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    Chick fil a IS MY WEAKNESS!!

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  1. So today I went to the dentist and after that I decided to cure my depression I wanted to eat Lasagne


  2. I’m sorry 😂😂😂😂 oh my god I just realize that when I look at it!! Lmaoo
  3. So after watching the Melanie Martinez concert Yesterday I had decided to order Chinese food to celebrate it was a great concert and a great meal!!!


  4. check out my new curve video it's my first video


    1. SVegan


      You are a very sexy lady. 

  5. Hi everyone this is my very first video I’m a little nervous and shy and I didn’t know what to do so I decided maybe if I play a video game I’ll be more relaxed sooo Enjoy


  6. So How’s Everyone Night/Day Going so far!?💕😝



    1. SVegan


      I love 💘 your beautiful body so much 😍

  7. Hey Guys! I’m still waiting to become a curvage Model I went to a hotel last night and took these cute Pictures What do you think?



    1. reiinapop


      you look so hot!!! I love your holiday lingerie ❤️ 

    2. drpop


      Very nice pictures of you and like the green nice have to have it for the christmas. Cant wait to see more pictures of you.

    3. SVegan


      I love 💘 your beautiful body so much 😍

  8. Hey I wanted to ask if my be a model application was accepted

  9. Status Update I’m Bored and I Lowkey Wanna go out and Party Should I get all dressed up Or stay home?


    1. SVegan


      Very sexy 😍

  10. Hi Everyone I’m kinda new you might have seen my face on the account “BunnyBottom” yeah I was having issues on that account so now I have a new one and I can finally Sign up to be a model I’m super Excited Thank you 

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    1. SVegan


      Very sexy 😍

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