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  1. Ed Exley

    Southern Women

    The girl in the plaid is AMAZING
  2. "acquaintances"? huh? I think maybe you've slept with all these women! hahahaha GREAT PICS
  3. Yeah. Dude is a fucking TROLL. All of his posts are negative replies/comments.
  4. Ed Exley

    Curvy Candids

    That's one helluva belly!!!
  5. Ed Exley

    Curvy Candids

    Great job on the blonde in black jeans. STELLAR!!!!
  6. What fucking difference does it make? Jesus Christ! Wanna see something really funny? Read this "newbie's" previous posts... He's been a member for 3 1/2 years and has only posted 18 times
  7. Her ass is a bit on the FLAT side. Did I say "a bit"? I meant to say it's completely flat.👎
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