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  1. Do you like feeling your beautiful marks lengthen?

    1. Gothbelly


      Yes I do! I just want more 🙂 

    2. yuiop


      Lovely, keep eating, please.

  2. Germany & Croatia used to be the best of allies......
  3. yuiop

    Preggo at McD's

    very nice thank you
  4. Hello NC. I am single and live in Wilmington. I work in the film industry.
  5. I loved it please get more!
  6. The Federal Reserve is the problem. This country is more of an Oligarch, think of The Fed, Wall St, Hollywood, folks like Kissinger, Rockefeller, and Soros. Its all part of that 'One World Order' shit they believe in along with the UN. Democrat VS Republican politics on a National level is like entertainment/ Pro Wrestling said Jesse Ventura and he was both a wrestler and governor. Sooner or later the dollar will be worthless and your neighbors may be trying to eat you. No joke people lose their humanity after they miss 15 consecutive meals, its proven. When the thin facade of credit, fiat currency, and centralized govt crumbles it will be most unpleasant. Hopefully it doesn't happen but a failure to plan is a plan to failure. My 2 cents.
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