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  1. There is a girl at my work whom I see only occasionally. She is much younger than me, in her twenties, blonde, pretty face, outgoing and bubbly personality. The last time I saw her, while still fat, she had dropped a significant amount of weight. I congratulated her on her weight loss, and she put on a huge smile and thanked me. Little did she know that I hope she gains it all back and then some more. Here are two stories from when she was at her biggest, maybe 150 kilos, with that lovely shape young fatties have: Huge belly, ass and thighs, bulging but not sagging. First story: There was a large meeting, and she was guiding through the program. Before the meeting, she was sitting on a chair in front of me, and I enjoyed seeing her huge buttocks spread over the chair. Towards the end, she was standing in front of the crowd, and said, "Seems we are done. So we can move next door, where the buffet is ready." Someone from the audience reminded her that there was still an item left on the agenda. She was not visibly embarrassed, but the situation was glorious: She was standing there with everyone's eyes on her, including her superiors'. She was (and still is) the fattest person of the department by far, with her huge belly and fupa in a fairly tight top, and she wanted to make an early start for the food. Second story: At an outing, I was lucky enough to sit right next to her. She wore knee-length jeans which struggled to contain her fat thighs, and a tight white top that did nothing to hide her belly rolls. We were sitting on a bench. Standing up was causing her obvious troubles. Once or twice, when she returned to the table, she did not bother heaving her second leg over the bench. So she sat with her face towards me, and her stack of belly fat rolls on full display. The event was at a wine tavern, and the evening progressed. We were having a very good time at our table, with loud conversation, and sometimes patting each other's shoulders after cracking jokes. The latter was very enjoyable, because of the layer of fat on her back. Once she started to sing a song that is very well known here. It starts with "Heit bin i wieder fett...". This means "today I am dru.nk again", but the word used for "dru.nk" means also "fat". So, she was singing what an FA could interpret as "Today I am fat again". Before she left, someone was looking for a place to sit down. She said, "Soon there will be room for two here". She actually left together with a second person from our table, but I am still pretty sure that she was referring to her size. But the best situation was before that, and I have reserved it for the end: Getting tipsy was not helpful for manuevering her bulk. Once, she almost fell on me. I was talking to someone else and noticed only peripherally that she was standing up. Then I felt something large and soft press against my shoulder. She had made some awkward movement and had touched me with either her belly or boobs. When I turned towards her, she smiled, patted me on the shoulder once more and said "Sorry".
  2. Story from a few years ago: I was swimming at a lake. There were two beautiful girls, aged around 25. One of them was among the fattest chicks I have seen in a swimsuit. Unfortunately, both were wearing cover-ups most of the time. But this post is mainly about her friend. From her face, shoulders and boobs you couldn't tell that she was obese. But when she dropped her cover-up and walked towards the water, her delightfully fat thighs and ass were on full display. I guess her weight at 90-100 kilos. Now comes the fun. The fatter girl left early. Later, her friend disappeared behind the trees. The facility has a second entrance, which is opened in the afternoon, when no more paying customers are expected, to give people who have parked their cars there faster access. This is where she was heading. But on this day, the second gate was locked. She came back, and walked past all the people with her eyes down on the lawn. This is no tourist attraction, people there are regulars and know about the second entrance. So, me and all others who paid attention knew that she had to return because she was too fat to climb over the fence, as several others did on that day (including me).
  3. This is from a 2016 tv show, maybe not worth seeing for her looks, but I really liked what she said in one scene. First, a local tv lady crawls through a rock gap, which, according to local folklore, cures back pain. In the studio, Karlich talks to the mayor of that place, "Well, Jutta is a very slim person..." ...but do you really have to go through there? I would get stuck!" The mayor smiles and replies that it should work, and that they never had the fire brigade at that rock so far.
  4. A few years back, on a plane. I am one of the apparently few who like the outfits of Austrian staff, with their red tights. On this particular flight there was a chubby flight attendant -- not super-fat, but still big for her profession; average height and maybe between 80 and 90 kilos. Unfortunately, she was not in charge of my side of the plane. Only once did she pass me, and indeed she slightly touched me with her hip. The best moment: She was bending forward into a row, which gave a nice few of her bulging behind in her red skirt, with some dimples on show. She did not see that a passenger, a petite lady, tried to pass behind her back. The passenger turned sideways and gave her a rather nasty look, as if she was saying, "there would be more room for me to pass behind your ass if you weren't so big."
  5. fe ab ie: Disagree. I have no clue about those dictator admins, might be, but I am still having a good time there. It's dry in my geographic area, but I have had lovely, and often very sexy, interactions with many BBWs around the world on fe ab ie. Another question, not quite on topic of this thread, but very close I hope: I used to read vote/fatpeoplehate. Selectively, like I would not read the threads where they were gloating over obese health issues, but there were some rather hot stories, such as about a fat workmate accidentally pressing elevator buttons with her big ass, and being embarrassed about it. Now there only seems to be fatpeoplestories on reddit. Is there anything else like it?
  6. The girl I am with has gained a considerable amount of weight since we first met. I very much enjoy hearing comments about her gain. Especially from people who have known her for a long time and actually like her; they can be surprisingly nasty. I am not sharing concrete stories, except one: In the bus, without my wife but with my kid, and another kid with her mom, who is a "conventially" hot chick: pretty, slim, and likes to wear short skirts and figure-hugging clothes. And she is a good friend of my wife. The kids were talking about a poster outside of the bus, where a dad was picking up his daughter, and said that he must be very strong. Me: "That's no problem, I could easily do that with you." Her, to my kid: "He should try it with your mom." And I would love hearing what is being said about her weight when we are not around. I am pretty sure the comments would be even nastier. I love my wife, BTW 🙂
  7. Recently on the underground: One of the last free seats was opposite of a BBW, and I sat down. My jaw almost dropped. While her face and upper body were mid-sized, her hips were just huge. They were hanging will into the aisle, and spread into the empty seat next to her, to an extent that no normal-sized person could have sat there. My knees almost touched hers, because all the fat she was sitting on pushed her forward. It was a hot day, and she was wearing a summer dress. Now I have wide shoulders, and there was a not so small guy sitting next to me, so I could not help my left shoulder being well in the aisle. Also, there was someone sitting across the aisle, which made for a fairly narrow passage. I thought that things would get interesting when she would try to get out. And indeed, she stood up before the next stop. She turned towards the aisle and lifted herself up, with obvious difficulty. When she squeezed through the aisle, I intensively felt her soft fat hip pressing against my shoulder. Made my day!
  8. Update on my post from March 9 2020: I recently saw her at the supermarket, in the candy aisle. She was trying to get some chocolate bars from the top shelf, but could not reach. I offered help and asked how many she needed. She first said two, but then mumbled something I did not quite understand, like "the recipe requires four", and asked for four of them. I gave them to her, and she said thank you. My pleasure. She smiled and said, "in some situations I am too short". Again, I said it was a pleasure to help. Fantasy: Later on I though I should have said, "And I am too tall sometimes, for example for airplane seats" (I used to fly a lot.) Maybe she would have commented on the width of the seats in comparison to her But let's stay with what actually happened... At the checkout I saw her again, leaning on her cart, to take some of the weight of her 200+ kilos from her feet.
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