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  1. i accidentally ordered this top in the wrong size 🥺 i thought that i was a 2x.. not anymore! 

    pro tip for gaining: quit your waitressing job and keep eating whatever tf u want


  2. i just added my first coke and mentos bloat! it’s sooooo hot ;D it’s also on sale for one more day!! 


    1. SVegan


      I love 💘 your beautiful body so much 😍

    2. Littlesquishbaby
  3. join me on my first coke and mentos bloat! in this clip, i get curious as to how coke and mentos would feel inside of me. determined to find out, i tie a belt that barely fits me around my stomach and chug soda/mentos until i can’t anymore! watch my stomach grow and grow, eventually becoming too large for the belt I’ve tied around it ps- i have eyeliner on my thighs again im sorry *this clip is on sale for 5.99 until 1/21/21!* *review this clip for a creamy treat ;D*


  4. my thighs AND belly are delicious and doughy >_<  


  5. ur cyber fattie gf is SO excited to cross that 300 lb mark! if you haven’t yet, check out my first ever weigh in video! you’ll see how close to 300 i actually am 🥴


  6. finally! my first weigh in/measurement clip is HERE! see how much I weigh now that I’ve been gaining for a bit now 😊 (i was super surprised!)


  7. this was the biggest size that this set came in.. yet the bra seems to be hanging on for dear life 😝






  8. i’m about to have some mac n chz! my favoriteee >_< 



  9. i’m so in love with my new leather thigh gripsss



  10. today, i became nekosquish™️ once again and stuffed my big doughy belly with chzburgers! i was able to cram several more inside of me this time for you because i made sure to funnel my shake after eating instead of before, i hope that you are pleased! 👉🏻👈🏻 watch my gorgeous belly fill up to the absolute max in this 30 min clip full of stuffing, belly play, and squishy shenanigans >_< *leave a review for a squishy surprise! kisses!!*


  11. do you like how my fat thighs look in stockings? i was lucky to find some that barely fit me 🥴



    1. Slimdude54


      The pudge at the top of the stockings that sticks out from the stockings digging into your leg 😍

    2. Juicyangel


      Aaaah, you are so pretty!🥰👉👈

    3. Littlesquishbaby


      omg you too girl! thank you! >_<

    4. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      Isn't this a loaded question? No guy here is going to say no to fat thighs, the stockings are nice but to any normal FA their merely the wrapper  to the wonderful candy bar we really want😎

  12. You are a very sexy lady 😘

    1. Littlesquishbaby


      oh thank you!! the extra snacks are paying off, yes? >_<

  13. today i became nekosquish™️ and ate as many chzburgers as i could; but not before i funneled a large 🍓 shake! i almost gave up so many times... i stuffed myself very well in this clip 😊 if you watch closely, you will be able to see my enormous belly growing throughout the clip. i invite you to compare my belly in the beginning of the video to my belly in the end, it calls for quite the comparison! 🥴


  14. today i upped the calories in my usual wg shake and chugged it with a funnel >_< it’s definitely something i’ll need to get used to, but i’m sure this method will make gaining so much easier! watch me struggle to keep going as i have shake funneled down my throat, i didn’t know if i was going to be able to finish! it felt overwhelming, and also wonderful to have so much go inside of me at once! 🥴 review this clip for a delicious treat from yours truly 🎀 *the price of this clip will only be 1.99 for 24 hours*


  15. i just posted a super cute lil redhead shoot! go check it out 😛



    1. illvibess


      fuuuuck me.. that belly.. those thighs.. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    2. FanofBBWbellys


      Way to damn hot

    3. RabbitMagick


      so cute!!

    4. Littlesquishbaby


      @RabbitMagick o m g i just went through your whole damn prof, you are adorable!! im in love!

    5. SVegan


      I love your beautiful body ❤ 😍

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