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  1. She looks like the incognito mode avatar. It's certainly something.
  2. fat or not, women on Instagram are thots. Also gotta love the blatant trolling around for people mentioning her name.
  3. Yeah, good forbid her teeth don't look like shit... But really, in what world is dental surgery connected to loosing weight?
  4. Her face is aggressively average....but it's not like I'm here for her face.
  5. Hey all, I run a deviantart page (https://fakedude10.deviantart.com) that I post stories on. I wanted to expand my outreach so I thought that I'd post this one here. “God this is the worst fucking job.” Tiffany said as she typed away at the computer, entering another useless string of numbers. It was her third month of working...any job..ever. Her “commitments” had always kept her from jobs. Those “commitments” being grades (she made c’s), volleyball (she rode the bench), and friends. Friends were the only commitment that she took with any amount of seriousness. Being a pretty, short, blonde with farm girl freckles, Tiffany had never had any problem attracting or keeping friends. She had partied and played and traveled with those friends all throughout high school. However, those friends hadn’t improved her grades and certainly hadn’t gotten her into any colleges. The best that any friend had gotten Tiffany was hur current, mind numbing, job. The friend in question was Maddy. Maddy was seemingly the only person that hadn’t gone to some college or moved away after graduation. Maddy was a small mousy girl, large glasses, frizzy hair, and the vestiges of teenage awkwardness. She and Tiffany had become much closer, given that everyone else on in their circles had left. “Well, it's better than not having a job at all.” Maddy said from the next cubicle over. “I mean, is it really?” Tiffany returned, the clack of the keyboard making her words harder to hear. “We sit here, type in nonsense, and then…” Her voice trailed off completely as their boss, Ms.Locke, walked by. When the sharp elder woman had moved out of range Tiffany finished. “...make sure that that old gargoyle is happy.” Maddy leaned around the cubicle, shrugged her shoulders, and said “well, it’s not like there is anything you can do about it.” Tiffany turned back around to the computer, eyes turned into a glare. “We’ll see about that!” Tiffany said with an eerie finality. The next day, as Maddy was just logging into her computer for the day’s work, a packet was slammed down on the table in front of her. “There is a way!” Tiffany’s excited voice yelled from behind her. “Read it!” Maddy glanced at the packet, it was the healthcare and disability procedures for their company. “If an employee should exceed 400 pounds, they should be considered disabled and be given all the benefits thereof.” Maddy squeaked through the corporate language. “So you’re going to get...fat?” Maddy asked cautiously. “You better believe it!” Tiffany said as she withdrew the paper. “I’m getting out of this job one way or another! And you’re helping!” And so it had began. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tiffany had started in with gusto. She would stroll into the office with at least 2 boxes of donuts that she would try to polish off as the day went on. She would enter each morning, tummy flat and perfect as always, and then leave with it protruding well over her belt line. She would often have to have Maddy keep her awake and on task, as she was prone to slipping into food comas. “Hey, hey. Look alive Tiff. Locke is coming.” Maddy said, at the end of the first month. She slapped at Tiffany’s slightly chubbier cheeks. “Urp. Not right now, Maddy. . . I’m. .. hurpp...digesting.” Tiffany said, trying to make sure that all of the food stayed down. Who knew that getting fat was so hard. Tiffany had as much trouble eating all of the sugary, salty, and fattening treats as she did keeping them down in her tiny (but growing) stomach. “What good is all this going to do you if you don’t even keep the job?!” Maddy pulled her friend, perhaps a bit stronger than needed, up into a sitting position. “Ooooohhh. I’m gonna be sick.” Tiff was turning green, it was plainly obvious that she had moved beyond her limits. Thinking quickly, Maddy pulled Tiffany up and into the restroom. “Sorry, Ms.Locke, she’s not feeling well.” Maddy yelled as Locke marched past. Once in the restroom, Maddy leaned Tiffany up against the far wall. “Ok, so this might be weird, but this is going to help.” Maddy pulled up Tiffany’s shirt, revealing the taught, red stomach beneath. She splayed her fingers against Tiffany’s stomach and began to slowly knead the belly. Tiffany and Maddy were of a comparable height (short, a bit over 5’3) so Maddy had to kneel for comfort. “You just need a little help digesting. This should at least make things more comfy.” Maddy said as she moved the round orb back and forth slowly. Tiffany, for her part, let Maddy do her work and focused on keeping her food down. When Maddy had finished and Tiffany’s stuffing sickness had subsided, the two returned to work (and Tiffany to eating). As Maddy typed she wondered, what was that? Why did I do that?. She tried to ignore the question, focus on her work, but to little success. Maddy ran through several ideas and possibilities. She finally decided that: It was just to help out Tiff, that’s it. I want to be a good friend. She clung to that, ignoring some other...more persistent ideas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those...other...ideas became more and more persistent as time passed. As Tiffany grew and fattened up, and her stomach expanded she began to drag her stuffings on into the night. Which meant that Maddy was called over later and later to Tiffany’s house. She would arrive, knock, and then wait for the groans that signaled her to enter. As she came in she would move past pizza boxes, take out food, and snack cake wrappers. “You gotta start cleaning this stuff, Tiff.” Maddy said, adjusting her glasses. “Uuuuurrrppp! I will, once I’m around the house more! First, bluurrrp, I have to get there.” Maddy rounded the corner into the bedroom and found Tiffany on the bed. Her plan, such as it was, was working. Tiffany’s small body had ballooned over the previous months. Her small stature had been a blessing, easily letting fat pad and settle evenly across her body. She was currently sucking down what appeared to be a homemade oreo shake, with a couple twinkies shoved in her bouncing bosom. She tipped the entire pitcher back, letting the thick, sweet sludge pour into her waiting maw. “O.M.G! This stuff is the best!” Tiffany belched out as the last of the shake cleared her throat. Maddy moved closer to the bed, taking of her jacket and setting it on a chair. “Jeeze, Tiff, you’re still going? You texted me like, twenty minutes ago to come over. I thought you’d have passed out by now.” Tiffany held up a finger, signaling that she would talk in a second. She buried her head in her breasts, mouth grasping for the twinkies that she had been saving. Tiffany always liked to show off when Maddy came to the house. “Urrrp! I thought so too! But, I feel like I passed a wall today. I don’t think I have limits anymore, I just keep eating and eating.” Tiffany held out her flabby arm and made a grasping motion at some boxes that were stacked beside the bed. Maddy dutifully picked them up, crawled on the bed, and handed them over to Tiffany. “Well, that’s nice. You certainly have grown.” Maddy made a sweeping motion over Tiffany’s body: pendulous breasts, heaving stomach, and thunder thighs. “How close are you?” Tiffany beamed, “No idea! After we get done here, you are going to help weigh me!” Tiffany plopped a box of snack cakes on her tummy and cracked into them. “Oh boy! Can’t wait!” Maddy squealed with girlish glee. She put her hands to her mouth immediately after though. Why did I sound like that? What is the matter with me? For all the world that was supposed to sound sarcastic. “Well, I’m glad someone’s excited. Now, help me unwrap these things. I like to eat them all in one go.” Tiffany tapped a box. Maddy, eagerly wanting to move past her excitement, dug into unwrapping the treats. She had noticed that her attitude about Tiff’s gaining was changing. Early on she was incredulous, thinking that her short blonde friend would easily burn herself out. Then she was willing to help, giving belly rubs and buying treats. Now she found herself unwrapping treats as fast as she could and piling them on her friend’s gurgling gut. Maddy finished her unwrapping and started anticipating the time when Tiffany would bear down on the food and feast. Tiffany did not disappoint. The two had made a nice pile of food on her chest and stomach, Tiffany scooped up as many as she could to her face and simply started chewing. She pulled the treats in much like a saw mill pulls in logs. Shavings of cream and crumbs smeared her face, arms, and stomach. Some of the treats inevitably slid off to the side of Tiffany, lodging themselves under her wiggling love handles. Maddy, not wanting any treats to go to waste, plucked the ones closest to her up. She tried to reach across Tiffany’s belly for the ones on the far side, but found her arms too short. To reach them she straddled her leggings and plaid skirt over Tiffany’s pelvis, and then leaned over and grabbed the wayward cakes. When she brought herself back into a sitting position, she found herself staring down at an expectant Tiffany. “Well, I could use some more.” Round fingers poked at her tummy. “If you insist…” Maddy smiled as she leaned forward to dip a treat into the fat girl’s mouth. The smooth motion of leaning forward onto Tiffany’s belly made both girls giggle. “Here’s one for piggy,” a cake entered Tiffany’s mouth. “Here’s two for piggy.” A second joined the first. “Here’s three.” The last of the cakes made it’s way into Tiffany’s gullet. “And here’s something extra.” Tiffany felt her lips meet Maddy’s. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The end of the work year was met with one resignation and one disability request. Ms.Locke had been sitting in her office, pouring over expense reports when Tiffany poured herself through the door. She had done it. And done it in record time. Tiffany had surpassed the 300 pound rule and gone up to 400, thanks to a very active Maddy. Tiffany waddled in, leggings practically screaming for her to stop and sit down, and slammed her physical down on the desk. “Ms. Locke, I regret to inform you that my weight has become a disability. As such I will have to be telecommuting from now on, as per company policy.” From behind the massive woman, Maddy appeared. “I also regret to inform you that I will be resigning, to serve as a live in nurse….for a friend.” Maddy looked down awkwardly, feeling Tiffany’s sausage fingers give a quick smack on the ass. Locke looked at the papers and glared back up into the round face of Tiffany. She was trapped. After approving the disability leave and resignation, she had a good stiff drink. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Maddy worked on clearing out their desks. Meaning that, Maddy cleaned out the desks and Tiffany tested the strength of the rolling chairs. Her ass had gotten so wide and fat that it overflowed the arm rests. Tiffany’s roly-poly arms rested more on her love handles and hips than they did any part of the chair. “I think this deserves a celebration!” Tiffany said, letting her stomach gurgle and growl. “What are you thinking?” Maddy was finishing the last of the boxes. “Oooohhh, first something fried, then something meaty, then a whole platter of desserts.” She rubbed at her forming triple chin. “I think that all sounds nice, but how about we do that quickly, then go back to your place, and I drizzle chocolate sauce on myself and…” Maddy was interrupted by a large growl from Tiffany’s stomach, a moan from Tiffany herself, and the clearing of a throat from Ms.Locke.
  6. She's drop dead gorgeous but her personality is too extra. Also, all the ghost stories are getting old fast, I have a tolerance for only so much.
  7. you know, usually I'm not into black chicks. . .but there's something different about her.
  8. it's fairly hard to be turned on when you have to hear about "systemic oppression" and "Patriarchy" all the time. Seriously, I have to sit at half chub all the way through my gender studies course. . .
  9. Yeah, cause we are all hoping she puts a lengthy discourse about race relations in the next video of her masturbating on camera. That way we can all grow a little bit as we jerkoff.
  10. *goes to her tumblr to see more, finds only shitty sjw posts instead*. Christ, why does even my fucking porn have to lecture me now.
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