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  1. oh yeah, i like the fact that you drink (both carbonated stuff and alcohol in general), but i wouldn't want to abuse those things, especially if you've had problems in the past. in Italy generally the quality of food and alcohol I think is higher than American standards (we have a very high average age in Italy), while soda and coke are more or less like yours (even if we don't have all those super sweet variations that there are in America). Even the most caloric foods in Italy are all at high quality standards: they are artisanal, not packaged and with local products (dairy products, frying, sugars, etc.). Anyway, I am happy if you eat, are soft and drink a little, however, like everyone, I am only concerned about health given your past experiences. I hope you don't find this intrusive message or that I want to moralize you.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. You are really super nice and also very brave to show yourself so transparently. I am sorry for all your difficulties and for the problems these substances have given you (I don't even know half of these pills / drugs, I am very ignorant on the subject). But I recommend, now only water, coke and little else! You must be fine !!
  3. but what a girl you were! From these photos you look like one of those dark girls with a slightly punk soul and very artistic. How were you as a student? And how were you in general as a teenager? It's so nice to see these things too, our photographs are very intimate memories to show. Happy you share them with us. PS: you were a very pretty little girl now, although many things have changed, as it should be, but you are really beautiful (when you were young you didn't have the big hips and thighs you do now)
  4. You are truly magnificent. tanning enhances you. I don't know if you've really lost that little bit of weight the way you really wanted to, but you're really awesome. The love handles make you cozy and super soft, thanks to your skin too. a little selfishly, I hope those love handles become even more; but the truth is, you're already too awesome for us. Thanks so much for everything
  5. the return of the sweetest of curvage. Beautiful as always
  6. Hey!! then I'll explain my personal opinion: In my opinion there are two types of fetish, one related only to the burps female in itself and one related to Belly stuffing, weight gain etc. I am part of both categories I think ahaha, because I like that a girl burps (I can't tell you why, perhaps because it contrasts with your gentle bearing) obviously always in private and not in public; but a girl who all becomes even more beautiful when she eats or gains weight or even when she drinks enough, because it is the "concretization" of the act, like unbuttoning your jeans. I don't know if you find it disgusting or not, I, I repeat, I find it exciting and also a gesture of confidence. Sure it's a bit unusual fetish but a fetish is unusual in itself for those who don't like that particular thing (for example, I wonder what's so beautiful about looking at female feet, yet it's much more common than burps or belly stuffing; every person has their own fixations) I think it's a harmless fetish. Having said that, if you want to bring this type of content, we could only be happy; if you don't feel like it, that's not a problem, we support you as always. Excuse the personal and embarrassing question, if you don't want to answer, don't worry, on the contrary I apologize in advance for the confidence: do you usually burp? That is, is it easy for you, or can't you / you never want to do it? For example, I don't know how to make them, I don't. Sorry for writing so much. PS: how do you always look prettier? ☺️
  7. but what a slut's dress! Instead it seems to me really very cute and graceful, light and not vulgar. You look really great, it enhances you and, given your impressive physique, you will not go unnoticed. In addition to beautiful breasts, it falls very well on your hips and in my opinion, even from behind, you can see the remarkable ass you are doing.
  8. this hair is very beautiful! anyway yes, your butt is getting thicker, like that of those who work out and put on mass
  9. it is important that you feel lighter, to be really light! oh, interesting this roleplaying game, I'm glad he's a sweet person. I wait patiently and excitedly for new content, of all kinds, super made up or without even a veil of makeup, it's like seeing you from different angles and with different "souls". Personally I see that your ass has made a major change, but at the cost of looking boring, I repeat that you are all beautiful; from hair (your most colorful part, but did you always wear it very long?) to feet (small like you); each part has its own beauty. Excuse me, it looks like I'm analyzing you ...
  10. Hey Hello. Welcome back. you were right to take a break. Simple photos are always the most effective. You seem like a shy little girl at times. I really like this thing. You think you are gaining too much weight, do you agree with your photographer? I don't know if you ate or not in this break, you look like our usual pretty model! You look very beautiful in these simple photos and you look very fluffy. Ah, I obviously hope you're okay.
  11. I respond to these photos but at the same time also to the outburst you wrote later. In these photos in sports lingerie, you look really cool. Really, you are a bomb (in the positive sense of the word). One small comment in particular: your boobs don't look huge, they really are (sometimes it seems like bras are asking to be released); your legs are great, they are really thick and in harmony with the ass; then one thing that I personally love is the softness of the arms and hips, which you feel during the hugs, are an explosion of softness. You know, it looks like you're a sporty girl, not because of the lingerie, but because of how thick you are. In the last month, at least in my opinion you seem thicker but less swollen, like a sportswoman who trains but eats a lot. I don't know, maybe it's the legs that seem to me to have become "strong". In recent times, I personally see more clearly that you have gained weight, but do not be scared, I do not mean that you are fat (as for example other models are here), but only that I find you really beautiful and also more curvy distributed throughout the body (repeat really wonderful legs and ass). I am also happy with the smile you have, which is worth more than anything. Ah and as for what you wrote next: this is your space, your game room, you can and should feel free to do all the content you want. You are a very helpful model and most of us respect and love you. However you are becoming more and more beautiful, I did not think you could do this path that you are doing.
  12. How do you think it was possible to lose some weight? Are you gaining weight alone or is a doctor following you? You were fantastic 50 pounds ago, you are wonderful now, at 250 pounds who knows what it will be like. Are you going to continue? It's impressive that you look less fat than your weight says. You might still look like a bbw even with an Ssbw weight. Have you ever thought about making a video in which, in addition to eating, you drink until you get **? You are fantastic
  13. This dress make you An Arabic princess. I Don't know if you seem a little porker, maybe after food! But, of sure, you're amazing! YoU re a a Mediterranean girl
  14. Good,I am happy fort you. This is beautiful. You and nature are amazing. How are you after this moment?
  15. Hi Reiina, I've been following you from the first weight gain. In a few months you have gained a lot of weight. Why did you decide to gain so much weight in a short time? Was it something you wanted or did you make money faster than you thought? Then I wanted to ask you if you have a weight goal and if your day and your daily life has been influenced a lot by this change and what friends and family tell you about this change. Anyway I consider you really beautiful. You have super soft shapes and a lovely little face (You have super soft skin and you get fat in a way that is not flabby at all). I would also be happy if you would like to answer this curiosity: there was a moment, a filling of food you made, when you thought "I really exaggerated, I feel bad" burping all the time or in any case that made you think not to do it anymore (obviously then resting is passed or not). Thank you very much, sorry if I asked all these questions, if you want to answer, I would be very happy. You are beautiful and a true professional. Keep it up!
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