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  1. BellaBbw

    Bella Bbw

    I look like I ate Zooey Deschanel lol
  2. Clothes really are a drag when you’re this edible 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. The three stages of my tummy rolls. Which stage is your favourite?🥵
  4. Horny and hungry, a lethal combination if you ask me 😇 also huge shoutout to my stretch mark covered mum tum, it is insanely soft and squishy
  5. Not really I just go with the flow and my appetite & shit metabolism do the rest 😘
  6. I’m giving you 25 unedited, raw photos of me posing with one of my favourite treats, a double chocolate chip cookie. I stuff the cookie in my cleavage and in the waist band of my thong... lucky cookie right ? I show off my juicy hips, my big bum, and of course, my big mum tum belly. Can you resist my piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones looking back at you? And this adorable cheesy smile ? Nope, I didn’t think so 🥰 enjoy x Bella


  7. Uploaded another clip for sale !!!! This one is cheap and cheerful and rlly hot 🥵
  8. On today’s menu, 2:02 of my glorious chubby body being drenched in baby oil. Listen to my sultry British accent talk through what I’m doing and how much I love it. I even jiggle my bingo wing arms for you after massaging them in baby oil. My favourite part is when my thong disappears under my belly hang 🥵 might have got a little too into this one as I bite my lip a lot, watching myself in the camera 🤤 if you like british chubby milfs with bangs and a cute face, then this clip is the one for you. (Semi abrupt ending is due to running out of storage last minute😫 have made the clip v cheap because of this!)


  9. I can’t believe anyone Has bought my clips tbh, but i am so over the moon and honoured that ppl would ! Bless u for spending ur hard earned cash on this lucky lady 😇


    1. bellydance4me


      Wow is your tummy touching the bed there? And wow that thigh crease?!

    2. BellaBbw


      You know it 🥰

    3. Artsy


      verry cute! :P

  10. That is my next plan !!! I can’t wait ! Thank you so so much for supporting me🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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