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  1. My pants almost didnt button today in another week or so i should be able to do a button popping video
  2. First set of pics are out and i also have videos from when i first started to gain to when i came back and started posting again
  3. Day 1 week 2. Im drinking my first shake now with chinese on the way. Sweet and sour chicken. I will weigh my self later if i have time and remember. Dont forget the photo set is up and i hope a video sometime this week ...
  4. Set of pictures are up... This morning when i put my pants on they almost didnt button. I just got these pants right before christmas. Oh well thank god i already have backups.
  5. Week one of drinking weight gainer shakes and trying to stuff as much as i can. Can you see the difference? I can feel it and its making me so wet 💦


  6. Im about to upload a set ... Its of photos for right now it will include these photos here plus another like 15+ from yesterday and today which i just took. I also just stuffed myself.
  7. Day 5 missing 2 days because i got busy and was unable to make the shakes but today i made up for it by stuffing my self and making a high and i mean like 1500 calorie shake and eating a full gyro and fries and 6 cheese sticks these photos are the after math
  8. What i look like now at 208 and drinking my first mass gain shake of the day (i really dont eat that much) idk what my goal really is its more based on look and feel




    1. degek2001


      Wow, someone is getting fat! So nice your tummy. Mmmm. ❤️ 

  9. So i want to start a thing where i upload once a week of me through the week bloating/drinking mass gainer shakes. I dont eat much through the day so this will be the best bet for me to gain or even try to put any weight on. Although through the 60 pounds ive put on through the years has made a huge impact on how horny ive become and how i basically get off every time i eat. I wonder how long it will take me to get to weight goal?😳 i will also upload photos and gifs in this forum not fair if all cant see some
  10. Ive been so horny since ive started gaining.. But im growing so slow 😞 i want stretch marks all over my belly. I want to completely lose sight of my toes. Help me grow baby😘




    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You seem to be on the right way to make your wishes to come true.

    2. drax5903


      Pop open those jeans and then we'll talk 😉

  11. New long clip of me bloating while having my belly played with is now out go check it out 😊

  12. New video is uploaded and waiting for approval.. Its a longer one compared to normal and more photos too


  13. i did a coke and mentos bloat as my feeder plays with my belly. I want to grow i want you to have to wait on me hand and foot never having to move a muscle. Feed me make me grow.


  14. I still have a video that hasnt been bought yet and its been up for a bit.. Why dont you go try to be the first to see it 🙂 also i play on doing a vide tomorrow 

    1. Bristol


      you were also love the name ... love the office

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