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  1. I empathize with you! It seems like these sites are pretty much only for paid models. I don’t have any great advice but as a plus size female just wanted to say we’re out there! I have no idea what you’re like as a person but you seem to not see women as objects based on this post which is always my #1 suggestion to guys struggling to find dating prospects. Are you looking for a woman specifically into gaining or just a plus size woman? I know this wasn’t helpful, just wanted to say I feel ya and hopefully something works soon!
  2. Yes this certainly sounds like a panic attack (I’ve had many). Like you said, she probably started to get out of breath which then tricked her body into thinking something was very wrong and caused a panic attack. when I first started gaining weight, I would have panic attacks if I could feel my heart rate increase, which would of course make it even faster, because I was convinced I was having a heart attack. After therapy, getting medicated for anxiety and an underlying condition, it’s worked itself out and very rare panic attacks now
  3. I would assume that if a guy is dating me, he’s not an FA, it’s just in spite of my weight. It’s really hard to unlearn years of society’s opinions on women being fat, even when I know FAs exist. Especially if the guy himself isn’t also chubby or fat. I still come across profiles of guys who are in really good shape or whatever and find it hard to believe they’d date a fat woman.
  4. Thank you!! It’s definitely a great way to end the week
  5. Here’s a before and after from my dinner tonight I want to hear what you think 😌
  6. I don’t really notice any out of breath-ness unless I’m genuinely exercising. But just say to day life, no I don’t notice any and I prefer to keep it that way, I’m too busy to be too out of shape haha Sometimes at home yes but not in public! I don’t think I have that level of public comfort haha I think I can make that happen!
  7. What type of pics do y’all like? I want to start taking more but want to make sure I’m taking what you enjoy seeing!
  8. Okay, this seems very fatphobic to me. How is attractiveness and having your shit together less likely if a woman has a belly? They aren’t mutually exclusive things, fat has nothing to do with morality or goodness or successfulness and to say that they do represents the perpetuation and pervasiveness of society’s fat phobia I’m in my 20s, I’m getting my third degree, work full time, have a successful side hustle, and I most certainly have a belly. So the only part that leaves would be I’m not attractive, and I’m pretty sure that I’m hot as hell. And I’ve also had a belly for literally my entire adolescent and adult life and it’s not going anywhere. Obviously I don’t represent all women but to imply that it’s impossible for a woman to be attractive, fat, and successful is extremely harming and detrimental. I completely empathize with fetishes aren’t rational, I get it. They can be confusing and hard to figure out, but that statement doesn’t seem fetishized related.
  9. I have decently sized boobs, they just look smaller when I’m sitting because my belly smooshes out lol
  10. I ate so much today and now I can barely move. Send belly rubs 😬
  11. I was just reading through the last few pages and the way you talked about the balance between health and gaining and not going from one ED to another was so well put! I can never articulate my thoughts on it very well but I also was anorexic before and I also don’t really plan on gaining much more until I get wifey-d up haha so it was just so lovely to see another woman feel the same way!
  12. I forgot my password for a while but finally got it again...I’ve also gained another 10-15 lbs since December, whoops!
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