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  1. Wow 😍😍😍 I love how fat that belly is,and those thighs making your legs spread further apart.Cant wait till the day you have gotten sooo fat that your belly has eventually flowed in between your thighs,forming much bigger lovehandles and your booty buldging out of the chair 😍😍😁
  2. Damn that belly is looking beautifully soft 😍😍😍 Keep it up Candii! 👏
  3. How many pizzas can you fit in by now? 😁 Soooo jigglelicious 😍
  4. What a nice squeeze of fat 😍 Looks so sexy on you 😍❤
  5. Oh hell yes 😍😍 Somewhere very romantic but also delicious to eat.And i would tell you all about myself,while i stare at you,enjoying every mouthfull and watching dress getting tighter 😉😍❤❤❤
  6. @Cookie_BBW 💜You look so beautiful 😍 only wish more women here in my country follow your net set standard for the term beauty.You are incredible.Have a wonderful day 😘
  7. Wish a hottie like you could rip her pants with her massive booty in front of me 😍 i would just end up staring.
  8. OMG 😳 look at that belly buldge.You have really outdone yourself GGG.This is mind blowing sexy 😍😍😍 You two are hot,but you are way hotter 😄😍
  9. Oh what i would give to wake up next to you and give you breakfast in bed along with a belly rub 🤤😍😍😍
  10. Bigger is better they always say 😉 Those killer curvy hips of yours looks awesome 😍
  11. Oh and we love chunky 😍 and even bigger 😍😍
  12. Wow GGG looks so much fatter against the other cutie 😍
  13. Still getting there..


    1. BBWLover312


      Luv that belly hang !

    2. Sweettooth83


      Haha glad to hear im getting a belly hang 😍

  14. Oh yes please do,i will be waitingfor that gut to overflow my face 😍
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