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  1. Lola stuffs her face and shows off her huge hanging belly and rubs it.


  2. Lola rubs her beautiful belly and breasts in her lingerie seductively for you to worship her perfect curves.


  3. I had so much fun eating in this video hehe


  4. Lola stuffs her face with her favorite fast food & burps calming down her big tummy.


  5. Lola stuffs her face with a huge Chinese Food Binge! Her belly was hurting by the end of this video from eating SO MUCH! Watch her get fatter and fatter!


  6. Lola shows off her silly personality while enjoying a delicious breakfast stuffing FULL OF CARBS! She talks about being a hungry greedy, impatient piggy eating her food. Complete with burping & belly rubs, bouncing, and jiggling!


  7. NOW on sale πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œπŸ’•

  8. I just put this cute bikini stuffing video on sale ☺️
  9. Happy 😊 Monday ! I'm hungry πŸ˜•Β 


  10. my lunch was so delicious & I was full of burps!!!
  11. Lola stuffs her huge belly full of her favorite food - Indian! While wearing a bikini. She drinks a soda causing her to let out huge burps!


  12. Lola devours tacos for lunch and discusses how she got to be this huge and her weight gain. With burping!!


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