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  1. could you make a video of you trying on old lacrosse uniforms?
  2. Anyone have her new insta posts?
  3. Could you do things like sit ups push ups jumping jacks and other simple exercises? Show how out of shape you have gotten!
  4. Nice12345

    Malu Trevejo

    She recently got surgery and stopped working out regularly and has got a lot bigger. Don’t have pics but she squeezes her new belly on he insta stories sometimes. If anyone had any pics that would be great!
  5. If you do end up doing a workout video, could you also oil your belly up afterwards?
  6. What kind of sports did you play? And when was the last time you exercised and did you have more difficulty with it?
  7. Any Updates? Hope you guys had a happy new year!
  8. Does she seem to be into it at all? Or does she still want to lose it. And if she wanted to, do you think she even could at this point?
  9. Has she tried to workout since gaining? And if not has she ever gotten out of breath from doing anything like walking up stairs?
  10. Any clue how much she was and how much she is now?
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