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  1. The lower part of Reiina's belly has been growing bigger for several months, but now her topgut is starting to bulge out in a soft jiggly roll to make a true double belly! This is her stuffed... and she can still grab quite a bit! And she's almost to 230 stuffed!
  2. Where to look first? That double chin... those thick arms... that bulging hanging gut... those squishy hips... that cellulite on the back of her chubby thighs... there's just so much of her now!!! 🤤
  3. Nice pics, Jennie! 😍 I especially love the soft jiggly fat pad you're growing on your stomach area, shown by this line... and the little dimple shown by the arrow... that's the extra fat on you that means you're no longer a slim chick, you're growing into a fat girl with a proper gut 🤰
  4. Tomorrow's your monthly weigh-in! Do you think you reached your goal of 230?
    I liked this video! Jennie's belly is looking soft, and I liked Candice's bulging bare midriff! 😍 And not to hijack the review away from Jennie, but can we talk just a second about how HUGE Casey is??? You can really see just how massive her arms, boobs, and belly are when she's standing next to other people in a room. Look at this pic... that white line behind her thick meaty arm is actually her boob/backfat... she is so frickin' WIDE from front to back, and since she's so short she carries most of her weight in just the 18 inches between her neck and hips, she's like a fat ball on stubby legs 🤰!
  5. Reiina is seriously getting huge! And see if you can spot the luckiest guy in the world in this pic...
    Great video, Jess! I love how bouncy your belly is now, it really has a jiggle of its own! You took down that cake like a pro, that's how to make your Plump even Plumper!! 🤰 I love your huge boobs too, they're getting bigger and bigger 😲 You have the 3 B's: Boobs, Belly, and Butt... all on top of a pretty face 😍
  6. Your gain is incredible! Every video your belly looks bigger and wider, and I love your thick hips and double chin! Keep going, you look more and more sexy every day!
    Wow Jess, I loved this video! I like seeing you try on old clothes, especially t-shirts and sweaters that are still loose in the arms but extremely tight around your huge gut... you do look legit pregnant! 🤰 You have the perfect body type, thinnish arms and legs with huge boobs and an even bigger round belly... I love it! Please keep eating and gaining to 200! 😍
  7. Make sure you eat everything on that table, including all of the remains of the bloomin' onion and the basket of rolls!
    Awesome GGG! I've never seen your belly so big and swollen before. I'm so proud of you for pushing through the discomfort and chugging the whole shake! Do this every day and your stomach will stretch out and get used to the volume, then you will gain a pound a day and reach your near-term goal of 230!
  8. I love Jennie's gaze in this pic... so soft, gentle, serene, like a doe-eyed cow... having no will of her own but to be fed and fattened by her loving keeper, Candice 🐄🐖😍
  9. I love Jennie's gaze in this pic... so soft, gentle, serene, like a doe-eyed cow... having no will of her own but to be fed and fattened by her loving keeper, Candice 🐄🐖😍
    Wow, what a great video, Jennie! I love hearing you talk about your gain and how the extra weight makes you feel soft and sexy... you definitely are sexy! 😍 I love how jiggly you are all over, your thighs, your belly, your upper arms, your double chin. And the fact that you've gained 12 pounds in just the last month since you met Candice... WOW... good job, both of you!! You'll reach official obesity (BMI 30) when you're 180, so that's a good short-term goal, and then yes 200 by Christmas... at your current rate of gaining, you can make it! I love hearing how you're eating all the fattening foods that Candice is making and buying for you, and that you eat a little more for her every time... remember, no pain, no gain... the pain means your stomach is stretching out to hold more fattening food! I can't wait to follow you on your journey! 😁
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