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  1. Thinking about posting videos! What would you all like to see? 🕶🤳🏼 



    1. buck_sumo


      Would love to see a stuffing with sweets (donuts or cake) ☺️

    2. marissngzz
    3. imp


      Reality. Just tell us and show us what it's like to gain weight, and to want to gain weight, and to enjoy the process.

  2. who wants to feed me? 🤪🐽



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Emmaaa


      wow 💜

    3. fattony20


      I mean all of us! Haha.  Are you looking to get a little chunky?

    4. John Smith

      John Smith

      Unless you're seeking for a primary feeder, no one. Technically wise.


      The profits you'll earn from your content, coupled by a few financially-wise online monetizing outputs here and there and your own, must I say, appealing marketing set, could easily afford you from feeding yourself with little concern about your incomes for the next couple of months to come.

      I mean for somebody of your likeness, coupling yourself with a traditional feeder might be either for the less-distanciatingly ludic thrill from being at the mercy of a partner whose purpose is to turn you into a quivering pool of blubber, or to just magnify your incomes without any ill accustion aside. Unless this is just one of those marketing tactics to stir up the swarming masses of lustful fans and desesperate simps competing around for your pretty eyes. :)


      Oh well, forgive my lack of manners: I am John Smith, the annoying Canadian nerd-slash-philanderer-slash-feeder-in-sabbatical who's mostly always right about everything and speak in a broken King's English riddled with Gallicisms and jiving. You gotta probably like me. Welcome on Curvage and nice to meet you. What are your bodyweight goals?

    5. marissngzz


      You’re right @John Smith I do like you! 

    6. Bearjew


      Damn where do I sign up gorgeous?

    7. buck_sumo


      Wow! You are absolutely breathtaking!

      Welcome to Curvage, looking forward to seeing more of you 😊

  3. 🏻😎


    1. lexxyy


      Um wow.. okay.. 😍

      I've been meaning to go to that store 😅

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