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  1. Leeds

    Gainingpear thread?

    Wait, somaiscool1000, the persian girl reappeared with new pics??
  2. Leeds

    Four Christmases - By Kid A

    Great story of course but something of note that's kinda of coincidental, this thread was posted in the pics section From the jet black hair, the oily face in the last pic, she resembles the girl I think you're trying to describe, no?
  3. Leeds

    My long sims4 weight gain story

    This is sublime. Melinda just seems to keep getting heavier and heavier. Also love your consistent and quick updates!
  4. Leeds

    Kelley Carter

    She tried losing But the pounds came back with a serious vengeance. For her to step out in that outfit, let alone go to a public speaking event, kinda tells you what percentage of clothing she can actually fit in that are in her closet.
  5. Leeds

    Alex LaRosa

    something something marriage=fat wife, amirite @KFD ??
  6. Leeds

    Dangerous Curves

    This is amazing
  7. Leeds

    Lveevids aka Lexi Venom

    I'll def be subscribing to her p.a.t.r.e.o.n
  8. Leeds

    Who is this?

    By far one of the best gains I've seen on this site. Sucks the updates are few and far in between though. I wonder if she intentionally gained the weight, doubt it though.
  9. Leeds

    Correct tone vs humiliation

    I'm so confused here. Probably should have added in a good way at the end of the last sentence of my original post lol. I don't know if you are mad at me for saying Katie got fat for money or Katie doesn't like being fat. Nonetheless, you didn't really argue my points, you literally just made excuses for her. You've gotten 1 year and change worth of vids of near size 20 Katie Cummings. Please stop being naive as to think she isn't going to lose most of this weight soon thru surgery or natural. For you to suggest that I have any blame for Katie losing weight or not doing fetish videos is very weird.
  10. I just find it hilarious how she packed on the pounds quick and easy for money through the fetish cartel vids thinking that she'd be able to lose the weight just as easily . Now she's too prideful and won't do anymore cartel vids lol. She's probably close to the inevitable Dr. Miami visit but I'll always remember these 2 years where she clearly let greed(through money and food) get the best of her.
  11. Leeds

    Latecia Thomas

    Damn she def gained weight
  12. It looks like she is wearing a fat suit damn
  13. Leeds

    Cleo Fernandes

    Judging from this vid shot in September, Cleo has gotten a lot chunkier. Mayara Russi comes on right after and Cleo looks as big if not bigger than her.
  14. Leeds

    Female wrestlers

    Uhh I don't watch wrestling really at all anymore but found out about Nia Jax recently. And I'm just watching this match and seeing how slow and non-agile she is. Is she just bad at wrestling or horribly out of shape. I understand she's the bigger one but still. Maybe its just the gimmick for her idk. Also she def gained a lot from her NXT debut.
  15. Leeds

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Awww man, someone actually asked for this. Lemme tell you about 4 or 5 years ago, all the episodes could be found on some tv website but were abruptly pulled. I somehow managed to find them on a Malaysian website a while back that didn't allow grabbing videos so I had to record it. I pulled I think four different girls(none of them that girl though, sorry). I'll have a link soon