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    If you’ve heard the term female gaze before, but didn’t know what it meant this video will help you to understand. If you thought female feeders were a myth or a money-making charade this dispels it. She clearly loves her men (and women) plump. If you are a gainer, this is what goes through the mind of a female fat admirer, read in throaty voice. This is the one. Particularly loved the phrase, “like biscuit dough pouring out of a can.”
    Where have I been?!? How have I not come across Bella before??? I originally bought for NGNG, but I finished this video as a Bella fanboy. This video is so well acted you’d swear you were simply watching two busty beer maidens converse after work about the expansive effects of alcohol. Slowly, subtly mutual attraction forms. It’s not heavy handed or forced, there’s real chemistry between the two. If it weren’t for the occasional breaking of the fourth wall to show their beautiful faces you’d forget this was Curvage vid. If you like belching, rubbing of breasts and bellies, and beautiful women this vid is for you. It’s likely nobody may care about this last comment, but if you’re attracted to clearly very intelligent women (sapiosexuals anyone?) you’ll fall in love. Big brains to augment the big boobs, bellies, and thighs.
    Uh. Wow. Very racy and erotic when not gluttonous and strategically messy. Filthy in a great way. I come from a cherry producing State. I think you have a shot as The Cherry Festival Queen as I’m sure this set could sell a whole lot of cherries. Pop.
    Your videos are so much more than the same, old boring stuffing vids. Granted there’s a bit of that as well, but I love the enactment of the story you read, which is good, it allows you to show off your acting chops. You really edited the reading over the enactments parts well. I love that you’ve gained weight since since first joining, unintentionally or not, and it really shows around your waist. Your skin color is like soft butter. Best niche vid on Curvage.
  1. Oh, I do have an idea! Hahaha. Yes, you hold onto every slight like it’s a debt you must repay at all costs. You won’t sleep until you can cut a b*%#ch. I hope that one day you can love yourself and your body for who and what you are as much as we do. Who cares what the haters gonna say. We know what haters gonna do.
    While the story may be a bit played out, I truly believe NGNG has never looked better, young and vibrant, fantasy girl hot. The three lingerie sets are nearly obscene in how little they cover. The first in particular is heart attack inducing, she looks voluptuous and soft as buttah. This video she really shows off her large implants when getting on all fours near the camera. If you like boobs and belly play this one’s for you.
  2. We are watching the rise of fascism again throughout the world. The signs are all around us. It’s undeniable. You can’t even go to an FA chat room without hearing the far right propaganda that is repackaged violent misogyny and racism. I expect it in Trump’s America, but even the whilst crowd is peddling that garbage using pseudo intellectual sounding nonsense like primary social value. Fuck all. At least American fascists no longer care to hide their ugly impulses so give us the benefit of advertising themselves with Camp Auschwitz sweaters so we can give them a wide berth. Primary social value? Jesus. Incels of the world unite! Women don’t owe you dick for not laying your sorry ass. Maybe treat them like a human being and one might look past your Newsmax and OANN talking points to give you a hummer. Until then crawl back into the Fuhrer bunker you came from. Also, Ben Shapiro wants his platform back; there’s only room for one pathetic weasel on the bleeding edge of “modern” conservatism.
    Please don’t be upset with me for saying this because it’s meant as a compliment, but I’ve never seen someone who is nearly all soft, subcutaneous fat before. It’s a great look. Women with visceral fat can fake a bigger belly, but yours is like melted butter, in the vid you’re just grabbing and stretching the soft, flabby rolls you’ve developed around your gut. What’s really hot was when you were pulling up the ripped shorts and that soft flab you’ve gained on your upper backside is impressive. I know your intention has not been to gain, but perhaps we collectively willed it into existence. You also can’t fake a jiggly ass like that, there’s nothing to push out, but you have plenty to push up with those too tight ripped jeans that leave little to the imagination. And good Christ, how does that bikini top not pop? Serious question. Is that made from industrial strength hemp?
    The side boob and spare tire as you try to squeeze your way back up the chimney is hot. I love that you’re trying new things, they absolutely work. Your recent weight gain is going to all the right places. Please keep guzzling the eggnog and stuffing your face with cookies. I also have to call out the perfect editing in the beginning. I died laughing when you suddenly plunked down from the chimney out of nowhere. It didn’t distract at all from sexiness, it was super cute and I was in such a good mood from the hilarity I looked forward to the rest of the video.
    New locations, new outfits, but most importantly, new pounds. I know you aren’t trying to deliberately gain weight, but a gain is a gain, intentional or not. Even before you said it I could spot the new pillow under your chin, and your arms are looking plump ( I love fluffy arms). Even your big boobs look softer than before. I think it helps your skin is the color of butter, makes the new weight look even better. I can see you are trying to appeal to a broad audience here. The acting is back, belly play, eating, even feet. This is had something for everyone.
    Your make-up is perfect in this vid, I can’t even really say what it is that’s different, but the effect is that I kept thinking how beautiful your face looked throughout. Very movie star quality. And the oil gives a perfect healthy sheen to your skin that accentuates your curves and makes your ass, thighs, and cellulite pop when you were shaking your thang. While your other vids are more uptempo, this was a slow, sensual, erotic snake dance that was a sexy change of pace.
  3. I agree with you completely about having your own unique look. Unique is so much sexier than bland, homogeneity. I feel the 90’s were all about identical looking blondes. Seen one, seen ‘em all. BORING! Give me tats. Give me glam. Give me a Suicide girls look. Pale skin and dark hair is SUPER hot. That’s one of the reasons I like chubby girls. Too fit and trim looks sterile, like white walls. I hate boring white walls. Gimme color. Gimme cool lighting. Think of the rich wood walls and ceilings seen in 1920’s upscale homes before America became a pre-fab, dry wall hellscape. Having something that makes you stand out increases sex appeal immensely. There’s this super beautiful model I follow who is unflinching about the fact she has severe acne on her perfect looking face. The acne in contrast with her super model looks actually enhances her beauty in a strange, indescribable way. Not because she seems more “attainable” or some such utter nonsense, it actually looks more attractive somehow because it’s not something you see in magazine ads, and it’s striking looking. Especially with her confidence about it. That confidence is so hot, and you have that in spades. Does anyone else feel the same as me in that when they’ve see a conventionally beautiful woman who has figure flaws” ( i.e. bigger ass, bingo wings, love handles, FUPA, whatever), it actually makes them seem less, not more attainable? To me the woman with extra (or tats) seems way hotter, thus more intimidating vs. some bland curtain hanger (a term for a mannequin looking girl) even if society tells us a certain BMI and figure shape is “ideal”. In short, let your freak flag fly. We’re here for it!
  4. I know he unfollowed this thread, but can someone explain why Froggy capitalizes certain letters in a short string of words? It feels creepy like a dog whistle or secret handshake. Is it a signal of some sort I’m unable to interpret? I feel others picked up on it too and wrote back in code mocking him by capitalizing certain letters in their response.
    You just look beautiful in this vid. The dress really compliments your full sleeves. The lower belly looks so soft, it’s like all the hard fat has just melted into buttery softness. Cellulite lovers will love that you wiggle your ass and thighs, and there’s a moment where the light catches and highlights one of your sexy tigress stripes.
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