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  1. Your interests alone make you hot, sight unseen. You had me at you like to read and are going back for your Masters. Intelligent, confident AND beautiful? Fuh-get-about it. In a world filling to the brim with proudly anti-intellectual death cultists a brainy woman with some significant cerebral heft to her is irresistible. Then you’re one of the most stunning looking women to join Curvage? It’s almost not fair. If your goal is to do well and climb to the top of charts you’ll be hard to beat. You have such cross-over appeal for various tastes on this platform. I wouldn’t say being submissive is my biggest turn-on, but no question I’d willingly bend the knee to a woman who’s as dynamic as you are in every aspect of your life. On behalf of men I surrender the patriarchy, it’s time a powerful woman like you takes the reins. Just show some mercy to a willing servant, please. I converse fairly well for a lackey.
  2. Good God you look like a beautiful porn star. Your face and make-up are so damn hot. I loved you changing clothes, and you saved the best for the last two changes. The pink dress really shows every curve, and the final dress nearly gave me a stroke. Dresses aren’t a big thing for me, but I’ve never seen someone fill out a dress so nicely. I pride myself on my self-control (I’ll hold the Laura Brannigan reference since you’re only 20-something) when seeing a beautiful woman in public, but that green and white patterned dress makes you look like a movie star. I’d naturally assume you were someone famous. I know even straight women would gawk at you and want to f__k you. Your butt looks bigger with more muscle poppin the booty fat out, and I swear your belly fat looks as soft as melting butter you’d drizzle over delicious pizza crust. While you don’t look heavier, it’s like all firmness around your middle is gone. If someone likes soft, easy to grab love handles and poochy belly this is the video for them. I also appreciated the gratuitous bend overs to see down your straining bras. Whoever sells the pink bra should pay you to model them. I just love your niche on this board. Ladies, if you like to see vids of other women check her out. She’s very sweet and sexy.
  3. Agreed. Looks like the exercise is giving it a bit more perk. You can clearly see some glute muscle there.
  4. That dress is totally at your mercy, and it’s a wonderful looking one to start. You must have turned every head in the restaurant. Now I have Mack the Knife in my head thinking of you drinking the shark cocktails.
  5. Yes, you sure can. Hopefully others will add as well.
  6. Sadly, they’re all old, but you could always restart one. I’m not the only one to appreciate it.
  7. You know me so well. Indeed, proper lighting can be very revealing. Love these photos. Very artistic and sexy.
  8. Yes. Yes he is. He knows you are not single sided. You must show more frequently in the future.
  9. You look absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for joining the community.
  10. God, I love your veins, and your skin color is divine. Particularly when wet.
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