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  1. I can't believe how big her thighs have become! What are you feeding her?
  2. "I'm kinda feeling strange with this trend though. There's so many fit girls that let herself go and are confident these days. But my personal taste I prefer that sense of embarrassment and guilt haha." The internet givith, and the internet taketh away
  3. Will you also visit me too if offer you enough food to fill that big belly? Assuming that much food exists
  4. No I'm pretty sure this is true. Kevin Spaceyes insisted on being it, and Patrick Stewart is playing the Villan.
  5. She looks a little bigger to me which is good for us but bad for her cardio haha
  6. I heard she lost a leg in the war and stopped modeling :/
  7. 2 1)Student(Biology) 2)In between skinny and husky 3) I have a s.o. she knows about my fetish but doesn't go out of her way to indulge it. That being said she does enjoy food;). 4) No 5)I would rather start with a skinny girl. You never know where they are gonna put on weight 6)I think as long as I've been sexually mature I've known. But my first memory was when the librarian read us the lady who swallowed the fly(and everything else) haha
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