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  1. I decided to post a little preview of my first clip. It's honestly the best thing I've created, I'm so proud of it!
  2. So this has been my Sunday, hopefully yours went better 😂❤️ I'm supposed to be off work for 2 weeks but unfortunately when you're the boss even two days is pushing it.. So I'm holed up in bed, already going crazy.. So please keep me company. In other news, I just posted my first clip.. Almost 5 minutes of me dancing, bouncing and caressing my body to welcome May. It's my birthday month.. I planned a very sensual shoot for last night but obviously that's on the back burner now.
  3. I'm officially posting my first video clip to curvage and I'm so proud of this one. I feel so unbelievably good! Watching the video, I can't believe it's actually ME.. Help me to welcome May 😍 my birthday month.. This is probably one of my favorite things I've ever created! Almost 5 minutes of me bouncing, dancing and caressing my softness, reveling in the powerful feeling of comfort in my own skin, feeling abundant, plump and almost ethereal. I want sensuality to drip from my fingertips, coloring every inch of my flesh as I softly caress my body.


  4. Hmm maybe I'll do that tonight.. Thank you x
  5. I've been absent for a few days, I was going through a rough patch. I'm back and feeling better. I'll post daily again! I'm planning on a photo shoot tonight.. Anything in particular you would be interested in? Message me, or reply to the thread xx
  6. Haha yes you would know that here it's not really the desired look.. So it took me a while to love it.. But I'm learning 🥰
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