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  1. You mentioned your weight in this video, but it's the same as you weighed in your last video, so does that mean you haven't gained anything in 2 weeks?
  2. Awesome gain! Do you still have your favorite rainbow striped shirt you can try and squeeze into??
    Great video! I'm so excited to see real changes have been happening to your body in the past few weeks. Your face is filling out beautifully, I love your high chubby cheeks and your soft sexy double chin, very feminine looking! I also notice that your belly's shape is changing, it's wider than before, your navel is getting deeper, and there's a fat roll forming across the top of your gut over your ribs, which I can see clearly when you lean forward a bit! It was so good to see your feeder give you your nightly shake, and that he's varying the flavors so you keep drinking them throughout the day, every day! You are making amazing progress this year, and if you keep going at this rate, you'll definitely hit your goal of 300 by the end of the year!
  3. If I saw you at Target with that big sexy belly hanging out of your shirt, I'd definitely chat you up, ring or not 😜
  4. When my eyes first saw this thumbnail I thought, there's Kitty's pretty face, but where did that huge GUT come from??? It's bigger than I've ever seen it before! You're really growing, baby, and you're looking so sexy!
    Great video, Kitty! You're gaining at a consistent rate now, all of your hard work (meaning heavy eating!) is paying off. You're in a very exciting part of your gain now, since you know what works to pack on the weight every week, all you have to do is keep doing that and you will grow, grow, grow! At this rate you'll easily be 250 by summer, and 300 by Christmas! I love your sweet personality and you look fantastically sexy 😍. Keep up the great work, keep stuffing and drinking those gainer shakes every few hours around the clock... I'm looking forward to your next weigh-in next month (since you're gaining so fast now!).
  5. She mentioned she didn't want to look like her mom. But she might just have been talking about her new hair color. She wasn't very clear.
  6. She just posted a weigh-in and follow-up video. She's on a 2000 calorie/day diet and has lost 20 pounds already 😭
  7. You are so beautiful and your appetite is amazing! I've been to one of those Brazilian steakhouses before, and the amount of meat they bring you is insane... did you really eat everything they served you?? Your husband is one lucky guy 🥰
  8. Did a pregnancy jumpstart your gain? 🤰 Or is this all the result of unbridled gluttony? 🐖
    I've heard it said you shouldn't eat anything larger than your head, but whoever said that had never seen Mochii's appetite! She plows through the mega burrito huffing and puffing but gets it all down. The side-by-side comparisons are amazing, last year Mochii looked like a chubby girl with a growing stomach, this year she looks like a huge fat beach ball!
    Casey's belly looks and wobbles like a round rubber beach ball in this clip! Her upper arms have definitely been taking some of her recent weight gain, they are looking puffy and delicious!
  9. Yes, weigh-in with Q&A please! We want to see just how fat our prize piggy is getting 🐷😍
  10. I love your soft puffy arms! I've heard it said that you can tell if a slim girl will get fat by if her arms are thicker than average. In your case that's true! Now you're growing a huge belly to match, and it looks great on you!
  11. WOW, you're gorgeous! Do you have any pics from when you were lighter, for comparison? How much did you weigh when you got married?
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