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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm let me think, that's getting philosophical 🧐🤔..... It must be your chin got a touch softer right???
  2. She looks literally like she's wearing a cheap fat suit. Snorlax vibes. (and it's beautiful still of course)
  3. Cope tbh. She knows bigger is better but probably got sick for a bit
  4. This really puts into perspective she's really become a true gorgeous fat lady. Look at that tub of lard and trunk thighs
  5. You look like you're exhausted carrying a heavy backpack on your torso... And I guess you are!
  6. She's a real plush fat lady now and it's gorgeous. Look how her butt is sticking out now plus that belly hang! She looks heavy
  7. Everything from her chubby cheeks to curled nose to double chin to teeth and lips to her very plush pillowy figure are perfect here! 😳 Definitely this is a shot like you want to embrace her for hours.
  8. Don't you feel just a little ashamed posting this kind of stuff, like what if your parents found it?
  9. Butterball. And she knows it and loves it that she could kill a man by tripping on him
  10. Remember Carmen likes to perform slight tricks like fish eye camera lens in many shots. I'm not saying she's going to lie about being 400,and in fact based on her kind of wild personality it IS possible she could really push herself, but yeah most likely optimistic scenario I see based off Occam's Razor is she comes back at like ~330 in the next month or so with a promise to reach 400 soon(tm). If she does really bust her metabolism though then yippee she is a total legend! If she stays the same well, at least she is already a walking tub of lard.
  11. Casual dress really shows off how fat she is to a plain eye now. Like you would see her as a mom on the bus
  12. Thanks for the effort - you really put into perspective just how fat she's gotten! Honestly an underrated gain. I would love to know her measurements now, she's so round. Also it's funny she's gained much more in not too long than even most models who know this fetish hahaha
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