope you guys like it! 


  8. I love when you rub my belly it feels so good! Keep going and don't stop!


  9. new vid just loaded! and some pics of my body changing 



  10. I love when you feed me cupcakes! It makes me feel so good! Keep feeding me!


  11. vids and pics coming soon sorry guys lol been busy with other things and haven't been able to make vids but they are coming today! 


  12. so bought a cute new top and some panties for my vids!!!! 

    1. Lardfiller


      I am curious :)

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