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  1. “Cece has left us one of her best videos yet! Burping is always really hot especially when it comes from a cutie like her. The way the burps get bigger and deeper (and Cece's look of surprise!) towards the end is really hot too. And as usual, the costume, belly play, and fat chat are top notch! Buy this clip, and Cece, keep videos like this  coming and I am sure you will have many loyal buyers — especially me!”


  2. good morning! watch me burp(:


    1. jennifersbody


      where is this shirt from omg!

    2. kawaiipiggy


      @jennifersbody dolls kill((:

  3. i have been so obsessed with wings lately !


    1. jj22


      You look so pretty!  And what a perfect body!!

  4. this picture is slightly derpy but look at my chubby arm! ^~^


    1. Doc Mo

      Doc Mo

      I can’t help but stare at your boob spilling out!! Amazing picture! 🥵 🤤 

    2. Earthisfat


      Ahh! It’s so sexy how big ur getting and ur tit spilling out is hyponizting me

  5. wow!!!! this one already has a few nice reviews : p



  6. You didn't used to be mykawaiifatbelly did you? If not you seriously have her belly and shape! 😍

  7. my belly looks so soft when i am touching it 🌸


    1. Ghist211


      Dude I'm so jealous that I don't to touch it too 😡


      I so really wanna touch it 🤗💖

    2. Doc Mo

      Doc Mo

      Your belly looks so soft always!!

  8. fishnets look so cute on chubby bodies!


    1. Kakarot77


      You absolutely right not sure "chubby" is the operative word for your Beautiful frame anymore tho 😉😅🤣😍

    2. Ghist211


      Especially on you 😍💕💖

  9. a cute pic where my belly looks large + my latest clip ❤️



    1. Earthisfat


      Ur such a cute piggy 🐷 

  10. my chair barely survived this(;


    1. Bellygazerpics


      Great angle and that jiggle was super sexy! 😍😍

    2. AndrewRussell


      You can always try this on me if your chair breaks! 😂

  11. a few more 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 reviews for this one(:


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