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  1. How to be healthier at any size: 1) Drink water! Many people don’t realize how important hydration can be. Water can decrease fatigue and give you more energy. If you love to eat, then you should know that every part of digestion requires water. It also keeps your skin healthy and helps maintain the pH balance of your oral cavity. If you drink lots of soda, be sure to chase it with some water to prevent canker sores and other bothersome issues. If you love your fat, then you should love water too—because fat is mostly water! We've all heard the mantra of 8 glasses a day. But the ideal amount is somewhere between 2-3 liters, depending on your body and level of activity. Chances are, if you are bigger, you need to drink even more! If 2-3 liters sounds like too much, then start by just adding an extra small cup to your daily routine in a place that works for you—with dinner, first thing in the morning, etc. Water is crucial! 2) Feed yourself! You might think that this is only important for people who don’t eat enough, but the truth is that even people who eat thousands upon thousands of calories can still be malnourished. Your body needs more than calories to survive! Make sure that when you eat, you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, then do your research, and find out what beans or other foods you need to eat to get the essential amino acids that are required to support your body. Even if you aren’t on a special diet, make sure you are eating foods rich in protein like fish—even a fish sandwich from a fast food restaurant is a rich source of amino acids. They are critical for your immune system, and can even be a preventative measure against things like cancer and type II diabetes or the progression of type II diabetes. 3) Get a little exercise! I’m not talking about running a marathon. It’s the little things that count. Do ten squats during commercials. Park one row of cars further away from the grocery store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator once a day. One of the biggest struggles of being a bbw or a bhm is the toll it can take on your joints. Strength training with periods of rest helps build muscles to support your awesomely big bod. Putting on some extra muscle supports the skin and can give more “curve” appeal. Plus, exercising is a powerful appetite stimulant! 4) Know your skin! Let’s face it, the bigger you are, the more there is of you to keep track of! Know which parts of your body tend to be dry, and which parts tend in the opposite direction. If you have sensitive skin, use an unscented, pH neutral soap, especially on any areas of your body where skin is touching skin. After you bathe, pat yourself dry (do not wipe dry—this can damage the skin), and moisturize the parts of your body that need it, such as your arms, face, and legs (the parts exposed to the sun and air). If any skin-on-skin areas are red, puffy, itchy, or painful, use a medicated body powder after carefully patting dry. Do not scratch these areas, and try to keep them as dry as possible until the itchiness or redness resolves. Some people place a soft, powdered cloth between skin folds to help keep the area dry and happy until it heals. For especially large people, regular skin checks are helpful—as often as every week or every other week. Have a partner you are comfortable with help you out—he or she may notice something you don’t, or be able to see in places that are hidden from your view. If you have any signs of infection, or a skin problem that doesn’t go away in a few days with over-the-counter medicines, see a doctor right away. ____________________________ Hi everyone! So sorry if this topic has already been addressed (it didn't show up for me in the search, so I thought I would give it a go). If I haven't met you already, then I am very pleased to meet you. I'm hisano--probably more well known (if known at all) as an FA/expansion artist on deviantart than as a health/lifestyle writer, but I've had these ideas now for a few days, and I thought I might share them just in case they are helpful to anyone. Without sharing too many details, my educational background is in healthcare, so I'm not entirely blowing steam. Anyway, if you all have questions, comments, stuff to add, complaints, malicious hexes, heckling, sarcasm, or anything else to say, I would love to hear them, and I promise I will at least feign an amused interest, and hopefully become your new friend!
  2. You are easily among my favorite artists. Glad to see you putting your stuff out there. n_n
  3. hisano_x


    I've enjoyed following this little story. Each update is very well done. Great detail work. Really I only have two complaints: 1) the artist's style doesn't really match my tastes perfectly. I actually quite enjoy furry/anthro stuff, but prefer a style that's less westernized. And 2) the story seems to move at a snail's pace, with only small actions taking place in each update. Might only seem that way since there's no large archive for me to read through now.
  4. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." -Favorite Revenge Story
  5. I guess I just subconsciously assume that all artists like Kip are dudes. Though I guess I really shouldn't make that assumption, and it's really about the quality of the art and writing for me, anyway. Regardless, it seems like Kip has managed to perpetuate an impressive little controversy. Whether or not that was intentional or not is another story, but it would be easy enough for Kip to put a stop to it if desired. Who doesn't like a little attention, after all? Anyway, I could care less if Kip is a trap--that's an adorable photo.
  6. Nice ending! I would have liked to see it continue a bit more. The gain was gratifying, but the implication that they would lose it all again was not as fun for me.
  7. I mostly agree with you. I appreciate that a point was made to show the character gaining some weight, but it's still 90% belly stuffing focused. It is a bit like craving control, but it doesn't quite have the same flow of action that CC had. Still a good, fun read, though.
  8. The idea of a Cersei wg story is certainly intriguing. I'd write one myself, but I'd probably get hung up on trying to emulate George R.R. Martin's style, and take more time than I'd be willing to realistically put into it.
  9. Without criticizing KipTeiTei too much, I just want to point out that there are in fact an abundance of writers out there in DA land, and they would probably jump at the opportunity to produce something with a good artist. I feel a little bad at times, actually, because there are so many people eager to contribute their ideas that it's hard to tactfully say, "No thanks, I actually have plenty of my own ideas." Or even worse, when writers just offer simply god-awful ideas and you're stuck trying to let them down easy. Maybe I'm just too overly concerned with being nice. Anyway, just the perspective of another DA artist. Kip is probably popular enough that he could attract some pretty talented folks to collaborate on a script for him, though. I do feel a bit like this most recent sequence is a little disjointed. Overall, their size and proportions and the actions going on in each panel don't have a whole lot of continuity. Of course, it's not like I paid for it, so who am I to complain. Not sure I could have done a better job, either. I do have to admit that some of the panels are just adorable and perfect, and even if the body shapes and sizes don't flow perfectly, they are just fabulous as standalone images. And for that, I applaud Mr. Kip.
  10. Haha, I would be worried if anyone was trying to seriously make a living doing fetish art. This is probably overly cynical on my part, but I'm of the opinion that there isn't a whole lot of money to be had doing any kind of art. People generally don't seem willing to pay for it. Even getting a small amount of money for my stuff is a tiny victory. I do it because I love it, but I do get a little sad when I think in terms of cost analysis. Someone throw 2k my way, please! Hehe, I am actually really glad to hear you say that about the Yuffie comic. I don't know how many times I've beat my head on my desk at people who are like "WTF why do they even have to eat the castle anyway?" or criticize the outfits I gave them for not being "final fantasy" enough. The entire purpose of the comic is to be silly, thoughtless, and sexy. Nice to know that someone actually gets that. I do realize that Mr. Kip's comic isn't being criticized solely because of the money issue. I guess I can just kinda relate to someone trying to make a buck or two off of their artwork.
  11. Overall, I find this discussion regarding Mr. Kip's comic pretty interesting. Everyone is commenting about how dissatisfied they are with it, and yet it seems like most people who are making such comments are still reading it. Holding out hope that it will finally get to the good part, perhaps? I kind of understand that. I still read comics that I'm not altogether satisfied with--but I admit that I read them because I still get some enjoyment out of them at some level. I don't really have much of an opinion about this comic. It appears people are still throwing their money at this thing--more power to them. As an artist, I'm kind of glad to see another artist getting paid to do this kind of stuff. Myself, I still struggle to find a reasonable way to make some coin off of my stuff. Also, while it might be fair to say that this comic specifically isn't worth $50 per page, it's really not all that much money considering how much time can go into creating a page. Of course, I might be horrendously slow, but personally, I wouldn't be making a very good hourly rate at $50 per page. It's silly to think of one person paying $50 for one page of comic, but if a large group of people are putting in a small amount per person, it's not really that bad of a deal (providing you actually like the comic).
  12. Those are some excellent suggestions. I will definitely take them into consideration when moving forward with the next pages. Thanks for the feedback! (^^)b
  13. Hey, thanks for showing my little comic some love on here! ^^ Now that other projects are out of the way, Yuffie is next on my list. I *hope* to create the next pages soonish.
  14. Stellar job! I wish I would have known about this sooner. I think you strike the balance well between the dramatic and the sensual. That makes it SO much more enjoyable to me. The storytelling elements present in your work enhance the sensuality--they don't detract from it in the slightest in my humble opinion. Please continue to do more of the same as far as I'm concerned! ^v^
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