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  1. I look forward to it! Stories are an oft neglected part on here. 😉
    Wow. What an epic vid. That meal is devoured with pure gusto. Easily a 5-star rating! Get it now.
  2. Haha I'd love to see some of the crazy things people send too!
    This is a high quality clip! The 4 Bs (BELLY, boobs, butt and burps) are all well represented in this taco take down that took her tummy to terrific tautness. Maybe next time you should give the girls on top more room to work with lol. I look forward to the next stuffing!
  3. Wow. That sucks. One thing though... please try to get the wisdom tooth sorted out asap. I had a similar issue and I ended up in the hospital because I kept ignoring it... not fun at all and even less fun during pandemic time (less visitors and all that). I buy a few vids a month, and I love supporting you all. I really hope things work out for you!
    Wow. There is a lot of serious stuffing going on in this video! gorJESS gorges those sliders like they're almost nothing! She keeps pushing past the point of fullness and expands her belly wonderfully! There were a couple of gags but everything pretty much stayed inside her tummy. There are also a lot of burps for those who like them. Also, the commentary is hilarious! I look forward to the day when gorJESS gorges two of those boxes and takes up more room while doing it! 5 stars
    Wow. What a video. I usually speak about the 3B's but now I have to speak about the 4B's: boobs, butt, BELLY, and BURPS. There are some really lovely burps throughout this video. There is a great deal of glorious gluttony in this video as well. Truly masterful work, though I wish you had stood up for us to see the full after-effects of the White Caste binge, but I assume that you were too stuffed to stand up afterwards. 6/5 stars!!!
    Wow. This video was epic. Everything is lovely here: 1. The 3 Bs: boobs, booty and WOW, belly. 2. That mac and cheese looked so delicious! This vid is both extremely hot and hunger-inducing. It's like you have that recipe down to a science! 3. The gluttony: you pushed the limits! 4. The commentary: your voice is lovely and the descriptions are on point. I look forward to the day when you can consume double this! Easy 5 stars.
  4. It bothers me ever so slightly that there is one single sausage link remaining. I wonder what happened to it?
  5. There is a word(s): hip dips. Searching #hipdips on Instagram should be fulfilling to you 😉
    This video has everything: 1. Lovely outfit (I'm a chemist by profession - and I work in a lab - so this video crosses all kinds of wires in my brain haha) 2. Gluttony (that's a large number of donuts you've eaten there...) 3. Lovely round belly 4. Wonderful boobs 5. Cool concept 6. Humour 7. Unbuttoning What else do you need? Buy this vid. (Edit: I look forward to the pizza 'version' of this vid)
  6. I'm new, or rather a returner. I look forward to enjoying this site and making a few friends!
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