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  1. kojack27

    Looking for someone who Loves my Body

    That is a massive amount of Photoshop. Granite counters don't bend like that.
  2. I would think you can just get more folks together because it's a little more affordable at the beach. And the weather should be keeping up after that nasty one.
  3. Ooh... very cool! Perhaps we'll get the chance to finally meet, Roxxie.
  4. Venice is cool because it's already pretty laid back... open, folks everywhere. Usually a lot going on, so it's cool to just kind of join what's going on down there. Busses drop you off, so that makes it easier then trying to park... or drop the $10 on a spot!
  5. kojack27

    Ashley Alexiss: Thick Glamour Model

    I have to give it to her... she keeps a real positive attitude ESPECIALLY with how much bullshit she's gotta take for being thicker. Pisses me off.
  6. kojack27

    Ashley Alexiss: Thick Glamour Model

    She's so damn pretty. I love when she does little Instgram videos... you can tell she's as sweet as she looks, and I like that a lot!
  7. I think that's a pretty good idea! I was thinking of maybe hitting up one of these meets... I've been lurking on here for a few years, so I think it could be cool to meet some folks! I actually live in Santa Monica. My only thing would be parking sure is a nightmare around here... the pier is pretty big, but other then that it's a pain to park anywhere else, and it's about $10 or more just to do that. But it's really pretty and always nice to be the beach! Venice has the same issue... so I'd say carpool!
  8. kojack27

    Single or Taken – Let's restart this!

    New So-Cal resident and single! But there is so much to do town here it's crazy!
  9. kojack27

    Tagging Along

    Oh wow... that's pretty impressive! You're dangerous.
  10. Aaaaaaaaaand I'm here! Long time lurker here... since it was Fat Celebs. Born and raised in Northern California... I do photography and it's just dry up there. Moved down to the Santa Monica area and hoping I might have better luck... at least, a beach! Just getting settled down... the biggest thing I'm learning is the traffic. Wow. And I'm from the Bay.
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