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  1. “Oh yeah, just what I needed...” ;)


  2. Littlesquishbaby


    here are a few selfies of mine that are absolutely adorable! enjoy :3
  3. Hai! I had no idea that I’m able to have a blog >_< The more you know 🌈✨ Anyways, my initial goal when I began gaining was 250, I was actually scared of getting “too” big. When I hit 250, I wasn’t satisfied and thus decided to gain until 300. Now, mere pounds away from the big 3 0 0, I’m still not feeling curvy enough! Long story short, I figure that once I hit 350, I will not be ready to stop gaining; should I just change my goal to 400 lbs now? lol
  4. this one is gold 😊 I’m very proud of it!


  5. sucking in is just not a reality for me anymore


  6. weigh in: awaiting approval 😊


  7. Cece has finally made another weigh in! See how much she has gained and grown in the past month 🎉 Leave a review for an extra special video from Cece herself 😊


  8. I made another weigh in! If I have time, I’ll upload it in several hours ☺️


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