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  1. Story time: In my early twenties I was dating a girl which was about 130 or 140 kilos. One day she called me to suggest I join her and a friend of hers for a picknick. I picked them up with my small Volkswagen, and was delighted to see that the other girl was almost as fat as she was. My "date" was sitting in the front seat, and her hips were almost touching the gear shift. When I used the brake I noticed that I had to push it much harder and earlier than I was used to, because the car was light and the added weight of the two ladies had a huge effect.
  2. Stuck clips. Many paysite ladies have content of this kind, but very few vids are really what I look for. I want to see a SSBBW with a giant ass, naked or in underwear, try to squeeze through a window or similar. She should try really hard, but get stuck at the hips. Bonus points for a second girl trying to push her through, and teasing her for being too fat to fit. Years ago I asked some paysite chicks about this, and a few even reacted. Even if their stuck videos are not 100% what I would like, emailing with them about where they could get their fat asses stuck was quite hot actually.
  3. A few months ago I was in a public bath and saw a fat lady in a pink bikini. She was lying on the lawn with her big behind towards me, and so did not notice that I was staring at her. The best thing was that she was absent-mindedly patting her upper thigh with her hand, which made her fat wobble nicely. She was also very well tanned, which I took as a hint that she gave zero fucks about being seen in a bikini.
  4. Recently I was standing in a crowded, and not exactly spacious, train. From the corner of my eye I saw a slim lady and a BBW getting up from their seats. The closest exit was blocked by a tightly packed group who didn't make any sign of moving. So they chose the other way, which meant squeezing through the space between myself and the back of the seats opposite me. I felt the first lady's clothes brushing slightly against me, which caused a pleasant anticipation of what was to follow: And indeed, a moment later I felt a soft, big butt cheek pressing against my backside, and after a very short pause, her second butt cheek followed. When she was walking on the platform, I saw that she was about 130 to 140 kg, not very tall, and was wearing a long, black skirt that very nicely showed the curves of her large hips and thighs.
  5. At the university where I studied, there was a lady (secretary I think) that I sometimes saw at the canteen. I guess she must have weighed around 200 kilos (450 lbs, roughly). She was very tall, had a pretty face with dark curly hair, was pear-shaped, and even taller when sitting, because her ass was so huge. And there is one small incident I remember: I had some business in the building where she worked, and was taking the stairs as usual. when I walked past the elevator on the second floor, its door opened and somebody went out. Miss giant ass was inside the elevator and said to a (male) corworker, that she would never take the elevator to go up just two floors. I enjoyed hearing this very much. Apparently she wanted to stress that she was not as unfit as she looked.
  6. A somewhat dark fantasy of mine is a horror flick where SSBBWs are unable to escape the killer/monster whatever. Like, some thin girls get away by squeezing through a small window, or running uphill, whereas the fat girls cannot make it. It's not them getting caught that turns me on, but seeing them struggle frantically with their obese bodies.
  7. I don't have photos, but I enjoyed watching some very fat ladies squeezing sideways through the turnstiles of the NYC subway. I remember one in particular, a black lady, maybe 400 lbs. She was obviously in a hurry walking down the stairs, but it was hard for her to move fast enough, and her huge ass and thighs wobbled visibly under her green and white striped dress.
  8. Austria here... in German, the English terms FA, BBW, feeder, and gainer are used. Sometimes you read "Fettfetisch" (fat fetishism) or "Fettliebhaber" (FA). "Mästen" also comes to mind; it means "to fatten up". This is a German FA/BBW forum: http://www.wohlbeleibt.de
  9. One of the bigger Plus-Size models: https://caterinamoda.com/ In lingerie at 3:05:
  10. tembo

    Huge Austrian butt

    Not only in the US they grow great asses -- here is a fine specimen from Austria. I followed this lady until I took the pics at the escalator; it was clear that she had a hard time lugging her ass around.
  11. When I was a kid, my best friend's mother was a BBW, one of the first to turn me on a little. I was sitting beside her in her car when she was talking to another mum through the window. The subject of the conversation was weight. She said that her parents had always made her finish all of her meals, and now she had the problem that she "almost ate to much". At that moment she slapped her thigh (she was wearing shorts) and made it wobble a bit. She certainly had no clue how fascinated that brat beside her was. At his place I often saw her in outfits that she would not have worn in public. I remember tight spandex shorts that gave an excellent view of her big butt cheeks. Later, there was another friend's mom who was just a little bit overweight, but I remember one incident very well: When we all got out of a car, she said that "it takes me a while to lift all my blubber out of the car". On a crowded train a rather large lady tried to pass by. She said "Let's all suck in our bellies, including me." In my wife's family there is a very fat lady. Her son was saying that he could eat what he wants and never gains weight. She said that it was quite the opposite with her: "I just look at food and then have it on my hips". There was cake at work, and a young BBW coworker arrived late. Somebody checked whether there was a piece left for her. But she said "It won't do any harm if I do *not* eat a piece of cake."
  12. She is an Austrian plus-size model and actress. In the newspaper snippet below she says that she had 86 kilos the last time she weighed herself. She recently appeared in a tv series called "Cop Stories". Rather out of the blue, she asked a policewoman "do you think I am a fat pig?". Later she talked to a policeman about the troubles of being very overweight (somewhat bizarre given Corinna's medium size). I don't have a video of it, though. This is a video about a photo shooting: http://www.puls4.com/video/stadtreport/play/1822785
  13. She is an Austrian actress, not very well known even in Austria, but on the local version of "Dancing with the Stars". On her facebook page https://de-de.facebook.com/HirschlerTanzt she asks "please leave me in the show so that I can lose some more kilos". Here are the dance videos: http://tvthek.orf.at/programs/3705051-Dancing-Stars/episodes/5549997-2--Show/5551159-Paar-10--Susanna-Hirschler-und-Vadim-Garbuzov http://tvthek.orf.at/programs/3705051-Dancing-Stars/episodes/5590711-Dancing-Stars/5591969-Paar-10--Susanna-Hirschler---Vadim-Garbuzov Her chubbiness is mentioned in the interviews (in German, of course), and in the second one her dance partner talks about her being hard to pick up from the floor. In the second video she shows her thighs at 7:17. BTW, the dancer in http://tvthek.orf.at/programs/3705051-Dancing-Stars/episodes/5590711-Dancing-Stars/5591973-Paar-04--Biko-Botowamungu---Maria-Jahn is of course no BBW, but I find her hot, and there is a nice closeup of her thigh at 5:17.
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