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  1. Vronbane

    How to slow her metabolism

    Awesome. Thank you all for the great input. Time alone will tell what results these changes might yield...
  2. So I've got this girl who, over these past few months, I have gradually convinced to gain weight. She seems to enjoy the reaction it invokes and the sort of submissive role she takes as my feedee. We have weigh ins every so often and she meets these goals with an eagerness to match her increasingly voracious appetite. However, as the number increases it seems her metabolism is set on making this more challenging. Currently she is at 190, up thirty pounds in about four months. I was curious what foods or actions we could take to make our way into the 200 range and over come the issue of her pesky metabolism.
  3. Vronbane

    Post-Orgasm Psychology

    I'd honestly say there must be something you heard to wrap a sense of guilt around masturbation from your childhood.
  4. Vronbane

    never knew..

    Damned straight, Baby Doll. Tell me all about it