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  1. Holy sh!t 😲 Those hips are so hot!And wide.Wish i could dance along behind you,placing my hands on those lovehandles of yours 😍😍😍
  2. Mmmm that settles it then 😁 Nothing like a great sunny day before winter settles in properly,along with a great braai(bbq) 🥰 would love to.
  3. Looking absolutely out of this world 😍🥰 I would braai for you anytime 😉😄
  4. Wow all those lovely buldges 😍😍😍 Damn that is a tough question,cause you look sexy in any scene,and angle 😉😄 tight jeans to show your sexy booty and crop top to display your beautiful hanging belly again ❤❤❤
  5. Wouldnt mind having that booty on my lap 🥰😍
  6. If only i could wraps my arms to give you a hug,but not just that but to feel how soft and squeshy you are 🥰🥰😍
  7. Yip sadly its still not a favourable look here to most 😞 Wish it was.Dont get me wrong,i respect all women.But i just feel that bbw deserve a chance in this world,where they are just as hot and sexy.But im glad and soooo happy to see that you have learned to love yourself for who you are.And that says alot,and that i have alot of respect for 😘 Women like you deserve all the love and respect 🤗
  8. My goodness 😲 my jaw just dropped of her beauty.What a nice soft...round...wobble belly.You are such a goddess Sultry! And admire from you from every angle 🥰 If more ladies in South Africa can follow your lead.Absolutely beautiful ❤❤❤❤
  9. Simply amazing!You got my head spinning 😁😍
  10. Oh my 😳🤤😍 Where am i gonna get space for this meal 🤣 Damn delicious i'll tell you that..lekker!
  11. I hear ya,not really my cup of coffee either.Life is way to hectic to even be a party goer.Love to chill,be still and have a relaxing time on weekends,walk around and try to enjoy and take in.
  12. Look breath takingly hot 😍😍😍 Absolute goddess 😉
  13. Nah nothing much really.Just chilling and watching some good old movies.Hope you have an awesome party tonight 😊
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