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  1. FatSelkie

    Fat Girlfriend

    Hey peeps i've started to create a comic about a lesbian couple, silv and Potat. One of them have a fat fetish ^^ ! It's gonna be a comic about slice of life and struggle as a fat person. It's gonna be very cute, wholesome and...empowering for fat girl 🥰 It's been a while that i want to create something cute while celebrating fat woman. Hope you will like it ! I'll try to post each week a new stripe !
  2. Hello my lovely people, hope you have a great day so far !

    I just posted some new content on my page, if you want to take a look hehe 🤗

    It's was my first time with my new set up, definitely a huge improvement from before ! But, I need to find better background and find new cute idea 💡 And it's my first time showing more of my face !.... Well, with a mask on, but I like to keep the mystery around my chubby face hehehe In fact, I kinda want that cow mask to become my new signature. I always feel that cows have been the most close representation of myself 🐮

    I would gladly appreciate some ideas from my viewers. What thing do you like ? I know you like my fat belly (hehe), but what do you find especially hot ? Let me know !

    PS: Do you like my new avatar and banner ? 


  3. A selection of pictures of me showing my plump body all around while wearing a cute daisy outfit. Enjoy the big Belly ! 😘


  4. A video of me caressing my curves while taking the time to feel the heaviness of my tummy. 👼


  5. Hey peeps ❤ Sorry for my absence, I've been very busy with work 🥲

    BUUTTTT, I've bought some new tool to make better picture ! Gonna try to make more spicy picture with it 😇

    Here a peek a boo from my soft belly !






  6. Hello peeps :D ! Hope you have nice day so far hehe !

    I'VE FINALLY START MY COMIC 🥰 It's about a lesbian couple and one of them have a little fetish. Guess which one 😏 hehe

    I will create a special gallery for that !

    Here a little picture of my glorious plumb belly





  7. Hello everyone ! Hope you have a nice summer so far hehe ❤️🥰

    The heat here is pretty intense, the less clothes i wear, better i feel ^^"

    Here a little peekaboo of my belly under my dress 😉






    1. brandon34


      just awesome 

  8. Hello everyone, hope you feeling well so far ^^

    Lately it's been a roller coster about my self-esteem. Sometime i love my fat body, and sometime i hate it.

    I need to feel that i can be fat and active. It's so important to me to feel i can do the thing i love.

    This weekend i visit a beautiful waterfall in a mountain with my GF. Of  course i was a bit clumsy because of my fat body, but i was so happy to be capable of exploring  !

    Tonight i feel happy and proud of my body ❤️





    1. SilverPathfinder


      Watching your deliciously plump self climbing those rocks on the river bank was both one the hottest and one the scariest things I could imagine. I am happy we went there and gave your big bum a good workout :3

      Now I really need a cat PJ to match this cow set ^^

    2. FatSelkie


      Awww luv you my love ❤️😽🐮

    3. Brapskie


      You look Amazing! I’m sure you are the sexiest hiker on the trails!

  9. Hi everyone -^^- Hope you have a good day so far !

    Still working on my drawing to start doing my comic ^^ !

    Here some picture of my rolls as usual ❤️





    1. Fit2Stuffed


      How can I get that big haha?

  10. Hello lovely people ! Long time no see ❤️

    I gain a little bit of weight during the last month, i couldn't work out because of an accident 😖 so i just kinda eat too much huhuhu but still, i like my lovely curve. Stay tuned for my new picture and project who will come at the end of april ✌️ have a nice evening ❤️







    1. Doc Mo

      Doc Mo

      I’m so sorry to hear about the accident. But I’m very much enjoying ogling the collateral!

    2. FatSelkie


      Hehe thank you ❤️ being soft is always nice 🤗

  11. Good afternoon everyone, hope you feeling great ^^

    Today was a great day ! Lot of work, but have enough energy to work out ^^ Now i will cook some delicious pad thai, with A LOT of peanut heheheh 🥰 

    Here a little picture of my rolls for yah ❤️

    Stay tune for my future clip 😘




  12. Good afternoon everybody ! Hope you have a great day ^^

    I have a pretty rough day, a lot of work ^^"

    But tomorrow i'm gonna cook some Bortsh and Kimchi 🥰

    Gonna play a little bit at Vermitide ❤️


  13. Happy sunday everyone :D !

    i've cook a delicious breakfast today -^^- feeling full and content 👍😖 eat well everybody and take care of yourself :D


  14. I LOVE ANIME ❤️ i have a crunchyroll account hehehe 😋 thank you so much for the support 🥰
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