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  1. Hey!! How are things looking for this next year for you? :)

    1. gorJESS


      Things are looking pretty delicious actually. I'm in a new place and the food is SO damn good. A girl could get pretty fat down here.... 😉

    2. ILoveBigBootyGirls


      Ohh boy!! :) Get all the food and gain gain gain jess! A special girl like you should get really fat ❤️ 

  2. Hey candii, hope you will decide to gain a lot more soon!! We all would love to see you hit 260-270. But, ig I'm speaking for myself hahah :) have a spectacular christmas!

  3. Hey, could someone do me a quick favor? I absolutely love the "Instant girl weight gain art" but can't find too many. Could someone please DM or reply to this and send as many as you can find? You're super awesome and I'm very grateful for this awesome community! Thanks in advance! I owe ya

  4. Hey does anyone have any more photos of dj Hannah b? I’d appreciate it thanks! ❤️




    1. KineticAesthetic


      She is one of the hottest women alive

    2. ILoveBigBootyGirls


      Yesss ik. But do u know where I can find more pics???

  5. Hey everyone, do y'all know who this is? I found her on Disc and am hoping to know more about her. Thanks so much!


    image1 (1).PNG


  6. Hey :) I'm looking for a bbw girl to chat with, I'm seriously a honest guy just wanting to chat with a big fat girl. Plz message my # and NO FAKE GIRLS PLZ. that's kinda weird. 941-677-3320

  7. Can someone please do a weight gain morph to this pic of my girlfriend so that I can see what she needs to look like in the next couple months?? Also please comment on this on what you think I should buy for her to fatten her up and places I should take her. All the help is greatly appreciated!! image.png

    1. Lunchtime
    2. ILoveBigBootyGirls


      oh SHIT! She's def gonna need to gain some more weight :) Thanks man i rlly appreciate it!

  8. Guys should I fatten up my curvy girlfriend??? ❤️  image.png

    1. Valkon


      yes without a doubt



    2. ILoveBigBootyGirls


      I def agree. However, she's fixed on this whole I gotta have the perfect stomach look. I think she should just gain 20-30lbs and see how she likes it... Does anyone have anything fattening or places I should take her to fatten her???

  9. Also, do ANY of yall know who this is??? image.thumb.png.1e664b3a045a616239757b9ae910c246.png

  10. Hey everyone, just asking a friendly favor :) Does anyone know who this is? If you know, can u possibly tell me where to find her, more pics, and more abt her and stuff? THANKS!! She's really fucking hot ngl ahaha 😍



    1. Derkaderka100


      That's Isabella from **, she stopped making videos back in 2015.. Honestly she's probably one of my fav stuffers of all time... If you watch her videos closely especially the last couple she's not as engaged in the stuffing as her older videos which leaves me to believe she truly lost interest from stuffing all together... Even if she lost weight I'd still love to see more content from her but sadly she moved on 😭😭😭

    2. Derkaderka100


      S. T. U. F. F. E. R. 3. 1.

    3. ILoveBigBootyGirls


      Dam😪  Wish she was still stuffing and gaining weight. I'd love to see where she's at now, if she is at all still gaining :( Thanks for letting me know tho

  11. Beautiful fat body is for sure!!! I cannot wait to see how big you're gonna get and how fat that belly and soft it'll be!!❤😍😭😍❤❤
  12. Hey y'all, I've been trying to find more of her and I don't know who she is. Does ANYONE know who??? Please comment and/or dm me and give me more information lol. She's pretty fucking hot 😍



    1. Loves2spooge


      It’s Eden from **

    2. Loves2spooge


      S t u f f e r 3 1

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