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  1. Author’s Note: First of all sorry for the long time between chapter updates, life has been crazy hectic the last several months. Also thanks to those of you who messaged me or commented on here how you appreciate the story, it really helps out and I'm sorry I couldn't respond because I wasn't sure when I would be able to finally get this out! Anyway without further ado, the next chapter! Chapter 9 Jack could only stare at Tessa for a full minute, hardly able to believe this was actually happening. He shook his head as if expecting her to disappear...but much to his delight she was definitely still there, all 400 plus pounds of her. He could see every delicious pale white inch of her without a stitch of clothing, her wobbling double chin, her wide, vast belly, and most notably her ultra thick ass and thunder thighs. He’d seen more than enough of her to know this was definitely her, Tessa Baumgardner. Of course every guy likes to fantasize that this sort of thing would happen, that they would come home to find one of their favorite porn stars in their bed, naked and waiting for them. Having it actually happen however seemed so unlikely though that nobody actually believed it would really happen in real life. Yet here she was, Tessa Baumgardner, the woman he and his wife had watched countless times right there in front of him on his bed. Tessa just smiled at him, enjoying his stunned reaction for a while before finally saying with a sly grin on her fat face, “hello Jack.” “He-Hello,” He stammered out. “I’m told you're a big fan of mine,” Tessa said, “and my huge ass.” At that Tessa slapped her enormous bum, causing it to ripple and shake. He’d seen such an action from Tessa countless times, but it was a very different story seeing it right in front of him without the need for a computer screen. “That’s right,” Jack agreed nervously, “both me and my wife are.” At that, he was reminded of his wife...and the fact that she had been the one to make this happen. He should have just concluded the obvious, that his wife Carly was the most amazing wife that ever lived for doing this for him, which she already was even before pulling this off, but in truth... This actually made him worried. While obviously it was many a married man’s secret fantasy that his wife would set up him with having sex with another woman, he loved Carly enough to think more about her than his own desires in this moment. Call him stupid for not taking advantage, but still he couldn’t help but think on it. Was she doing this because she was having inadequacy issues, like she still wasn’t big enough for him and so was setting him up with a truly fat enough woman, a woman that she knew he liked? Was it because she felt like he deserved more than just her and her alone? Even with Tessa literally being placed right in front of him, he couldn’t act on anything until speaking with his wife. Tessa seemed to notice his reluctance as she guessed why and explained, “it’s okay, your wife gave us full permission to do whatever it is you want, and after hearing about just how great of a guy you are from your wife, and seeing just how cute you are in real life, I’m definitely going to enjoy this too.” She gave him a wink that only caused a certain part of his anatomy to make a sudden lurch. Oh, this woman...He thought. If there was any woman he would want other than his wife it would be this one and it took some self restraint not to just rip off his clothes right now and have his way with her. Yet he couldn’t in good conscience do that. Jack finally admitted, “don’t get me wrong, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had happen to me, I can’t believe that you of all women are right here in front of me but...I still won’t do anything until I talk to Carly.” Tessa seemed surprised but smiled and nodded and told him, “very admirable, you must really love your wife.” “More than anything,” Jack told her, “even when she was skinny I still thought she was the most beautiful and amazing woman, and she gets more and more beautiful everyday and that isn’t just because she keeps gaining weight.” “I wish the guys and girls that I’ve dated loved me like that,” Tessa replied as she ran a hand down her obese body, “all of me, both on the inside and out. Maybe they are just intimidated by my size or maybe it’s all the other problems wrong with me.” Tessa suddenly looked rather self-conscious and vulnerable, which caused his heart to go out to her. “I can’t imagine anything wrong with you, you’re breathtakingly beautiful, smart, and just absolutely incredible, I still can’t believe you haven’t found anyone yet who would be more than happy to treat you with all the love and care you deserve,” Jack insisted. Tessa smiled widely, greatly appreciating all the compliments as she replied, “I can see now what your wife sees in you. Well I guess maybe you’re right, I just haven’t found the right person yet,, at least not one that isn’t already happily married.” He noticed her insinuation with her final remark and felt the need to make it clear to her. “Yeah, you’re great and all, one of the most incredible women I’ve ever seen, but I could never leave Carly, she’s easily the best thing that ever happened to me,” Jack insisted, making it clear nothing serious could happen between them even if they were to have sex after talking to Carly. “Oh don’t worry I would never come between you two, you two are clearly madly in love with each other,” Tessa responded, “I’m honestly quite surprised your wife even asked me to come here and do this. Normally I wouldn’t do something like this but your wife can be quite persuasive and it also helps that I’m just as big of a fan of her as she is apparently of me. She’s one of the biggest rising stars in the industry.” Jack grinned and admitted, “she certainly seems to already have quite a following.” “Of course it’s not hard to see why,” Tessa claimed, “those tits of hers are just straight up enormous, she’s less than half my weight and has tits like 3 times as big as mine.” Tessa wasn’t really lacking in the boob department, but for an over 400 pound lady, whose most prominent body parts were her ass and then her belly, they seemed small in comparison. Especially when it came to comparing her boobs to Carly’s, Carly’s breasts were just so immense already that many fans didn’t seem to even notice the rest of her, which was a real shame because Carly was developing quite the chubby and beautiful body. Jack however grinned at Tessa’s comment about his wife’s boobs and admitted, “I know, I feel them up constantly and Carly loves having her boobs felt up.” “Lucky guy,” Tessa said jealously. “Oh I definitely know,” Jack replied, “you should see all the comments on the BBW and weight gain appreciation site and how many guys keep offering lots of money to have her come visit them and let them feel up her tits. I’m sure she would be more than happy to let you feel them up if you want to though, free of charge.” “Oh I definitely plan to,” Tessa responded, “and I have seen the comments about her, but can you really blame them for that?” Tessa argued. Jack shook his head and said, “no, not at all, I certainly couldn’t afford her myself, her boobs are totally amazing, but also incredibly heavy. Still she seems to love them the bigger they get, the bigger all of her gets in fact, and so do I.” “What bra size is she up to?” Tessa asked, “36K?” “36L now,” Jack said proudly. “An L-cup? Wow that’s incredible for a woman her size or any woman at any size for that matter!” Tessa praised. Of course much their secret weapon for getting them that immense size was the breast cream, which had already given them better results than they ever dreamed. “Obviously her boobs are her most prominent feature and what gets her most of the attention, but there’s a lot to like physically about Carly,” Jack replied, “her belly’s really beginning to stick out and get soft, her butt is getting nice and big too, I think she just doesn’t put enough admiration into just how big and nice it is, not because she doesn’t like a huge ass, but because-” “I’d say I’ve had a major contribution to that and your wife’s thinking on what is a big enough butt,” Tessa answered, “and you're totally right, while not nearly as big as mine, her butt is really nice too. I guess we’ll both just have to show her just how nice it is.” At that the woman whose attributes they had both just been discussing walked in. Carly was huffing and puffing from trying to put away all the groceries as fast as possible, or at least all the perishables, which there were still a lot. Typically he ended up filling up 2 shopping carts worth that only lasted for about 3 days before he had to go shopping for more. This was probably the most exercise and the fastest Carly had moved in the last 8 months. She looked at both of them and smiled, even though still panting a little and said, “oh good, I didn’t miss anything. I am however surprised both of you haven’t gotten it on yet.” “You seem to have a keeper of a husband,” Tessa declared, “here I am lying in bed naked, ready and willing, and all he wants to talk about is just how great you are.” “He did?” Carly asked, looking worried as she asked Jack, “don’t you like your present?” “Of course I do, I love it!” Jack declared, “you’re the best wife ever for doing this, but are you sure you want me to?” “Absolutely, I think it’ll be very sexy to watch and I just want to make you happy Jack,” Carly informed him, “you can do whatever you like with her just as long as of course Tessa is okay with it. I give you my full permission to try anything.” “So this isn’t because of any inadequacy issues or worried you aren’t enough or something?” Jack asked. Carly seemed to appreciate the gesture but immediately shook her head and insisted firmly, “not at all, I know you will always think I’m enough and love me and think I’m beautiful no matter what, but while we’ve been watching Tessa do her stuff together I couldn’t help but have this fantasy of you being the one to do Tessa, this is just as much a present for me as it is for you.” “Okay then,” Jack answered, still hardly able to believe his luck, “you really are the best wife ever you know that?” Carly grinned and said, “I know.” “I would agree with that too,” Tessa answered, “but now I do have one request.” “What?” Carly asked. “I think we should make this a threesome,” Tessa declared. Jack was certainly surprised but liking this idea of getting to have sex with both his incredibly sexy wife and Tessa at the same time. Carly took a step back in surprise herself as she admitted, “you want me to...well I’ve never done it with another woman before but-” “I can tell you want me just as much as Jack does and don’t try to deny it,” Tessa replied, “I won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with but I want to help open up this side of you I think you’ve been repressing if you will let me.” Carly looked at Jack who immediately smiled and insisted, “I’m totally okay with it and just like you gave me full permission with Tessa, I’m giving you mine.” At that, Carly looked at Tessa, or rather really looked at her, her eyes full of lust as she nodded her head, unsure what to really say out loud and silently agreed. “Come here both of you,” Tessa urged both of them onto the bed as they got in and lay down on either side of her. With 3 of them, with that including an over 400 pound woman, a 225 pound woman, and himself they took up a lot of room, but fortunately they still had plenty of room left over even so. Good thing they got a California King, the biggest sized mass produced bed on the market, his Christmas present to Carly, which she happily reminded him was great so she would have more room to grow. He had also intended it to give them more room for some fun on the bed, but it seemed he was going to have even more fun than even he had envisioned. He felt himself already getting excited lying against Tessa’s immense bulk, her huge fat naked ass, pushing against him. Since both him and Carly seemed hesitant how to proceed, having never had sex before with anyone else other than themselves, Tessa decided to take the lead. “How about we get into the mood a little and start with some kissing?” Tessa suggested, “Jack you first.” Jack felt nervous but also excited as he moved his body over so he could get his head over top of Tessa’s and kissed her right on the lips. He’d never actually kissed another girl besides Carly before so he hadn’t been just sure what to expect, but it was certainly nice. Even so after only a quick moment he pulled away. He looked at Carly as he pulled away, still making sure this was okay with her but she just grinned and urged him to continue. He did so and kissed Tessa again, this time for much longer, really allowing himself to not worry so much about it and just enjoy it as his lips moved of their own accord. After they finally broke apart, Tessa praised, “wow, you’re a really good kisser Jack.” “Thanks,” He answered, feeling a bit proud of himself. “Now let’s see how your wife does,” Tessa suggested. Carly also looked a bit nervous as he had been but she also had a big, lust filled grin on her face as she also went and kissed Tessa. It was hesitant and slow at first but then she started to really get into it as she and Tessa began happily making out. Jack felt like this was already heaven, getting to watch the two of them go at it with each other, but it was about to get a whole lot better. When they finally broke apart, Jack declared, “wow that was hot!” The two women smiled in amusement as Tessa then suggested to Carly, “what do you say we really give him a show?” Carly grinned back and said, “I think that’s a great idea.” ……………… Carly All 3 of them were currently resting after over an hour of lovemaking. It was definitely the best sex she had ever had. Obviously the many times she had done it with Jack were by no means bad and had only gotten better and better the bigger and fatter she got, but there was just something about having sex with not only her very sexy husband, but a very sexy and very fat girl at the same time. She had noticed that other women were attractive to her her whole life, but it wasn’t until recently as Jack had introduced her to the world of BBW and SSBBW porn that she had started to develop much stronger feelings and desires she hadn’t fully known that she had. Even so, when she had gotten in touch with Tessa and tried to get her to come visit them, she had been intending for Tessa to get with her husband Jack while she watched. She hadn’t thought that she would be getting involved with her herself. Yet, despite being a bit nervous, once she started getting into it there was simply no turning back: she was bisexual now and there was no denying or repressing it. More importantly she now had a massive girl crush on Tessa, who was just absolutely incredible. All of that delicious woman, all of that delicious fat, and all of that ass, she had put her hands all over every inch of her as had her husband Jack. As for Jack, it only made the experience 10 times better that her husband had also been involved. As much as she realized how much she liked other girls and Tessa in particular, Jack was always going to be her husband and she was always going to love him. However that being said, and she was sure Jack wouldn’t mind in the slightest, she was also going to be craving the feel and touch of other women from now on. Whether that now involved Tessa remained to be seen, but she was hopeful. Carly reached over and once again squeezed one cheek of Tessa’s massive 68 inch ass, marveling at it’s absolutely incredible size. “I just still can’t believe I’m actually touching this ass!” Carly praised. Tessa grinned and shook and wobbled her monstrous ass as it still stuck up proudly into the air for Carly and Jack’s entertainment. Magnificent, Carly thought. Her own 44 inch butt certainly wasn’t lacking either as Tessa and Jack were happy to point out and enjoy during their lovemaking. She was already feeling the very best about her own ass than she had ever had right now. Tessa then reached over and grabbed one of Carly’s enormous breasts and then praised, “I can’t believe I’m actually touching these boobs!” Carly grinned and said, “I’m glad you like them.” “I love them!” Tessa praised again in adoration as she hefted them, amazed at their size (which just one boob alone was too big to cover even with both of Tessa’s hands) and also amazed at their weight. “Mmm, I love them too,” Carly agreed. As heavy as they were getting and the more and more difficult it was to lug them around everywhere or find good fitting bras, she felt it was more than worth it to possess such perfect and massive breasts. They were her pride and joy, few women could boast such a pair, and they were what she loved and admired about herself the most. “I think everybody loves your boobs Carly, but nobody more than me,” Jack replied as he lifted up one of her boobs while Tessa still played with the other. Carly felt very much turned on again from having her two recent sex partners feeling up her biggest pride and joy, her breasts. “Of course it’s not just your boobs either, it’s all of you,” Tessa praised as she went lower and felt up her big and growing belly, “it’s hard to notice as much because your tits are just that big, but you’ve got such a nice big tummy too.” “Thanks,” Carly agreed, “and you’re right, hardly anybody even seems to notice my belly, most of my fans on the BBW and weight gain appreciation site just comment on my boobs, so it’s nice to see you pay attention to it.” As much as she loved her boobs, she also really liked that she had quite a belly now too. Having enormous tits was one thing, but having a big belly too was what made her truly feel like she was getting fat. “We could stop using the breast growth cream so your breasts don’t continue to dominate your frame too much and distribute your further weight gain to other areas?” Jack suggested. “Is that what you want?” Carly asked. She really didn’t want to, but she also still was worried Jack might feel otherwise. In truth she had worried that she wasn’t getting actually “fat” enough for Jack, more just increasingly incredibly busty. “I want whatever you want for you to be happy,” Jack replied, “and I would be very happy either way.” Jack as usual was trying to keep his own opinions to himself in order to ensure she did what she wanted to do and not just what he wanted. However she had come to know him well enough to know just what he really wanted. “Look at him!” Tessa praised, “such a good husband.” “He is, but I still know what he truly wants and fortunately for him it’s what I want too,” Carly replied, “I love my huge breasts and I love them more the bigger that they get. Sure they can be a hassle, but I want them to get as big as I can get them to grow. I want to be fat but I also want to be extremely busty.” Jack nodded, seeming to be glad that she had made such a decision. Tessa nodded and admitted, “I feel the exact same way about my ass. Not that it isn’t already very large but I wonder how big it would have gotten if I had such a cream, only for my ass.” “We could try using it on your ass and see if it works there too?” Carly suggested. Tessa seemed to think it over as she admitted, “well I’m not exactly looking to gain more weight so it probably wouldn’t help.” “I’d still be willing to put it on just in case,” Jack offered. Tessa laughed and said, “you just want an excuse to feel up my butt.” “Guilty,” Jack admitted. All 3 of them laughed at that. However Carly then couldn’t resist asking, “how come you don’t want to gain anymore weight? I think you would look great with some extra pounds.” She was progressively getting more into the camp of the bigger the better mentality and more of Tessa to love could never be a bad thing. “Well being even my current size can have some challenges,” Tessa confessed, “I definitely don’t fit in regular chairs for one, my enormous ass fills up much of an entire couch, I even had to get 3 seats just to myself on the plane coming here, which you graciously paid for. I’ll find a way to pay you back when I can for at least one of those seats.” “I think it was well worth it and no need to even think of paying us back,” Carly insisted, “besides I asked you to come remember? I also think it’s sexy your butt is so big you needed 3 seats just to be able to fit.” As far as Carly was concerned, having such challenges when being that big was actually a turn on and she actually felt jealous of Tessa for getting to experience them. “Yeah, it can be sexy,” Tessa agreed, “but in day to day life when you actually live through being this big, it can become a major hassle.” “I imagine so, but I think it would be well worth it,” Carly insisted. While her current weight gain goal was 300 pounds, she was very much already dreaming of going even bigger than that, maybe even as heavy as Tessa herself or even larger? Who knew? Perhaps Tessa seemed to realize that Carly was thinking about reaching her size because she sighed and decided she had better warn her of the downsides: “It isn’t all glamorous being this big and fat, I’ve had to make some major sacrifices being this big, I can’t stand or walk for long periods of time, people stare at me and are disgusted by what they see, it’s difficult getting around or being able to do things especially when you live alone and don’t have help. Then there is the food costs,I get all of my income from posting content on the BBW and weight gain appreciation site, which is enough to pay the bills, but not to be able to afford the grocery bills that I would need if I was actually trying to gain weight. Besides I would have to cook or just eat out or get delivery all the time which I also couldn’t afford. It was a lot easier when I lived with my boyfriend, but he didn’t like how big I was getting or having to help me both financially or with doing things for me.” “I’m sorry even though I can’t say I really understand,” Carly replied, “I actually want to struggle with getting around or walking as I want to feel my massive body jiggle with every step, I want people to stare at me because of how fat I am, we also own a very successful company so money isn’t an issue, and Jack has always been more than happy to help do whatever I ask of him. Getting things for me so I don’t have to get up, and especially cooking as much delicious, yummy food as I can eat.” “Then I’m happy for you,” Tessa replied, “I just thought I would warn you of the downsides before you continue to gain weight but if this is what you want then I won’t try to dissuade you further. To be honest if I had the kind of support system and finances that you have I would want to go bigger than I am right now and continue gaining.” Jack couldn’t help but smile in amusement as he asked, “so after all that in trying to talk Carly out of gaining further you still would yourself?” “Again I just wanted her to be aware of what she was getting into, but since it seems she does and thinks it’s worth it, then I can say this without having to feel guilty, I think Carly is going to be so sexy when she gets to my weight.” “You think I’m going to end up over 400 pounds like you?” Carly asked. “Yes I do, at least,” Tessa said simply, “I can just tell already that’s where things are going for you.” Carly wasn’t willing to outright admit it, but Tessa was very likely right, she was going to be and very much wanted to be over 400 pounds. Rather than get into that though she turned it back on her as she asked, “what about you? You just said you would want to gain more?” “Yeah, if I had the advantages you have where I didn’t have to worry about finances or having a support person who would help me no matter what, sure, but as it is, no way,” Tessa insisted. “I’m sure Carly wouldn’t mind me asking, but if you really want to we could help you with that whether it was with finances or getting you someone to help you out?” Jack offered. Tessa however immediately shook her head and declined as she insisted, “oh no I could never do that.” “I agree with Jack, we would be happy to do it,” Carly tried to persuade her, “think of it like some large donations from some very supportive fans of yours, which we still are, even more so now after actually meeting you and...well all of what we just did.” “Please no,” Tessa insisted again, “I really couldn’t do that.” Jack then told Tessa, “well while you’re here at least I’m going to insist on giving you the same treatment I give my wife, as long as I’m not neglecting Carly of course. I’ll make sure to get whatever you need so you don’t have to get up yourself and get it, and make you as much food as you want, and even make you whatever food you want.” Tessa smiled and said, “thanks, it will certainly be nice to be pampered for once, but I wouldn’t want to be too much of a burden and ask too much of you.” “You’re no burden at all,” Carly insisted, “I’m sure we’ll love having you here and trust me, with you being here you’re definitely going to gain some weight whether you like it or not.” Having already experienced just how it felt having Tessa over even for this brief period of time, she was becoming reluctant to see her leave. Tessa was going to be there for 3 weeks, which was already feeling like too short of a time. …………………. Jack The next 3 weeks were easily the best he ever had, even though he was kept busy trying to please not just one but two fat and growing even fatter beautiful women, not only in the kitchen as he made them huge meals, but also in the bedroom. Sometimes it was just with him and Carly as Tessa wanted to make sure to give them alone time to be just with each other, other times it was just him and Tessa, and other times it was Tessa and Carly left to themselves. He didn’t care in the slightest that his wife was now very much actively bisexual, in fact he found it incredibly hot to think about and even more so to watch as the two fat and curvy in different ways women went at it with each other. Carly had been right about Tessa gaining some weight while she was there, she went from 407 pounds to 423 pounds, an incredible gain in such a short amount of time, spurred on by her and Carly getting into constant eating competitions, all of which were caught on camera for their mutual fans. Such a collaboration between the two of them in fact brought record views and sales for the site and easily covered the food costs of all the food they were eating and then some. Both of them frequently went partially or even completely naked for such videos, both because the fans liked it and also because it was just easier as they had both outgrown all their clothes and even getting and wearing new ones got tight after food binges. Neither of the two women minded showing off completely naked to the world, in fact they seemed to get off to it and just how sexy fans watching found them. He didn’t mind either showing off his totally naked wife completely to countless other guys, at least as long as it was through a screen. Carly had been quick to reassure him plenty of times that he was the only guy for her. When it came to other women however well...that was now a different story...and that he was more than okay with. Having Tessa in Carly’s life seemed to have made her more happy than ever and she ate with somehow even more enthusiasm, knowing that each additional pound would only make both of her lovers love her even more. In that time Carly gained yet another additional 27 pounds, putting her already at 252 pounds. Jack still couldn’t believe just how big his wife was getting, even though you could say she still looked relatively thin in comparison to just how big Tessa was. Where she did far outweigh Tessa in was just how absolutely massive her breasts were, which also contributed to making her seem smaller everywhere else. Tessa on the other hand had decided to have Jack and Carly have Carly's breast cream rubbed onto her bum to help it grow even bigger than it already was. It was a limited amount of time and weight gain, but in the 16 pounds that she gained while with them, her ass went from 68 inches to a full 70 inches, which brought a good deal of delight from all 3 of them. Life was going great with Tessa around and so it wasn’t a surprise at all when the night before Tessa was to leave and go back home, Carly asked him in private if he wouldn’t mind inviting Tessa to stay with them permanently. He obviously immediately agreed, that sounded amazing to him as he had become quite taken with her and he knew Carly was even more so. Yet when they tried to ask her, they were stunned and very disappointed by her reply. Tessa certainly looked tempted, but she still shook her head and admitted, “it’s been great staying with both of you, it really has, but...I just couldn’t continue to mooch off both of you and your hospitality.” “You aren’t mooching at all, we love having you here!” Carly insisted. Tessa smiled, but it was a grim smile as she admitted, “I’m sorry I just can’t do it, I don’t deserve either of you-” Tears came to her eyes as she began to cry for a moment before wiping away her tears and admitting, “my ex-boyfriend actually called me yesterday and he wants to get back together with me.” Jack was immediately shocked and dismayed. He had heard plenty of not so great things about Tessa’s ex-boyfriend to conclude he was a real jerk. Yet Tessa was willingly getting back together with him when she could have a much better and happier life with them? Why? He supposed it could be for the same reasons so many otherwise fantastic and beautiful women both on the inside and out stayed with or frequently got back together with loser men that were so obviously beneath them and always ended up regretting it in the end. His heart physically hurt that Tessa was allowing herself to be one of those women. Tessa deserved so much better than that, maybe she didn’t want to be with him and Carly for some reason, but he cared about her enough to hope for her finding an actually incredible and supportive person, just as incredible and supportive as Tessa herself was. He and Carly tried to talk Tessa out of it but it was to no avail as Tessa burst into tears again as she turned around and went to hide in another room of the house and wouldn’t come out. Please Review!
  2. Thanks so much for that, I really appreciate it! I do intend to keep going, Carly still isn't anywhere near big enough yet!
  3. Chapter 8 Carly Carly walked nervously up to the front of her parent’s house, accompanied by her husband Jack. She wasn’t sure just how her parents would react to her incredible weight gain. The last time they had seen their daughter which was about 6 months ago she had been a (at least in her mind) stick thin 112 pound girl. She’d been dreading this moment for months now and was actually rather grateful that her parents lived out of state and were far enough away that frequent visits simply weren’t practical. Yet going this long without seeing them with this much weight gain only made the difference to her body all that more pronounced and obvious. By now it was obvious: Carly Hooper was becoming a fat girl. Not actually a fat girl (at least in her mind) even though her BMI now put her solidly and heavily in the overweight category. She was now 197 pounds and she was bigger, and better, and happier than ever before. The reason why she wouldn’t consider herself to be a fat girl, in addition to her own idea of what was truly fat increasing as time went by, was so much of her weight continued to go to two areas. She may not be a fat girl yet, but she was definitely an ultra curvy one. Her butt had gotten quite large along with progressively wider hips and thighs, but it was her chest that demanded the most attention. With every step, her now simply enormous breasts jiggled in her now 36J bra. They simply dominated her frame and were the first two things anyone noticed about her. She absolutely loved them! They were so big and heavy and magnificent and she just couldn’t believe they were actually hers! She couldn’t resist gathering them up into her hands and playing with them constantly (as did Jack) as it was such a turn on to know these massive, sensitive breasts were hers. It was a shame that her belly hadn’t caught up with her breasts, it was still stubbornly refusing to grow that much beyond a little pooch belly. She was even considering using the breast growth cream she had been using on her belly in hopes that it would grow too. While she was certainly very happy with her huge boobs and how big they were getting, being a busty, curvy girl simply wasn’t the same as what she really wanted, and what truly fat girl didn’t have a huge belly too? Carly’s mother opened the door after a moment only for her eyes to go wide when she realized that the woman standing in front of her was her now much larger daughter. “C-Carly?” Her mother asked if unsure this was really her, disbelief on her face. Carly managed a smile as she greeted her mother back with a shy, nervous, “hi mom.” “Hi, Mrs. Thoreau,” Jack managed to greet her mother warmly and with a smile even though it was obvious he was nervous too for this moment. Carly noticed that her mother in contrast to herself seemed to have actually lost some weight, her mother had never been fat, but having always had an extra 20 or so pounds (in her mother’s words) that she had never been able to shed since having had children. Now however she looked quite thin and fit, which probably only made her own daughter having gained so much weight worse. Her mother was still looking Carly over, concern on her face as she asked, “Carly...I wasn’t expecting to see you so...big.” “Yeah I’ve put on a bit of weight since you last saw me,” Carly said, which was an obvious understatement. Apparently her mother agreed because she argued, “a bit of weight? Carly...you...what happened to you?” Carly was about to reply when she heard her father’s voice from somewhere inside asking, “well let them in Darlene, it’s freezing out there! You can catch up with Carly and Jack inside.” Her mother sighed, still shaking her head in disbelief and reluctantly let both her and Jack inside. As they entered she spotted her father sitting on the couch watching a football game on tv, or at least it looked like he had been until they got there. When he saw them or more in particular her, he first looked just as surprised as her mother had been but he recovered quickly and then he smiled and got up from the couch to go give her a big hug. “Carly Cue!” Her father greeted her warmly as he gave her the hug, also using the nickname he had for her. “Hi Dad, Merry Christmas,” Carly greeted back, hugging him tightly. With her wider, more curvaceous frame it was a little harder to give her father a proper hug, but he was still able to wrap his arms around her. As they pulled away her father looked her over again, but chose not to say anything and instead greeted Jack: “Hey, you still taking good care of my daughter Jack?” He asked. “Always Mr. Thompson,” Jack said, putting an arm affectionately around her. “Enough with the Mr. Thompson, we’re family now after all,” Her father insisted, “call me Neal.” Her dad then went and gave Jack a hug as well. Her father had always seemed to like Jack, both having always bonded over computer software, a field both of them were involved in. Her father had had a major influence in both of them choosing to start their own software company together. Her father then asked how the business was doing, which they were more than happy to talk about. Honestly the company had just taken off and they were making more money than ever before. “Hah, I just knew you two would be successful,” Her father praised. Carly grinned under the praise and happily talked further about what they were up to. It felt so good to talk to her father in person again, she hadn’t seen him in quite awhile since they now lived so far away. While the 3 of them chatted her mother finished with making dinner, both her and Jack offered to help her but she refused. She could tell her mother wanted to say something but instead was choosing to stay silent. This worried Carly, her mother was clearly not happy about her daughter’s weight gain and Carly knew she would need to explain herself soon enough. Her father had also chosen to consciously ignore the elephant in the room (no she was not that big and heavy as an elephant) but he was likely also at least curious at her rapid weight gain. Eventually they all sat down to dinner and Carly immediately started piling her plate high with food, feeling like she was practically starving. It also helped that she found herself missing her mother’s cooking in particular her chicken casserole, Jack was a great cook and he did try to replicate the dish but it just wasn’t the same and she was glad to see that her mother had made it, likely just for her. “Thanks for making your chicken casserole mom, I love it!” Carly praised as she piled as she could of it without having to worry about there not being enough for everybody else. “I can see you seem to really like it,” Her mother said in annoyance as she looked at how much Carly was serving herself. Carly noticed that the more food she piled on the more her mother’s frown seemed to grow. Finally as she was putting on a big heap of mashed potatoes, her mother couldn’t keep her silence anymore as she blurted out, “don’t you think that’s more than enough Carly?” Both her and Jack withered at that, unsure what to say. Her father frowned himself at his wife’s actions and said, “she probably just missed your cooking Darlene.” “That’s right mom,” Carly insisted, “Jack is a great cook but I’ve missed your cooking a lot.” “Sure doesn’t look like you’ve missed any meals the way you’ve clearly been eating,” Her mother countered. “Darlene,” Her father warned cautiously, seeming to want to avoid hurting his daughter’s feelings about her weight gain. Her mother wasn’t pacified however and decided to just come out with it and say, “no, I really think we ought to talk about our daughter’s extreme weight gain, doesn’t she care about her health?” “I do care about my health,” Carly insisted, “in fact I actually went to the doctor last week and he told me despite having gained as much weight as I have I’m the healthiest he’s ever seen me.” This was actually true, her doctor was quite surprised to see her having gained so much weight but was even more surprised by her overall health, it was actually better than she had ever had and better even than many much more health conscious patients around her same age he had. Evidently those health pills were working which was a huge relief both for her and Jack as her health was the only concern for her not to continue gaining. The only concern except her mother’s clear disapproval it seemed. Her mother frowned even more and sighed as she came right out with what she was thinking, “I find it hard to believe that you could be healthy Carly. I don’t know what’s got into you, maybe you think you actually look good because your breasts are just plain outrageously huge but you are sure to have back problems especially with all that other extra weight elsewhere you’ve put on...you’re getting fat Carly.” “That’s exactly right, I am getting fat and I’m very happy to be getting fat,” Carly admitted. She felt Jack grab her hand to give her moral support, which she happily took back and squeezed before deciding to come out to her parents in a way as she came out with it and started telling her parents the truth of her weight gain. She told them everything, how much she enjoyed eating and gaining weight, how much it had improved her and Jack’s relationship, all of it. The only part was her recently starting to cam model her stuffing and eating, as well as weight gain progress. When she finished she waited for her parents’ reaction. Her father spoke first as he told her, “well I’m certainly glad that you are happy Carly, that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you and if gaining weight is something that makes you happy then I have no objections. In fact I think the extra weight on you looks great. I may be your father but I can’t deny you’ve got some incredible curves on you now. Jack is a lucky man.” Carly grinned, relieved to see that her father was taking this so well. Jack who had been silent for quite some time as he let her explain herself to her parents spoke up and said, “I most definitely am, your daughter is the most amazing woman in the world and I find myself the luckiest man on earth to be married to her. You raised a fine young woman.” Her father grinned and said, “we did our best, but it was really up to Carly and I’m very proud of the woman that she has become, I guess this just means I’ll have even more of a daughter to be proud of.” “Thanks dad,” Carly said gratefully. At least her father was taking this well. Her mother however still seemed to be trying to wrap her head around this as she instead just shook her head, got up from the table, and left without saying another word. Her father however apologized for her by saying, “forgive your mother, she’s going to take some time to get used to you...well having more of you, she’ll come around.” “I hope so,” Carly said worriedly. She felt Jack go and place an arm around her to reassure her. In truth it hurt her deeply to see her mother acting the way that she was, she just wanted her mother to be happy for her, honestly when she was at least talking to her it was better, but saying nothing at all after admitting all that to her? How long would her silence last? The entire week they stayed there?” She was definitely already worried but then what her father said next only made her worry even more. Her father then added, “I think part of the problem is Darlene has gotten on such a health kick over this last year, she’s been exercising and going to the gym 6 days a week, cutting back heavily on what she eats, I think she feels like she needs to lose weight so she can still look good at her age, I kept telling her I liked the extra weight she had before, but she still decided to diet and exercise anyway and I’ve just kind of let her do it even though I don’t really like it, I love her too much for that and if diet and exercise really do make her happy which I doubt considering how difficult it has been for her then I will still support her decisions. It’s the same way with you Carly Cue, if gaining weight makes you happy then I support you completely and in truth I think you look incredible.” “Thanks again dad,” Carly said gratefully. Jack spoke up and decided to tell her father, just to make sure he knew this, “I just want you to know I would have never forced your daughter to gain weight if she didn’t want to.” “It’s something we both decided on and enjoy together,” Carly quickly agreed. Her father nodded and said, “oh I’m not worried about that, as long as you both are happy I’m fine and again I think you look great Carly.” “I hope you don’t mind me saying this about your daughter,” Jack said, “but there certainly is a lot more to enjoy about her.” “I wish Darlene saw it that way,” Her father said regretfully. “She’ll come around,” Carly said, partly to reassure herself as well. ………… Jack Carly’s mother’s reaction certainly worried them but they were quite happy that her father was taking it so well. He treated them both the same as he always had which was a huge relief to both him and Carly. His biggest concern was Carly’s parents not liking him fattening up their only daughter but at least her father didn’t seem to mind and even thought she looked better that way. Her mother on the other hand was a source of great strain and sadness for both him and Carly. Her mother after the first night however while still having great reservations and disappointment decided to at least be cordial at least while they were both staying with them over the holidays. Well she tried at least. One particular issue however that was causing problems was that Carly’s mother was now portioning out each of their food rather than putting it all on the table, buffet style so Carly could get as much as she wanted. For this Carly was now quite unused to having regular sized portions of food and was practically shaking with hunger throughout the day. That had caused a major argument with her mother when Carly objected to such treatment but her mother wouldn’t budge and insisted that it was her house and therefore her rules. He and Carly had been forced to then sneak out late at night and go out to eat and get Carly all the delicious food that she needed. Besides they had a weight gain goal to try and hit, she had only had 3 pounds left to gain to hit 200 and had a week left to do it which would have been easy had they been at home but with her mother trying to prevent her from gaining anymore weight that was quite hard to do even with their late night eating binges. Eventually however Christmas morning came and Carly borrowed her mother’s bathroom scale to weigh herself and see if she achieved her goal. The scale beeped...and finally settled on 199 pounds, one pound shy of meeting her goal. Huge disappointment came to both of them, they had both worked so hard at meeting such a goal and came up that short… “Well Christmas isn’t over,” Jack argued, “we can still easily gain one more pound by the end of today.” “True,” Carly agreed although she still looked disappointed, “assuming my mother will let me eat that much.” “I’m sure we can find somewhere open that has plenty of food for you to eat,” Jack argued. “Yeah,” Carly said before she then let out a sob. Instantly Jack went and gave her a big hug to comfort her. He also couldn’t help but notice as he always did just how huge her breasts were pushing into his chest. That however he tried to ignore as that thinking wasn’t what Carly needed right now. “It’s okay, Carly it’s just one measly pound,” He tried to tell her. Carly shook her head and said, “it’s not that, it’s my mother, I just wish she could be happy for me, happy for us.” Feeling guilty, Jack said, “I’m so sorry to cause such a rift between your mother and you.” “It’s not your fault Jack, well I guess it partially is but this is something we both wanted and my mother is just going to have to get used to the fact that I’m going to continue to gain weight.” “Continue to gain?” Jack asked. Obviously he was very happy with having an almost 200 pound extremely curvy wife, but he still hadn’t dared to imagine too much that she would gain even more, even though he was very much hoping for and expected it considering how things were going already with Carly’s weight gain. Carly broke away from him, looking him in the eye and smiled seductively as she said, “that’s going to be my Christmas present to you, I’ve decided to get to at least 300 pounds.” His eyes went wide as he tried to imagine just what Carly would look like with an additional hundred pounds on her, goodness if she was irresistible now then… Carly grinned even wider as she asked, “I’m guessing you like that idea?” “Oh I definitely do,” Jack agreed, grinning widely himself, “is that the biggest Christmas present ever you were promising me if you lost the bet?” “Actually not, I was already planning on getting to 300 pounds regardless of whether I won the bet or not,” Carly admitted, “actually I’m quite glad I lost the bet in a way, it gives me reason to do something I’ve been thinking about doing and wanting for quite awhile if it is even possible... and I think it’s almost poetic that my mother trying to stop me from eating too much and gaining more weight is the reason why I’m going to do it.” “What is it?” Jack asked, now very much curious just what she had in mind. She was being very cryptic and it only intrigued him all the more. “You’ll see,” Carly said smiling widely and clearly enjoying his curiosity, “it may take a little while to pull off if I even can at all, but I’m certainly going to try and I know you’re really going to like it.” He begged her again to tell him or even give a hint but she refused and instead they left the guest room they were staying in and joined her parents for Christmas breakfast. Much to their surprise however they found the table piled with food, enough food it seemed to feed a much larger family and resembled what their own dinner table usually looked like before Carly dug into it. Carly’s mother then appeared from the kitchen, carrying yet another huge plate of food that she struggled to find a place to put it on with the table already so full. “Mom?” Carly asked in surprise as she looked at all the food incredulously. Her mother smiled and said, “I know I’ve had my objections to you eating so much and gaining weight but I decided for Christmas at least I ought to make my daughter happy.” Tears coming to Carly’s eyes, she ran and gave her mother a big hug, which her mother warmly returned. “Thank you so much mom,” Carly told her, “I know you still don’t understand why I’m gaining so much weight but I want you to know I still love you and I’m glad you made all this for Christmas.” Her mother smiled and said, “I love you too Carly and you’re right, I don’t understand this weight gain thing of yours but I am happy you are happy and I’ll try from now on to at least respect your decisions.” Tears came to Jack’s eyes too as both mother and daughter embraced again. It wasn’t a full endorsement, but it was at least a major concession on her mother’s part and both him and Carly very much appreciated it. …………………… A month later with both of them having returned home from Carly’s parents’ house for Christmas after Christmas was over Carly had been making up for lost time by eating even more than she had before, trying her best to get to her next weight gain goal of 300 pounds as fast as possible. No way she would have to wait until next Christmas to hit that goal though. In that time Carly had already put on an additional 26 pounds putting her at 225 pounds and he was loving each additional pound she put on, he just couldn’t keep his hands off her and their sex life somehow kept getting better and better. He couldn’t imagine how it could ever improve until one day after getting home from a long shopping trip, he found Carly there grinning at him sexily as she said, “I’ll put away the perishables while you go see the late Christmas present I got you.” He grinned and asked, “am I finally going to find out the mysterious biggest Christmas present ever?” He’d been bugging her for weeks about it but while she clearly enjoyed teasing him about it she refused to tell. Carly grinned and nodded happily. Now apparently he was going to finally find out just what this present was. “It’s in the bedroom,” Carly told him. Jack eagerly went over to the bedroom, opening the door but when he saw just what Carly’s present was, his eyes widened in shock. He’d never imagined Carly would go and do this, never believed that she would… There lying on his bed, completely naked, the woman he and Carly had watched and admired countless times was the over 400 pound Tessa Baumgardner. Please Review!
  4. Chapter 7 Jack Being married to Carly was certainly becoming increasingly more interesting. In such a short amount of time Carly had changed significantly, all of it seemed to be for the better however. He’d never seen Carly so happy as she ate and ate, cramming more and more delicious food into her mouth only stopping to smile and enjoy the reaction that he had in getting to watch her. Carly was incredible, he’d never known his wife could actually turn out to be such a feedee at heart, but here she was, bigger and better than ever. The interesting thing was though, Carly didn’t look like your traditional feedee, even at now 175 pounds, only 25 pounds away from 200 her Christmas goal, much of the weight continued to settle in 2 areas, her breasts and butt. It ended up giving her quite the hourglass figure, one that not just him but many guys that spotted her as they were out and about noticed and appreciated. Neither of them minded the extra attention at all, quite the contrary, he was more than happy to show off his wife to anyone and just give the guys (as well as some girls) knowing and amused smiles when he caught them staring at Carly. Carly seeing that her husband actually encouraged her to show off to other guys (or girls) had no problems strutting her stuff. She seemed to think it was because of her very large boobs, with her now a 34H, but Carly just didn’t seem to realize just how nice, big, juicy, and just all around perfect her butt was too even with him constantly feeling it up. However Jack was interested to see just how much attention she would be getting as she made her way into fat territory, lots of guys tended to like a curvy figure, but not so much a fat one. Still there were bound to be lots of guys like him that appreciated truly fat and obese girls like him . They had been posting her weight gain progress and a few pictures online which the responses had been overwhelmingly positive and had even attracted the attention of a porn website who offered Carly a contract...under the condition that she not try and gain anymore weight. He’d left it up to her to decide that and Carly had refused the offer but only because it would mean she couldn’t gain anymore weight which was an obvious dealbreaker. At her current size and body proportions she was getting plenty of attention and continuing to gain weight would only hurt her and cause her to lose fans, but she didn’t care about that, as long as her husband liked her much bigger than that was what mattered. However as they were checking their emails one morning, they came across another offer from another porn site, only this one was for girls gaining weight and BBW/SSBBW content. They had checked out the site themselves of course quite a bit as it included several of their favorites such as Belinda the Belly and Tessa “The Bum” Baumgardner. It was surprising to see Carly get an offer as she was still rather small and light in comparison to most of their clientele. Still it didn’t seem the agency or website were worried about it considering how quickly Carly was gaining and would soon fit in rather well. After reading the email Carly looked at him and asked, “what do you think?” “It’s up to you,” Jack told her, “if you want to do it great, if not that is great too, I’ll completely support your decision either way.” He chose to leave it up to her, not wanting to let his own influence pressure her into something like this. Carly he was sure wanted his opinion but he tried to make it clear he wouldn’t give it until she made her decision. Carly seemed to realize this and knowing that it was indeed entirely up to her to do something like this it didn’t take long before she reached a decision. “Then I want to do it,” Carly admitted easily, “I feel sexy eating so much food and gaining weight in front of you and what content I have posted from my gaining has been overwhelmingly positive.” Jack grinned and said, “I was hoping you would say that. Personally I think it’ll be really sexy and hot getting to show my gaining and growing even more beautiful wife off.” “You really think so?” Carly asked with some surprise and amusement, “you really want to show your soon to be fat wife off to the world?” “Totally,” Jack agreed without hesitation as even the idea of it was a big turn on, “can you imagine all those horny guys watching you and jacking off to your sexy growing body?” “Mmm yes,” Carly agreed, seeming turned on by that thought as well, “and the bigger and fatter I get the more they will want me and be jealous of you that you are the guy that gets to do me every night.” “Ooh that sounds amazing,” Jack agreed as he was already sporting a full on erection by now. Carly decided to then point out, “there is a good chance they would ask me to nudes though, possibly other sexual content and that would get us the most money most likely too.” “I’m okay with it if you are,” Jack answered, not at all deterred by this. Carly seemed to think for a moment before saying, “I think if it had been 6 months ago I would have been too scared and self-conscious show off my naked body like that but now...it only turns me on and excites me just thinking about it, I love my growing and gaining body the more weight I put on and I want the world to appreciate it too.” “I want the world to appreciate your body the way I appreciate it too,” Jack agreed, “obviously I wouldn’t encourage anything you aren’t comfortable with.” “Of course,” Carly answered, “one thing I would draw the line on for example that neither of us would be comfortable with is if they asked me to be involved with another guy or something, in fact I think I will insist that you be at least somewhat involved in all my performances.” “You don’t have to do that and have me involved in everything,” Jack argued, “I trust you.” “Yeah, but it’s way sexier for me if you are at least in the background and I can see you and I want to make sure I make all the other guys jealous of you,” Carly argued. Jack grinned and said, “well I certainly couldn’t argue with that.” ………….. Carly Carly was nervous but also excited as she stood there in front of the camera, getting ready for her first video cam shoot. She’d spent so much time over the past few months looking at and enjoying other women doing this very same thing she was about to do that it felt almost natural that she do so as well. She knew she really didn’t have to do this, they were very well off financially and didn’t need the money, this purely for her and Jack’s own enjoyment and pleasure, as well as to the enjoyment and pleasure of her fans. She really hoped they liked her, not just now, but as she continued to gain, liking her more and more with every additional pound she put on but it didn’t matter if any of them did, she no longer felt she needed the approval of others to feel good about herself and her growing body, Jack and herself were the only two opinions that really mattered and they would both be happier the fatter that she got. Still the more people that appreciated and liked her and her content the better. She had opted to try her first cam session by doing what she always did, eating huge portions of food supplied by her husband Jack, the only difference being that it was now in front of a camera. While they didn’t need the money it would certainly help pay off the increasingly enormous grocery bills they kept racking up. Carly was dressed in a new dress, one she would be growing out of soon along with everything else she owned, but she still wanted to look her best for her audience, while she certainly ate a lot of food and had no qualms about gaining weight, she still insisted on trying to look nice, with her hair and make up similarly carefully done and would likely get her more viewers and people to donate. Admittedly at her current body proportions it was easy to look more than just nice, her hourglass figure would attract any guy, not just chubby chasers and BBW lovers. She wouldn’t expose her body at all this time, but she also had no problems with doing that when it came to it. However she would be leading up to that, teasing her audience for a bit, wearing more and more revealing clothing before doing so. She was even considering eventually moving up to straight up sex on camera, with Jack of course heavily involved but she still had time to decide if she wanted to go that route or not. As soon as the camera turned on she started eating all the delicious food that Jack had placed in front of her. “Mmm,” Carly said, loudly enough for her audience to hear as she savored the taste of a full rotisserie chicken that they had bought. She wondered just how many people were actually watching this right now, but decided to find out later and focus instead just on eating. “I just love to eat and eat and eat,” Carly said, hamming it up, “as much as I can stuff in this belly.” Carly rubbed her still comparatively small belly and said, “this belly needs to grow so I can become a big fat girl.” “Yep it sure does need to grow some more,” Jack agreed going over to pat her belly, “in fact all of you needs to put on more, you’re practically skin and bones!” Carly grinned and said, “totally, what are you going to do to help give me some real curves? I’m much too skinny!” She put both hands on her very large breasts and squeezed them before running her hands onto either side of her curvy hips. “I better keep stuffing you full my greedy, hungry girl,” Jack told her as he pressed another plate of food towards her. Carly however was still working on the full chicken as she hungrily ate. “What’s the matter, slowing down?” Jack demanded, “you already getting full?” “No way I can still eat plenty more,” Carly insisted as she rammed the last bits of chicken into her mouth, “in fact I don’t think you made enough, bring me more food Jack I’m hungry!” Jack grinned and said, “your wish is my command, as much delicious food as my girl wants.” “Mmm yes,” Carly agreed as she hefted up and played with her big boobs, “if you satisfy this greedy girl I may just satisfy you with these later.” “I better keep making more food then,” Jack instantly agreed. Carly was already enjoying herself with this kind of role play and she didn’t care whether her audience was too although she was sure they were. She continued to eat and eat and eat until she was finally satisfied and full as she had Jack rub her belly affectionately before he played with her boobs somewhat. It was a good first start she felt to her weight gain and eating modeling, but after turning off the camera and she and Jack went to finally see how viewer turnout was she was shocked by the results. “1,500 viewers!” Carly exclaimed in shock. “That’s incredible,” Jack said, “I mean I always knew you were sexy Carly but still...this is only your first time and you’re already an internet star!” “I guess so,” Carly said, not expecting to already see this kind of success and fame, maybe a hundred or so people at the most but this was… “You okay?” Jack asked her. “Yeah just a little overwhelming that’s all,” Carly replied. “Was this too much?” Jack asked worriedly. Carly however shook her head and said, “no actually I enjoyed it a lot and I want to do it, especially now that I know so many people want to see me.” “Good because it looks like we already got quite a few money donations and comments,” Jack said as he looked through them. Carly hadn’t really been expecting or needing to make a ton of money but it certainly was nice to see and she wouldn’t have to feel so guilty spending so much money on food and clothes. The comments as she read through them were also overwhelmingly positive with nearly everyone encouraging her gaining, how good she looked now and how much better she would look as she continued to gain weight. She tried to answer very briefly each comment, thanking them for their support and with the promise of much more content in the future, the only ones she ignored were the guys asking if she would dump her husband and get with them instead. That was the one thing she was worried about, she truly loved her husband and he was the only man for her, she simply wasn’t interested in any other. The only MAN for her that is, the thought came again to mind. She supposed considering just how much she enjoyed watching BBW/SSBBW and gaining content she couldn’t really consider herself totally straight anymore, in truth watching herself on the cam session she had just put on turned her on quite a bit too. The realization that she could now watch porn of herself and not just of other women was an odd but certainly intriguing thought. She supposed there was nothing wrong with finding yourself attractive, which she did, only with one problem, she was still much too skinny for her own tastes. Well she would just have to change that.
  5. I doubt anyone will be offended or upset by the change in direction to where this is going, personally I'm loving it! This seems to just get better and better!
  6. I've been following this story about your wife since the beginning and liked it, but it now suddenly had a very surprising and delightful turn with your wife now involved in such a website and actively trying to eat a lot of food. Can't wait to see where this goes! Lucky you!
  7. Chapter 6 Carly It had been another month and a half since setting her current weight gain goal of hitting 200 pounds and she’d already put on an additional 30 pounds, with a total gain of 40 pounds gained in just 2 months. That was a lot of weight to gain in such a short amount of time, even though she was continually dreaming of more. Still both her and Jack were quite pleased by her progress as she was now 152 pounds, and bigger and better than ever. She looked her naked body over in the full length mirror in the bathroom again as she always did, even with her constantly looking each day the effects of her weight gain were getting quite noticeable at this point. Much of the weight had settled in her hips, thighs, and bum; some had gone to her belly, but not as much as she had hoped, only sticking out a little, while some had evenly distributed itself throughout the various parts of her body. She kept needing to buy new clothes as absolutely nothing she had would fit her anymore, they were quite well off financially so it wasn’t a problem money wise to get more but she still tried to resist buying too much at once...as she had every intention of outgrowing any clothes she bought. Bras however were her most continually needing to be sized up clothing however. Where the weight had gone the most and that she was most proud of and pleased about were her breasts. They had really gotten quite large, already more than doubling in size. She picked up a DD-cup bra she had gotten only 3 weeks ago and tried putting it on...but it was now clearly too small as her breasts bulged out of the cups. She still couldn’t get over the fact that a DD-cup bra, considered by some to be a bra size worn by a busty girl, could actually now be considered too small on her. Instead she picked up and put on the bra she had just gotten yesterday, a 34F. She wanted to squeal in delight at needing such a bra size as she admired her now big boobs in her new bra. She also couldn’t wait for them to get even bigger. As she continued to eat bigger and bigger meals lovingly prepared by her husband and snacked away, they would no doubt continue to grow as would the rest of her, with every delicious pound added making her happier and happier. Not only that but her husband Jack seemed to like her more and more as the pounds continued to pile on, he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes (or his hands) off her. He wasn’t the only one however. Since so much of her weight gain was going to her breasts or to her hips and butt, she was actually getting a lot more attention from guys when they were out in public, and while she enjoyed the attention, she made it perfectly clear her chest and ass was all Jack’s, as she often let him feel her up when she caught a guy staring, much to the other guy’s jealousy. They were both quite amused at getting to do that. Jack was of course loving his more busty wife too, getting to go bra shopping with her, or see her model her new bras for him at home, letting him see the size tags on them to show off to him just how busty she was getting before mashing her breasts right into his face. Their sex life had somehow gotten even better the bigger she was getting and they both couldn’t help but have massive grins on their faces throughout the day. At this size, she might have been considered a trophy wife, with much of the weight having gone to the right places, which was great, but she knew what her husband’s (and hers) true preferences and desires were: he wanted a big, fat trophy wife and the way that she was eating it was soon becoming a reality. Today however was a big milestone, the day where she would be revealing her extreme weight gain in such a short amount of time to some of her friends. She was nervous to do so admittedly, wondering how they would react, and was partially the reason she had tried to avoid spending time with them until now. However she had decided not to hide it anymore and “come out” to them so to speak about her weight gain and new lifestyle. If they couldn’t handle that then that was their problem and they would just have to get used to it. She was more happy now then she had ever been and she wasn’t going to let her friends or family or anyone else discourage her from her and Jack’s dreams. When she spotted her two best female friends Courtney and Lisa standing there waited for her, she wondered if perhaps they might not even recognize her with all the weight she gained. Indeed she actually got quite close to them before they noticed her, which was slightly funny because you would think a bigger girl than she had been would be easier to see. They both certainly looked surprised as they looked her over. Lisa commented, “wow you’ve gotten... big.” Carly felt a mixture of pride as well as concern as if her friends considered her to be big now then how would they react when she put on another 50 pounds after this? Yet then she noticed then staring mostly at her much larger bust, which was the most obvious sign of her weight gain. It also helped that the outfit she was wearing displayed plenty of delicious cleavage. “Implants I’m assuming?” Courtney asked, “they look incredible by the way, your surgeon did great work.” Carly smiled at their confusion and lifted them up as she admitted, “actually they are all me.” Both of her friends looked surprised as they looked her over again in confusion. “I’ve just gained some weight and it's gone to the right place,” Carly answered. “More like places,” Lisa commented, “just look at that ass of yours now too, I was thinking you had work done there too.” Carly glanced at her bigger butt, it wasn’t nearly as impressive as her boobs in her opinion but she supposed since much of the weight gain had gone there it was quite noticeable as well. “Which I could just gain weight and look like that,” Courtney said jealously. Both Lisa and Courtney were about Carly’s size, or rather what she had been before trying to gain weight, both of them with she knew to be B-cups with Courtney having the bigger bum and Lisa having just a bit of belly to her. A thought occurred to her at hearing Courtney’s comment. “Well maybe you should try and gain some weight then, it’s done wonders for me,” Carly suggested. She couldn’t help but imagine and somehow get turned on by the idea of both of her friends getting fatter too...or even if she and Jack were to help them gain weight? It was an idea she had only just now had, but she found herself enjoying such an idea immensely. She had to shake her head to stop thinking about it as Lisa asked her a question: “I still can’t believe you just gained weight, especially this quickly, it’s only been a couple months since we’ve last seen you and now well-” Carly let out a deep breath as it was the moment of truth as she decided to just come out with it. “I’ve been gaining weight on purpose,” Carly admitted, “I found out that Jack likes much bigger girls and well at first it was just for him, but now I’ve come to really like gaining too.” She waited for her friends’ reaction to that, it was pretty big and at least to them quite a strange and shocking admission she was sure. She felt very nervous, it almost felt like she was coming out or something. Which to be fair considering how much BBW and SSBBW and weight gain porn she now watched and enjoyed she just might be. At first her friends didn’t seem to know how to react or what to say to that so Carly decided to add: “I don’t expect you to understand but I will do my best to try and explain it,” Carly promised. Again her friends seemed unsure how to react. Finally Courtney asked, “well are you happy?” Carly smiled as she easily admitted, “yes, I’m actually happier than I ever have been, in fact both me and Jack are happier than we ever have been since I started gaining.” She wanted to tell them about how eating so much delicious food and gaining weight made her feel but held off as she didn’t want to freak them out about that just quite yet. Courtney after another moment then said, “well I’m glad that you and Jack are happy.” “I think you should do whatever makes you happy,” Lisa quickly agreed. Carly smiled, pleased to see that her friends were so supportive of her weight gain as she decided to just open up and tell them the story of how this came to be and how her feelings had so quickly changed for the better. She also told them all about the delicious meals that Jack had had been making for her, and decided to mention how their sex lives had gotten so much better. “I wish I had a man that would love me and would cook for me and make me whatever I wanted,” Courtney said with jealousy, “and also not have to worry about letting myself go.” “Me too,” Lisa answered. “My boyfriend seems to freak out if I gain only a few pounds,” Courtney admitted, “honestly it’s hard and exhausting though having to constantly diet just to fit his body ideals for me. He thinks I’m too fat already.” “That’s ridiculous,” Carly insisted, “you’re practically skin and bones, your boyfriend clearly doesn’t appreciate you.” “Totally I keep telling you that boy isn’t worth it,” Lisa agreed. “Yeah, but it’s his house so I wouldn’t have anywhere else to go,” Courtney reminded them, “anyway it’s really not so bad...but admittedly it would be nice to get to have some junk food every once in awhile, I can’t even remember what it’s like to have french fries...or chocolate.” “Or french fries covered in chocolate,” Carly suggested as she licked her lips, having already tried that last week during a particularly experimental eating binge. “I just want to be able to eat whatever I want at least sometimes and not have to worry about my boyfriend fat shaming me,” Courtney complained, “I can see why you are so happy now Carly.” Carly nodded in agreement, she really was lucky in that regard she thought. “You could just try and find a great guy who actually likes bigger girls and wants to see them get bigger like me,” Carly suggested. “Oh I don’t think I could ever find a man as good as Jack is to you,” Courtney replied. “Me neither, you definitely won the man lottery with him,” Lisa added. “Yeah, I don’t think I could ever find a better husband than Jack,” Carly easily agreed. She loved her husband more than words could express. Both girls had always been eager to tell Carly just how lucky she was to have him, which she was always happy to tell Jack about later to make him feel good about himself. Especially now since he had been feeling guilty and worried about how her female best friends would react to him purposefully fattening her up. So far however things were going rather well. “I’m not just doing this for Jack though,” Carly insisted, “it’s certainly part of it but I simply love eating as much of whatever I want and I even like gaining weight.” She did her best to try and explain it to them even though she was sure they wouldn’t understand, how it felt to put on weight, how more and more attractive she felt, the extra curves she delighted in seeing, all of it. Her friends to their credit did their best to try and listen even though they didn’t say a whole lot. By the time she finished explaining she noted that she was seriously hungry at this point as this was probably the longest she had gone since eating in the last 2 months so she suggested to her friends, “how about we go get some food?” Her friends happily agreed and they went to their favorite restaurant to eat. Both Courtney and Lisa opted to get salads, choosing to hold the dressing and croutons as well. Carly however was very much done with such diet food options and instead opted to order two orders of her favorite meal and as she ate away like the glutton she was becoming, her friends watched her, seeming fortunately not disgusted but certainly entertained by how much she could eat. “Now I see how you’ve gained so much weight so quickly,” Courtney observed, “just where do you put it all?” “Yes, I can definitely eat way more than I could before,” Carly agreed, “honestly it’s rather nice not having such a limit on what I can eat and just enjoy more delicious food. Also the more I eat and stuff myself the more my stomach capacity increases and the more I’m able to eat even more.” “Being able to just eat whatever you want and more of it would certainly be nice,” Lisa answered, “I feel like I’m starving myself most of the time to get rid of this belly fat.” Lisa gestured at her bit of belly. “I think it looks great on you!” Carly praised between mouthfuls of food, “I wish I could put more onto my belly.” As much as she was gaining in other areas her belly seemed to stubbornly not put much on in that regard, which conflicted with her desires to appear actually fat rather than just curvy. “Well thanks I guess,” Lisa replied to her compliment not sure what to say, “I do have to admit the extra weight on you looks really good too.” “Thanks,” Carly said, accepting the praise. Courtney now seeming to be a bit curious and feel like she could ask a question asked, “so you haven’t had any health problems or anything like that?” “No as far as I can tell with those health pills I’ve been taking but don’t worry I’ll make sure to go see the doctor regularly to make sure there are no side effects, I won’t endanger my life or anything,” Carly told them. “So let me get this straight,” Courtney summarized, “you get to eat whatever and however much you want, there are no poor health side effects, you get nice big boobs and a nice big butt, you have a rich and amazing husband that happily makes you whatever food you want and loves seeing you gain weight...sounds awesome, where can I sign up for all that?” Carly grinned, this was apparently going way better than she expected as Courtney already seemed to be understanding the appeal. She also couldn’t help but think again just how much better her friends would look if they were to gain weight on purpose too. “You want to?” Carly happily offered, “you’re free to come over to eat at our house anytime, we always have leftovers at the very least and if you want to try gaining weight too I would be more than happy to help you? I think you would look great with a few extra pounds.” “I wasn’t really being serious,” Courtney confessed much to Carly’s disappointment, “but I would be happy to take your offer up on coming over to eat anytime. It would be nice not having to cook sometimes and I don’t want to spend the money to go to a restaurant.” Carly nodded and said, “sure, anytime you don’t feel like cooking or just want to hang out, feel free to come over.” While she was quite disappointed that she wouldn’t get the chance to try and help fatten up her friend, she was happy to share some food with her or Lisa if they ever wanted. Then again...maybe like Jack had done to her...she could gradually change their minds. She felt almost like some cartoon villain, plotting the heroine’s demise. Well maybe rather than force them she could at least encourage them or at the very least continually show them the benefits to gaining weight. If they still didn’t respond to that then that was fine too. What was more important to her and she was very grateful for was that both her two best female friends were being so accepting and understanding of her weight gain. Perhaps she must have had some sort of an impact already because she noticed that both of her friends decided to get dessert and enjoy a little something for once, while she got three desserts and as she ate them she was pleased to see once again her friends seemed to be just as impressed by how much she could eat and not disgusted. So far so good with her friends at least, but when she eventually saw her family when she and Jack went to go see them for Christmas she would even bigger than she was now, hopefully over 200 pounds by then if she wanted to win the bet with Jack...and she wasn’t sure her family would be as understanding as her friends were. Please Review ! Thanks so much!
  8. Chapter 5 Carly Another week had gone by and Carly was coming to further enjoy her new life of constantly eating and snacking as much as she could eat while her husband doted on her and treated her like a queen, all while he seemed to enjoy every minute of giving her such attention. All she had to do in return was gain weight and this already hardly seemed much of a sacrifice. She was also becoming more and more accustomed to and even looking forward to the idea that she was soon going to be considered a fat woman, and she had finally settled on a weight gain goal...which she would likely end up choosing to surpass if her health as well as her desire to continue gaining was kept up. Both of those things however were becoming less and less concerns to her by the day. She believed that the health pills she was taking would help mitigate any risks or harm she was doing to her body but even if they didn’t she wasn’t going to let that stop her, nor could she imagine her desire to continue eating and gaining like she was going away for a long time yet. No matter what her weight gain journey was only just beginning as far as she was concerned...and she was very much looking forward to what the future would bring, not only for Jack, but also for herself and her growing body. She found herself looking into the full body mirror in the bathroom each morning, while the changes so far were very subtle and so far disappointing, she found herself imagining herself with more than a few extra pounds, more like hundreds of pounds, with absolutely massive breasts resting on a huge belly, with thick thighs weighing her down as she walked. She would even think of the many fat and obese BBW and SSBBW women that she and Jack had looked at so far and think she could be like them someday, no longer would Jack have to go to the internet to see such delicious fat on a woman, he’d have his continually gaining fat and getting even fatter wife to enjoy. Such thoughts were really turning her on...and she was getting more and more excited about making such thoughts a reality. Her entire outlook on life and in particular her own definition of beauty and body positivity had completely changed in a short amount of time and there was simply no going back, not that she would ever want to. Still she found herself needing to pace herself, aware that such results would take time unfortunately. That morning before getting dressed she got on the scale for her 2nd weekly weigh in. 122 pounds, the scale finally settled on. “You gained 6 more pounds this week,” Jack announced, sounding pleased as he squeezed his slightly heavier wife around her naked waist. Carly still felt a bit disappointed by this number but it was 2 pounds more than last week and it meant she had already gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks, which was already really good progress she realized even though her inner fat girl was screaming for more. She managed a slight smile at that. More importantly she reminded herself she was gaining more of an appetite and her stomach capacity was increasing so she could eat more at one time. There was however one other milestone she felt she might have reached and she was definitely excited about it if it was true. Carly tried to slip on her c-cup bra, only to notice it was now feeling a bit too tight in the cups, with her breast flesh spilling out a bit. She’d been noticing her bra getting just a bit tighter all week, but today seemed to have confirmed it. “I think my bra is too small now!” She said excitedly, showing just what she meant to Jack. “You’re right!” Jack praised as he eyed her breasts in her now too small bra, obviously pleased as well, “congratulations!” “I’ve got to be a D-cup by now,” Carly said as she hefted her slightly bigger boobs, “I guess that breast cream you got me must be working.” “I guess so,” Jack agreed, staring at her now larger breasts, “we’ll have to go bra shopping then.” “I bet you’ll enjoy that huh, getting to see me try on bras now that my boobs are bigger?” Carly observed giving him a wink, “anyway I better not buy more than one though because I don’t plan to be just a D-cup for long.” DD-cup here she comes! She was quite pleased that her first real sign of weight gain had managed to reach her chest first, she was sure some of that 10 pounds had also distributed throughout the rest of her body but it wasn’t super noticeable. Then again with her constantly looking in the mirror each day to look herself over she might not notice such changes. Then she tried putting on a pair of pants, she was still able to get them on but they were definitely more snug then she remembered the last time she wore them. She looked over her still small butt, practically non-existent in comparison to say Tessa Baumgardner’s. Now Tessa had a true ass, not this little thing she had. She instead turned her attention to feeling up her likely now D-cup breasts as that area of growth was what she was most proud of and was hoping to grow the most. She’d always wanted bigger breasts even before she’d got into weight gaining and that desire was even greater now. Soon enough she would have boobs that made her current tits look small in comparison she told herself, they would no doubt get heavier and heavier but that would be fine because her belly would grow right along with them to rest them on, a huge belly constantly filled with delicious, yummy food. “Are you enjoying yourself?” Jack asked her, shaking her from her fantasies. She glanced down and noticed she was currently pleasuring herself with a couple fingers. “Sorry just got a little carried away,” Carly said with a bit of embarrassment as she slipped both fingers back out. “Oh don’t stop on my account, I was enjoying watching you get off,” Jack admitted with amusement, “thinking about gaining weight?” “Yes,” Carly confessed, “I can’t help it, you’ve clearly awakened something in me.” “Sorry,” Jack apologized, looking guilty. “Oh don’t be sorry, I’m happier than I’ve ever been!” Carly praised, “and I just know I’ll be happier the bigger and fatter I get!” Jack smiled, clearly happy that his wife was so happy about living out his own previously secret fantasies and desires. “This is like better than a dream come true, I got so very lucky with you,” He told her. “Yeah you did,” Carly said, just deciding to accept the praise. “There aren’t a lot of women who would do this so willingly,” Jack pointed out. “Well I’m not most women,” Carly reminded him, feeling quite proud of herself right now for being such an amazing wife. “That’s for sure, I can’t imagine any woman better than you,” Jack told her as he leaned in and gave her a kiss. Carly smiled, happy that her husband thought so fondly of her as she decided now was the right time to let him in on what her current plan was. “I’ve decided on my weight gain goal,” Carly announced to Jack. Jack looked surprised but also very much curious what it was. She however noticed this and instead decided to mess with him a little by not immediately telling him as she just looked at him with a cheeky grin. After a long moment however Jack finally asked impatiently, “well, what is it?” Carly however just grinned even wider at him and said, “I don’t know, what are you willing to give me if I tell you?” Jack sighed and said, “you’re killing me Carly...besides you know I’d give you anything you asked for.” “Obviously you’d do anything to see me get bigger, I know you,” Carly replied. “Guilty,” Jack admitted. They both laughed a little at that, while their relationship seemed to be changing with him caring more for her what with spending so much time cooking or giving her massages or getting her things and her just letting him as he seemed to actually enjoy lavishing such attention to his wife, they had gotten even closer and loved each other more now than ever. Carly decided to satiate Jack’s curiosity finally and admit, “I’ve decided I want to get to at least 200 pounds.” …………… Jack This surprised but also delighted Jack as his mind whirled with just what his already gorgeous wife would look like at 200 pounds, which would almost double her weight of what it was initially and certainly give her plenty of extra curves. That was another 78 pounds from what she weighed now for him to love. It meant she wouldn’t be absolutely massive or anything but certainly much bigger and better than he had ever dared hope and was a dream come true for him that she would even want to go that far. Yet what she had said about at least came to mind, she wanted to be at least 200 pounds, which meant she may actually decide to go even bigger. Not so fast Jack, he told himself, he was already extremely lucky getting even a 200 pound goal from her. Having a 200 pound wife would certainly be very nice indeed. Yet the way that she had been acting and responding to her weight gain journey gave him plenty of hope that that would not be the end. “So what will you give me then if and when I do hit 200 pounds?” Carly asked him, seeming quite amused at his reaction. “Anything you want,” Jack promised. He really would do anything for Carly not even because she was trying to gain weight for him, but because he truly loved her more than words could express. Carly seemed to think a moment before then suggesting, “how about if I manage to get to 200 pounds by Christmas you have to be my slave and do whatever I want for a week?” “Done,” Jack pointed out cheekily, “I pretty much already do that anyway.” Carly grinned in a way that was almost scary as she said, “oh you haven’t seen anything yet.” “Is it wrong of me to feel oddly turned on by that?” Jack admitted, quite curious just what kind of a dominating master Carly could be if she wanted to. “Mmm, maybe I ought to show you just a bit of what I have in mind,” Carly said as she pressed her body up against him. “Maybe you should,” Jack agreed, already planning on taking off his clothes. However a thought then struck him as he asked, “so what happens if you fail to hit 200 pounds by Christmas? Does that mean you have to be my slave for a week?” “Oh that won’t happen,” Carly assured him, “but if I lose not only will I be your slave for a week, but I’ll make sure you get the biggest Christmas present ever.” “Deal,” Jack immediately agreed, “honestly I would say having a 200 pound you truly would be the biggest and best Christmas present ever so I can’t lose either way..” Carly seemed to think for a moment as she said mysteriously, “oh you haven’t seen anything yet.” …………… Carly Getting to 200 pounds, being 200 pounds of woman was certainly a major, not to be scoffed at goal, but a goal she had been considering getting to over the past week and one she had committed herself to getting to. Anywhere past that she wasn’t ready to fully commit to until she reached her 200 pound goal but with Christmas coming at the end of the year it wouldn’t be long. She knew at the very least she wanted to be fat and being 200 pounds could be considered to be fat and she was going to thoroughly enjoy every cookie, every potato chip, every goodie her husband brought home for her or made for her along the way in getting there. Yet there was also the matter of Jack’s special Christmas surprise. What she had in mind had come spur of the moment and she was grateful she hadn’t simply given it away as it still allowed her time to back out of her plan and do something else. Or she could try to avoid going through with it simply by winning the bet and she had every intention of doing her best to win the bet. Even with her constant eating it would be a difficult task, but one she was more than happy to work towards and accomplish. Please Review!
  9. Chapter 4 Carly The more and more she learned about what she was getting into, the more her concerns were being put to rest and the more and more she wanted to do this. If she didn’t have to worry about health problems, she didn’t see any reason why she should stop at gaining only 10 or 20 pounds as she had initially planned. If Jack wanted a fat wife, then that is what she was going to give him. She still couldn’t say just how fat, but certainly enough for it to be more than noticeable and seeing the look on Jack’s face was all the encouragement that she needed to at least try her best to gain weight and Jack certainly was giving her plenty of opportunities to do so. It was actually quite amusing seeing how hard he was trying. That first week, he made sure to make Carly simply enormous meals, giving her much more than she could ever eat. Sometimes he actually looked guilty worried he was going overboard with it, but she kept reassuring him that simply wasn’t the case. Jack was such a good cook and she savored and enjoyed every last delicious bite. Why had she ever tried to be so health conscious when she could have as much of this incredible food as she wanted or could at least hold in her stomach all while pleasing her husband, the man she loved for doing so, as pounds of fat added itself to her body and only made her sexier? She could wake up to pancakes and waffles covered in whipped cream, gorge herself on several sandwiches for lunch, snack constantly throughout the day on potato chips or popcorn. Then there was dinner and that was always a real treat as Jack could easily spend hours making her whatever she wanted or decided to surprise her with. She however always saved room for dessert, her favorite part as she stuffed herself full of cake and cookies and sweets. Then after she was done, Jack would lovingly rub her full belly. Even stuffed full it wasn’t much of a belly but both of them imagined it getting bigger. With how much she was eating by the end of that first week, she was sure she must have gained plenty of weight, possibly even enough to already hit the lowest amount of weight she had been planning to gain originally, 10 pounds. She stepped on the scale for her first official weekly weigh in feeling a bit proud of herself, she even had Jack videotaping the whole thing so they would have video proof both for themselves or possibly post it online for the whole world to see. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted everyone to know that she was gaining weight and loving it. Well obviously not the whole world of course, mostly it would be just a bunch of fat and weight gain fetishers that would see it with her still too thin and small to be really appreciated by them, but she was sure that they would be jealous of having a beautiful and amazing wife who was purposefully gaining weight for her feeder husband. Yet as the scale finally settled she was certainly surprised by the results and not in a good way. 116 pounds. That’s it. She had somehow only gained four measly pounds in a week. She actually felt very disappointed in herself and felt like she had let down Jack as well, the man that she loved and so very much wanted to do this for and make him happy. She looked at him regretfully and promised, “I’ll do better next week.” She knew that Jack knew she was really trying so it wasn’t like he was going to blame her for such a disappointing initial result nor would he regardless if she hadn’t been trying, but still. “You’re totally fine, you shouldn’t see it as some sort of race or something,” He insisted as he sighed and said, “besides it will be hard at first, to get past your metabolism and all that. Also 4 pounds is still plenty for just a week.” “I know,” She said with a sigh of her own, “it’s just...I want to do this for you.” “You shouldn’t feel obligated to do anything just for me,” He argued. Carly looked at him lovingly, still feeling disappointed and wanting even more to do this for not only Jack but herself as well. “I know, but I want to do this for you because I love you,” She argued, “and it very much turns me on thinking about getting bigger too, I wouldn’t have thought I would but I really do like it and the more I try the more I’m enjoying it, and I also love getting to eat whatever I want, all the delicious food you’ve been making me.” “I’m happy to make you whatever you want or buy whatever you want,” He told her, “besides the way that you’ve been eating your appetite and ability to eat even larger quantities of food is sure to increase.” “That’s true,” She said with a grin, “it means even more delicious food I can eat at one time.” ………. Jack He did his best to try and cheer Carly up and to be honest he was actually quite pleased already with the results. Personally he thought she was just being too hard on herself. Four pounds certainly wasn’t nothing and was a good start. He was much more happy with how she was taking all of this, psychologically she had changed and grown quite a bit. She was already fully embracing a feedee lifestyle, eating as much as she could with large meals that were sure to get even larger with time. She clearly now wanted to gain weight, although she seemed to still be figuring out just how much and he would leave it to her to decide that, feeling incredibly lucky just to get this last week out of her. It was truly amazing getting to see Carly eat like she was, getting to see her eat as much as she could of all the delicious food he made her. It was so incredibly sexy to him. He could honestly say that this was the best week of his life just for that. Yet they had embarked on a weight gain journey that was only the beginning and he couldn’t wait to see a bigger and then even bigger version of the woman he loved. She was already so beautiful as she was and yet somehow she was going to get even bigger and better...he was so very, very lucky he thought. They both decided to show off her initial weight gain progress to not just themselves but by posting it online on a fat admirer/feeder website. It was actually quite surprising seeing the several replies they got back, again at Carly’s current weight she didn’t garner a lot of attention but what she did get were responses that were all encouragement to keep trying and going for it, with one of the responses also adding how lucky her husband must be for her to purposefully gain weight for him. “I couldn’t agree more,” Jack told Carly with amusement after they both read it. Carly smiled and reminded him, “again I’m no longer doing this just for you. Although yes you are very lucky. I’m very lucky to have you.” The two of them shared a kiss before Jack announced, “I got you something.” “A present?” Carly asked hopefully. “Two presents actually,” He admitted as he went and grabbed a couple small packages. He handed her the first one which she ripped open to find the health pills they had ordered online. “I hope they work,” Jack told her, “I would hate for you to suffer any health problems because of me.” “I hope they work too but if they don’t then I’ll just have to deal with them,” Carly told him as if she didn’t care at this point. “You shouldn’t have to worry about though if we can help it and I care more about you and your health than I do about my desires for you gaining weight,” Jack told her. “The pills should work,” Carly tried to reassure him, “I just...I want to get fat.” Hearing those words out of her mouth turned him on immensely as he asked, “you want to get fat?” “I do,” Carly replied, seeming both amused by his reaction but also seeming to have a sense of freedom and joy at admitting it, “I want to get fat.” “I think that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard,” Jack confessed. She smiled and said, “then I’ll keep saying it, I want to get fat. I want to have a big belly and a wide, thick butt, and most of all I want big-no HUGE breasts. I want to be a very busty fat girl.” She held up her average sized c-cup breasts as if willing them to grow larger. Jack’s smile widened as he handed her the next package that he had gotten and told her, “well it just so happens I might have something to help with that. Carly ripped open the package to find a large bottle of cream. When she read the label and realized what it was, her eyes widened. Jack grinned, enjoying her reaction as he pointed out, “you said you wanted a good deal of the weight to go to your boobs.” It had taken a little effort to find it, but he’d gotten her a cream that promised to increase breast size. That combined with her weight gain he was hoping that her breasts would grow quite a bit. “Ooh, I love it!” Carly said as she hefted her c-cup breasts again, probably imagining them getting bigger again as she then grinned and asked, “care to help me put it on?” He nodded eagerly as he admitted, “I figured even if it didn’t work this would be an excuse for me to massage your boobs everyday.” “Hey I thought you got this present for me?” Carly teased him. “You trying to tell me you don’t like having your breasts massaged by me?” Jack argued. “I guess we can both find ways to enjoy it,” Carly observed, “you sure there isn’t a male penis equivalent?” “I could look into it,” Jack suggested. Carly reached down to grasp Jack’s penis in her hand and say, “it certainly would be nice to at least have an excuse to feel this up while you feel my boobs up.” “Another mutually beneficial arrangement,” Jack agreed. Carly then removed her shirt, leaving her clad only in her 32C bra. She turned around to let Jack take it off her as he got at the hooks. “I want to no longer fit into this bra,” Carly told him, “I want the cups overflowing with my breast flesh.” “Then have you get the next size up only to overflow that as well,” Jack suggested. “Mmm, definitely,” Carly said as Jack removed her bra and she hefted her breasts, “think of the titty job I could give you if I had big enough equipment. I’d love to see my breasts completely engulf your penis.” “Oh yeah!” Jack completely agreed as he took the lid off of the breast cream and started applying it to Carly’s boobs. “Careful not to miss a single spot, my breasts need it if they are going to grow nice and big the way I want them to,” Carly continued to play with him. “Oh I most certainly won’t, I’ll get every inch of them,” Jack promised as he rubbed the cream into them, “and I’ll also make sure to add plenty of inches to them and to all of you as I fatten you up.” “You’d better because this girl wants to be a big girl,” Carly told him. “Starting with your girls getting big,” Jack added. “Mmm, I can’t wait until these things and the rest of me grows,” Carly admitted as Jack continued to work the cream into her boobs, clearly enjoying the attention he was paying them. “Me too,” Jack commented, “soon they will be big enough that they overflow my hands, then big enough that I’ll need two hands just to lift one boob.” “Oh yes!” Carly agreed, seeming to be very turned on right now. He was to, as much as he wanted a fat wife, having a busty one would be great too. ………………. They both lay there naked after another long session of lovemaking, the breast play had really turned them both on. Not only that but being able to really talk about her getting bigger and fatter overall was certainly a wonderful addition to their lovemaking. Jack could honestly say he was getting the best sex of his life even thinking about Carly getting fat and he couldn’t imagine what it would be like when she actually was fat. A thought however occurred to him as he asked, “what do you think our friends and family will think of you gaining weight especially if we tell them it is on purpose?” Carly sighed and said, “hard to say, I’d like to think that they will be supportive and just be pleased that we are both happy, but even if they aren’t I’m not going to let it stop me.” “Sorry, just worried is all, I know that there can certainly be a stigma against fat people,” Jack pointed out. “Yeah I’m sure I’ll have to deal with that eventually but I don’t care,” Carly insisted, “we both know what we want and think being fat is sexy and I want to be sexy.” Jack looked at Carly in awe once again at how she was handling all this. Carly however grinned and asked, “you want to show me just how sexy you find me already?” Jack groaned, still feeling exhausted from their previous lovemaking, but wanting to please Carly, who seemed to still have plenty of energy possibly from all the sugar she had recently consumed. “Not sure if I can, but I’ll try,” Jack promised. “I can see I wore you out,” Carly said with amusement. “You did and it was incredible,” Jack agreed. “I know,” Carly said, clearly pleased with herself, “anyway I think I’ll just pleasure myself by watching Tessa Baumgardner again.” This seemed to be Carly’s favorite BBW or SSBBW to watch. “You know for a girl so huge breast obsessed, I think it’s interesting that you like Tessa and her huge butt so much,” Jack commented. “Yeah I can’t explain it either but there is just something about her and that ass that I can’t get enough of,” Carly admitted. “Well have fun then,” Jack told her, “I’ll come join you in a minute.”
  10. Chapter 3 Carly It felt very nice to finally have her husband Jack feel like he could open up to her about the one part of him that he had always felt the need to hide, that he really liked big, fat girls. She definitely didn’t want him to feel that she would ever look down on him or feel downright disgusted by some of the things he thought. Also seeing just how happy she was already making him was definitely well worth it on its own but oddly enough she actually was enjoying it too. It turned her on hearing some of his fantasies a lot more than she would have expected and she was even turned on looking at other women...obese fat women with Jack online. Did that somehow mean she was attracted to other women and was actually bisexual? She’d never had such thoughts before so perhaps it was just that she was enjoying herself so much spending time with Jack, enjoying seeing his reaction to all the fat women. This did however create some dilemmas and questions in her mind, now that she knew Jack’s preferences. She would likely never be as big as any of the women they had been looking at, in truth part of her very much now wanted to see what it would be like to get that big, but for health reasons she knew she shouldn’t. Putting on 20 or 30 pounds was one thing, but an extra 200 pounds which would be enough to match Jack’s lower limit preferences was sure to cause her health problems. Still at any rate for now she was committed to gaining weight, not only for Jack, but also herself and she found herself eager to get started. It would feel very nice to be able to just let herself go and eat whatever she wanted, knowing that it was actually encouraged and appreciated by her husband. When she had done so last night she felt like a pig and a glutton and yet with a full belly she felt oddly proud of herself as she and Jack had the best sex they had ever had that night. Her new weight gain journey was becoming a pleasurable experience for both of them. To start out that morning Jack took her initial measurements as she stood there naked for him, feeling oddly excited and turned on as Jack wrapped the measuring tape around various parts of her body. “Hips 34 inches,” Jack said as he had the measuring tape wrapped around her butt and hips before moving on, “waist 24 inches.” With that waist measurement being on an empty stomach, Carly thought to herself, she had yet to eat breakfast that day and she was already hungry and eager to see just what and how much Jack was going to cook up for her and how much she was going to be able to eat. Finally Jack got to her bust, her “fattest” part to her which he measured out to be 35 inches. Once he had done so he couldn’t resist copping a feel of one of her boobs, not that she minded. She was hoping that as she gained weight her breasts would get a lot of the extra poundage. If she was going to be a fat girl she might as well be a curvy, busty one too. With Jack measuring her bust which came out to 32 inches, it put her at a 32C in bra size, which wasn’t bad and gave her a slightly top heavy figure, but she was hoping she got to be even more top heavy. Jack next had her get onto the scale in the bathroom, to which she weighed in at 112 pounds. Her husband looked at her worriedly as he asked her, “are you sure you are okay with doing this?” “Absolutely,” Carly immediately replied, looking at him lovingly. She would do anything for Jack and if he wanted a fatter, bigger wife than that is what she was going to give him. She took a good hard look at herself in the full length mirror. “I’ll never be this small ever again,” She told Jack, as this was no matter what size she ended up, going to be a fact. He wrapped his hands around her naked body, also looking her over as he said, “no, you won’t, you okay with that?” She smiled and kissed him as she said, “again absolutely. Now then I do believe you need to do your part in fattening me up and make me a nice big breakfast.” Jack smiled and said, “I do believe you’re right, I’m going to make you the biggest and best breakfast of your life.” Carly however soon realized just how big of a breakfast Jack was talking about, he clearly must have gone to the store early that morning before she woke up because she was soon overwhelmed with waffles covered in whipped cream and strawberries, bacon, eggs, french toast, sausages, orange juice, with enough of each to easily feed an entire family of 8, not just her and Jack. “You didn’t need to do all this,” Carly commented as she tried to stuff even more food down. It was all delicious but she was unfortunately already feeling full. “Well it’s the least I can do for you doing this for me,” Jack said, “and you better get used to it because you’re going to be eating like this all the time.” “Mmm, that sounds good,” Carly said, feeling very much already like a stuffed greedy glutton as she patted her fully belly. “I’ve got another batch of waffles coming up,” Jack told her. “I’m sorry I’m already full,” Carly admitted, feeling like she couldn’t eat another bite. Jack looked disappointed causing her to say, “I’ll just need time for my stomach to expand and be able to eat larger and larger quantities. Maybe you could put away the rest and I’ll eat more of it whenever I can eat again.” Jack nodded and went to do so as she tried to stand up and help him, still feeling very full. If she started eating like this all the time she was sure to gain plenty of weight. The only problem was would she then be able to stop when she wanted to? A decision for what time that was and what she would do about it for another day, she thought. After breakfast they next decided to research gaining weight healthily as that was both of their biggest concern for gaining weight and while most results involved people who were anorexically thin and needed to gain weight to be healthy, they did however come across an intriguing new product, a pill that had just been tested and approved to actually work that would allow a person to gain weight and not suffer any adverse side effects such as diabetes or heart disease. Of course initially they were skeptical, but after doing plenty of research as well as the actual case studies it certainly seemed legitimate. If it worked it would certainly help to get rid of both their fears and maybe she could gain even more weight then she originally planned, she wasn’t sure how much, but however much it was Jack was certain to be happier the bigger she got. It was worth a shot to try for sure and after being satisfied with it being considered safe, they ordered some. Afterwards Carly patted her belly and said, “I think I could eat some more now.” Jack grinned and offered, “you want me to make you some lunch? I bought a bunch of stuff for that and for dinner.” “I was thinking I would just have the leftovers from breakfast,” Carly admitted. “You sure? I’m happy to cook you whatever you want?” Jack told her. “You really shouldn’t feel so obligated,” She reminded him. “I like cooking though,” Jack admitted, “especially if it means that I get to watch you eat and see you getting bigger.” “I’ll bet you do,” Carly said with a sly smile, “well in that case maybe you’d better make me another nice big meal and then afterwards you can show me just how much you like me and how much more you are going to like me the bigger I get?” Jack grinned and said, “sounds like a wonderful plan.” While she was aware that this wouldn’t be necessary for him to cook like this especially if Jack kept making so much she couldn’t possibly eat it all and was left with plenty of leftovers, for today at least she decided to indulge herself and Jack with as much as she could. After lunch was over she was feeling even more stuffed than she had after breakfast, feeling like she might burst. She had clearly overdid it, but she didn’t want to stop as the food was so good and she really wanted to make Jack happy with how much food she could eat. Still in the end Jack ended up putting away plenty of leftovers, with that and breakfast ordinarily that would be enough food to last them an entire week...but she was hoping to finish it all sooner. As she stood up from the table, her belly as full as it was, Jack went over to her and rubbed her belly with satisfaction in his eyes. “I tried to eat more but this was as much as I could do,” Carly admitted. “It’s okay I know you really tried and I really appreciate the effort,” Jack told her, “did you enjoy eating all that food?” “Very much so,” Carly replied easily, licking her lips. She tried then walking but her belly was still too full. Knowing this she was forced to tell Jack, “I think I’m going to need a bit of time to digest things a bit before we can do anything.” “That’s okay, you’re more than worth the wait,” Jack told her, causing her to smile. She did however have another idea of what they could do as she suggested, “well how about we look at some more fat girl porn then while we wait and help get both of us in the mood?” Jack looked surprised as he asked, “you mean it? You want to again?” “Yeah I do,” Carly replied, feeling again strangely turned on, “I think I want to see more of that one girl...the one with the huge butt.” “Tessa,” Jack said. “That’s the one!” Carly replied, surprised at herself at how eager she was. They went over to Jack’s computer and pulled up more of Tessa “The Bum” Baumgardner as she was known, watching her show off her amazingly huge bum. Tessa probably weighed about 400 pounds if she had to guess, with much of that weight resting in her overly thick hips, butt, and thighs. As for herself, Carly wasn’t so sure she would want to be so bottom heavy, but goodness such proportions looked great on Tessa. That ass! Carly wanted to say as she watched Tessa bounce her great big huge bum. Jack was also watching with rapt attention as he decided to risk commenting, “can you imagine slapping that big of a butt and seeing how much it would jiggle?” “Oh yeah that would be great,” Carly said, turned on enough to feel like slipping a hand down her pants and get at her nether regions. Jack noticed this and decided he could as well, slipping a hand down his own pants and get at the no doubt full erection he sported. She didn’t mind at all but still decided to suggest to him, “make sure not to go too early I want you cumming inside me, wouldn’t want all your cum going to waste.” “Oh I’ll be plenty ready for you when you’re ready too,” Jack answered, “you’re the best wife ever!” Carly smiled and said, “I know.” They both then turned their attention back to Tessa as she continued to work her huge butt. “How big around do you think it is?” Carly asked him. “I think it’s like 65 inches based off of what she said in another video,” Jack admitted. “Wow that’s big,” Carly said, “almost twice as big as mine is.” “Tessa apparently used to be quite a bit smaller, never small, but about 250 pounds, then she got a feeder boyfriend to feed her and she ballooned up, posting her progress online,” Jack informed her, “she hasn’t really gained much since her boyfriend broke up with her, apparently she got too fat even for him. “Well that’s terrible for her,” Carly said. Jack smiled however and said, “that’s never going to happen with me though because the bigger you get the more I’m going to like you.” “Oh I know you’d never leave me for any reason,” Carly replied, not worried about that in the slightest. Why was she so okay with watching porn of other women with him if she wasn’t? After watching more of Tessa however they then moved on to another girl, this one was much smaller and she only weighed maybe 200 pounds but she seemed to be actively trying to gain weight. “You know maybe I should do that?” Carly suggested. “Do what?” Jack asked her. “Show off my weight gain online like that...then again you might not like other guys potentially wanking off to me,” Carly noted. “Not at all, I’d love to show you off as my growing trophy wife and make all the other wanna-be feeder and BBW lover guys jealous,” Jack replied, “if you really want to do that then I would totally be okay with it, in fact I think it would be really hot getting to watch old videos of you at your current size versus when you get bigger.” “Okay maybe I will then,” Carly answered, feeling nervous but also excited at the same time. Her entire world view was opening up to a lot of possibilities she would never have dreamed of, but now she found herself wanting to fully immerse herself into the world that her husband was revealing to her.
  11. Chapter 2 Jack When Carly finally came to talk to him, he thought for sure she was going to call him some sick freak for wanting her fatter or more likely just explain that he had some unhealthy and seriously messed up desires and that wasn’t what her body was like or would ever be and to forget it. Yet she didn’t do that to his complete surprise. “I guess I should have realized you felt this way much sooner,” She began, “the signs were all there even though you did a good job of hiding it and tried not to let it get it to you too much. It was only that moment with that woman in the grocery store when your guard slipped enough that I caught you and put it all together.” “This doesn’t need to change anything,” He insisted, “I’ll always love you the way that you are.” “I know,” She answered, “and I believe that you always will, but the thing is I love you very much too. You’re my world and you’ve given me so much that I want to do something for you, I can’t give you children, but I can give you this. If it is your dream that I was fatter, then that is what I’m going to do.” His breath caught, unable to believe this was actually happening. She however decided to add, “I’m not sure just how much weight I’m willing to put on, it may only be just 10 or 20 pounds so don’t get your expectations too high. It will depend on if I can still remain healthy so it may not be very much. Still regardless I want you to feel free to share your fantasies with me and not feel the need to hide them as I want this to be something that we do together.” He quickly agreed to her conditions, although he was worried that she might be grossed out by some of his more extreme fantasies. To start with her weight gain journey, Carly got out the bag of potato chips and cookies they had bought at the store earlier as she munched on them. As he watched her eat with abandon like she had never done before, he couldn’t help but feel that this was becoming a dream come true for him, the love of his life Carly choosing to purposefully gain weight for him and let him watch as she ate junk food. He now had quite possibly the biggest erection he’d ever had. Carly saw his pleased and obviously turned on reaction as she smiled after finishing off a few chips and asked, “you really like this don’t you?” “I do,” Jack confirmed as he gazed at his beautiful, soon to be bigger wife, “you’re amazing Carly, I love you.” “I love you too,” Carly answered as her smile grew wider, “and I’ll bet you’ll love me even more when there is even more of me to love.” “Oh yeah,” He agreed easily as he patted her growing full tummy. “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten like this before,” Carly admitted, “just eaten so much junk without any worry about the consequences. It actually feels very good and freeing in a way...as well as very tasty.” Carly after managing to finish half the bag of potato chips then got out the cookies and handed them to him before asking with a seductive smile, “care to feed me yourself?” Jack’s penis gave a sudden lurch at that, somehow even more turned on as he got to live out another fantasy of hand feeding his wife. He picked up the first cookie and pushed it into Carly’s waiting, eager mouth as she took the first big bite and as he got the satisfaction of watching her smile a little as she tasted the cookie upon her tongue and chewed it. “Mmm,” Carly said as she finished it off, not only because of the cookie but also enjoying the look on Jack’s face. “This is so hot!” Jack admitted. Carly smiled wider and asked, “am I turning you on?” “Definitely,” He immediately agreed. “I’ll have to figure out what I can do to turn you on the most,” Carly told him, “I’m still pretty new to...all this but I’ll do my best.” “Well you’re doing a great job already,” Jack answered honestly. “You’ve seen nothing yet Jack,” Carly argued with a seductive smile. “I can’t wait to find out,” He answered as he put another cookie into her open, waiting mouth. Despite having an incredible first eating session however after eating half the bag of potato chips and 4 of the cookies, Carly was too full to eat another bite, but he was certainly more than happy with what she had eaten and accomplished. With more of these eating sessions with Carly to look forward to and his life was already going to get a whole lot better. In Carly’s case however she patted her full belly, seeming pleased with what she had accomplished as well. “Are you sure you’re okay doing this?” He asked her worriedly. He was still very much concerned he was forcing her into something she may not want. Carly however smiled and said, “of course, besides it will be nice for a change to finally eat all the junk foods that I’ve been craving and told myself not to have, especially now I know that you’ll actually like it going to my figure. Mmm, there’s so many different foods I want to eat now...and I get to eat as much as I want!” “I’ll be happy to make you or get you whatever you want Carly,” Jack told her, more than happy to do so. “My own personal chef making me whatever I want, sounds very good indeed,” Carly answered, “of course this whole thing is also so I can gain weight for you and I think I’ll get used to that too. I may even find I enjoy it especially if much of the weight goes to the right places.” Carly reached up and squeezed one of her breasts as she said, “I’m hoping that a lot of the extra weight goes to my breasts, they are already a nice size but I do wish that they were a lot bigger, if I’m going to be a fat girl, I’m going to want to be a very busty one.” “Sounds great to me!” He said.His favorite part of Carly was her chest and it was a great turn on to think of them getting bigger. Another thing he noticed however was that Carly had said, if I’m going to be a fat girl, which meant she just might at least on some level be intending to be an actual fat girl, not simply gain 10 or 20 pounds as she had originally told him. Yet there was also an if in what she had said so he probably shouldn’t read too much into it just yet. While he would be pleased if she did indeed gain 20 or even just 10 pounds, he would be absolutely thrilled if it was more. Yet it was all up to Carly what she decided she wanted to do, and he would of course love her and think she was beautiful no matter what size she was or ended up. After her late night binge, Carly asked him, “so what are some of your fantasies when it comes to fat girls?” This was something he was reluctant to admit to as he was worried they would gross her out or make her worry she couldn’t live up to such huge comparisons. At seeing his reluctance, Carly encouraged him with, “come on, nothing you say or do could bother me, I really want to know. I want to know what kind of fat women really turn you on or things they do such as eat a lot of food that you like..” Still with some concern, Jack was still afraid to open up. Carly however had an idea as she got out one of their labtop computers and suggested, “how about you show me some examples of fat girls you like?” “You’re going to encourage me to look at porn?” He asked in complete surprise. As lucky as he was feeling tonight, he couldn’t believe he would be that lucky that his wife would encourage him to look at other women online. Carly seemed to think for a moment before then saying, “well I want to better understand how you truly feel about these types of women and maybe I can learn from that, maybe be able to implement and do some of the things that you seem to like.” “I just don’t want you to feel inadequate in comparison or feel obligated to reach certain results that you definitely don’t want for yourself,” Jack insisted. Carly seemed to really appreciate his concerns but said, “I’m sure I’ll be okay, what is more important to me is if we look at it together and both be able to share in the experience. I also want to be able to better understand you and these desires and fantasies you have even if it means looking at other women.” Jack still couldn’t believe his luck, with his wife encouraging him to watch and look at porn together with her but he still decided to say, “well you know I would absolutely love to do that with you but...I should warn you that some of the women I might like might be...too big for you so I don’t want you to freak out.” Carly reminded him, “I know already you like women that are really, really big. I know I’m not nearly as big as some of the girls we are going to see and find online, but I also know that no matter what, you’ll always love me and think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world and that’s what matters to me.” “You’re the best, you know that Carly?” Jack asked, still totally in awe of this woman that was his wife. “I know,” She replied cheekily, as if she already knew that. They both got onto their computer and google searched for bbw and ssbbw porn. As the first picture of a very fat woman appeared, Jack worried about what Carly’s reaction would be. However she was looking at the woman with interest, as if trying to fully understand and see if she appreciated the appeal. “Wow, she’s huge!” Carly admitted, her eyes glued to the screen with wonder. “Yeah,” Jack agreed as he also looked at the image of the woman although also feeling somewhat guilty in doing so especially for how much the woman turned him on in front of his wife. Carly seemed to notice as she urged him, “it’s okay to look you know, this was my idea remember?” Getting more relaxed as his wife didn’t seem to at all mind, Jack then clicked on another image of another very fat woman. “I like her huge breasts,” Carly admitted as she admired the woman’s magnificent huge chest. Carly reached down to fondle her own, much smaller boobs. “Yeah, her boobs are incredible,” Jack decided to risk admitting before giving his wife some love as well as he reached over and squeezing one of hers. Carly smiled at the attention as she admitted, “I hope my boobs get a lot bigger, they probably won’t but can you imagine if my boobs were as big as hers?” “That really would be something,” He agreed, very much turned on by the idea. “They would probably be really heavy,” Carly answered, not seeming at all bothered by the prospect of having to carry around such a pair of weights. “Guess we’d have to get you some truly massive bras and I might have to lift them up and carry them around for you when they became just too heavy for you,” Jack suggested. Carly grinned, seeming to like such a fantasy as she somewhat surprisingly reached a hand down her pants. “Are you turned on by this?” Jack asked with some amusement. “I wasn’t expecting I would be but yes I am,” Carly admitted as she continued to finger herself while she looked at the picture of the huge-breasted, obse woman, “do you think they have more of her?” “Probably,” Jack said as he went and found quite a few more pictures of her. They both looked at the various pictures of the woman for a while, both of them clearly enjoying this before moving on to a couple other women. With Carly seeming to enjoy this too surprisingly, he began to open up more and more, pointing out things he liked about each woman, such as their massive breasts, overhanging, gigantic bellies, their huge butts and hips that wobbled from side to side as they walked. They also clicked on some videos as they got to watch as some of these obese and at least to him downright sexy women gourging themselves on food like the fatties they were. Pretty soon both of them were turned on enough that they went to go let all the pent up sexual energy out on each other in the bedroom. It was easily the best sex they had ever had and after finally finishing inside her for the 3rd time, they both lay there naked and exhausted but thoroughly satisfied. “You know I wasn’t expecting to like that as much as I did,” Carly told him, “it kind of makes me understand the appeal of very fat women though like the ones we saw. There is a kind of awe in seeing a woman that large, with so much to look at and so much to love, or how freeing it must be for those women to just let go and eat as much as you want. Is that what you like?” “Yeah, you seem to understand me pretty well already,” Jack confirmed, very much still surprised by his wife’s far better than expected reaction to all this. He also would have never guessed his wife could ever understand him in that way. Carly however seemed quite pleased as she said, “I’m glad I’m getting to understand this about you.” “Me too,” Jack agreed going and taking her hand, “I was just so afraid of how you would react but...you’re taking it far better than I could ever expect.” “I’ll admit I still don’t understand everything,” Carly told him, “but I would like to learn a lot more.” “Sounds great,” Jack replied. Carly let out a long sigh of satisfaction before adding: “I’m just glad I’ve finally got you to open up and let out this side to you I know now you’ve been hiding all this time,” Carly admitted as she snuggled up to him, “I don’t want you to feel like you need to hide anything about how you feel or think from me ever again.” “With the way you reacted tonight I don’t see why I’ll ever need to anymore,” Jack told her, “I still can’t believe how well you’re taking all of this.” “I can’t believe it either,” Carly admitted, “maybe there were some things about myself I’ve kept hidden deep down that I just found out about. I can honestly say now I’m looking forward to doing this weight gain journey with you. It’s something we can do and work towards together and more importantly I think we’re both going to really enjoy it.” Jack’s heart felt like it could burst with how full it was int that moment, unable to process such powerful feelings of love and downright awe he had for his wife and just how incredible she was to him. He admitted to her, more honest than anything he had ever said in his life, “Carly, you’re better than a dream come true.” Please Review!
  12. Well you're very much in luck then, expect plenty more coming very soon, I have a lot already written, I just want to see if there are certain things I want to add or what people would like to see. Thanks for the review.!
  13. Bigger than a dream come true Chapter 1 Jack Jack Hooper could honestly say that he loved his wife Carly more than anyone else and still found her the most beautiful woman in the world. They had known each other since kindergarden and had always been best friends during that time, been each other’s first date, dated in fact all throughout high school and college then once they graduated he immediately proposed to her and she happily accepted, making him feel like the luckiest guy in the world. However now married and working from home having started up their own highly successful software company together, they were both doing quite well financially. They had both wanted children, only to learn after a year of trying that Carly was infertile and was unable to have children, they were devastated but he loved Carly too much to let it get to him even though she felt extremely guilty for not being able to provide Jack with the children they had both really wanted. He found himself constantly needing to tell her that it was okay, that she was more than enough for him as his family (his own parents had both died years ago and he was an only child) but Carly still was taking it hard. He of course also suggested they could adopt, but the process was quite lengthy and it could take years before that would actually happen. Despite not being able to have children, still Jack and Carly had plenty to be happy about, many people would say that they had it all, an already successful business that was making them plenty of money for people their age, and they had each other: Jack had a beautiful and amazing wife that loved him and Carly had a handsome and amazing husband that loved her just as much. Yet something nagged at Jack, it had in fact since he was a very young teenager just discovering girls and he hadn’t been completely able to get rid of it out of his thoughts even as he fell more and more in love with his best friend and now wife. Most people would say Carly was very attractive and he would be the first person to agree, a slim but somewhat curvy figure with 32 c-cup breasts, a nice firm bum, and what was widely considered her most noticeable and best feature: her gorgeous very long blonde hair that went all the way to her knees that he loved helping her brush each day. There really was plenty to like about her and yet...he couldn’t help but wish that there was even more to like about her. He couldn’t help it, but ever since he’d found himself liking girls, he found himself much more attracted to bigger girls, ones with big, huge fat breasts that wobbled as they walked; with proud, massive bellies that stuck far past their plump faces and multiple chins, and giant bums that could take up and even overflow the chairs that they sat on. In truth there wasn’t any limit to how big they could be and he would still like them, the bigger and the fatter the better in fact in his opinion. Still since his wife Carly was so very not what his particular unfortunate preference for women was, he however did his best to keep that preference to himself and instead focus on what Carly did have and he would definitely say she still had an amazing body that he practically worshipped. In particular he spent most of his time playing with her c-cup breasts, which were nothing to scoff at for someone at her size and weight and were the fattest part of her. Yet even as he played with them or massaged the rest of her body during their very frequent intercourse, he couldn’t help but get more turned on by imagining her body somehow getting fatter. One day however as they went grocery shopping together, they both spotted a very obese woman riding in an electric wheelchair. The woman was just plain massive, her gut pushing up against the front of the cart, her huge breasts pushed up in front of her fat face, and her huge butt overflowing both sides of the wheelchair. He really just couldn’t help himself, he outright stared at the woman. Up until now he’d been so good at hiding his secret fetish and desires, but placed so deliciously in front of such temptation...he just couldn’t stop staring. If he’d only looked for a short while, it would have been understandable, women that fat would have gotten anyone’s attention, if only to gawk at how disgustingly obese they were, but his look clearly went beyond that. He was finally broken out of it by Carly talking to him but he couldn’t tell what. Forcing himself to look away, he instead looked at Carly, who had a concerned look on her face. She had definitely noticed him staring at the woman. “What Carly?” He asked, trying not to look back at the obese woman again. Carly seemed to still be studying him for a long moment before shaking her head and saying, “do you think we should get some broccoli for dinner?” Personally he was wishing that she was suggesting something much more fattening, but still agreed. They finished the rest of their shopping trip, with Carly mostly getting healthy foods, but seemingly at the last minute, getting a big bag of potato ships, and chocolate chip cookies. Since Carly had always worried about eating healthy, this surprised him, but he certainly wasn’t going to argue. Carly Carly had of course caught her husband staring at the very fat woman in the store, at first she had thought he was staring as anyone might have at just how huge and fat that woman was, even in today’s obesity riddled world such a woman was a rare sight. However Jack had been looking at the woman with obvious great lust in his eyes, the way he often looked at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world only this...was something more than that. With a sudden moment of clarity, she realized something she should have figured out a long time ago: Jack liked fat girls...evidently very fat girls. This really wasn’t the first time that she had seen Jack look at a fat or very fat girl for longer than would be normal to look at another person, he just hadn’t looked for so long before that she had noticed or thought much of it at the time, but putting all those instances together...it was now painfully clear just what kind of girl her husband liked. She knew Jack would never act on such desires as he really did love her, she was sure of that, and he seemed to have been trying hard not to stare at the woman, he just couldn’t seem to help himself in that moment and in a way while difficult for her to process, it was good that he had and she had caught him staring as it told her a lot about him, a side to him that he’d never let himself show to her. Why wouldn’t he though? They shared everything to each other, so why wouldn’t he share this to her? Looking down at her somewhat thin body however the answer was obvious: he didn’t want her to feel bad or ask her to be something she wasn’t. All that being said, now that it seemed she might have finally learned a long kept secret from Jack and if Jack did indeed like very fat girls as she suspected...she was so very not and now she was worried about that. Was she really enough for him? Of course she was, she chided herself, Jack definitely loved her and found her beautiful but… She could just simply ignore what she might have learned and try to forget about it, she knew Jack would never bring it up if he hadn’t by now but… Again there was that but, a rather big but, a but bigger than that obese woman’s butt had been and she knew it was going to nag at her until she was really able to find out the truth and see if her suspicions were correct. She realized she really needed to find out. Jack After getting home and finishing putting away the groceries, Carly then immediately instigated sex, which he happily agreed to. It ended up being amazing sex, but he still felt guilty as the reason it was so amazing was that he couldn’t help but think of the obese woman that they had met in the store while they did it. After having had sex however, Carly surprisingly pushed him away with a look of concern on her face. “What’s wrong Carly?” He asked worriedly. She sighed as she asked, “do you find me attractive?” He smiled and told her honestly, “I very much do and I love you” She smiled back as she could tell that he meant it as she said, “I love you too but I guess I could always tell something was missing...and now I feel like I’ve finally figured it out. You like fat girls don’t you?” His heart stopped, he’d never wanted Carly to find this out but since she had, he felt he couldn’t lie to her. “Yes,” He confirmed, feeling incredibly guilty as he tried then to avoid her feeling bad and immediately add, “but I still think you are the most beautiful girl in the world to me, I mean that.” She smiled at the compliment but then let out a long sigh and looked at him for a long moment, her mind trying to process this new revelation about him before finally asking tentatively, “so what do you like about fat girls anyway?” He hesitated to answer but finally decided to admit, “everything, just how huge their breasts, bellies, and bums are, the way everything can wobble and shake as they walk. Just how much of them there is to love.” She slowly nodded before then asking, “do you wish that I was fatter?” She’d asked him the one question he’d secretly thought of countless times, he couldn’t help himself, he loved Carly the way that she was however he wanted he would absolutely love it if she was fatter, much fatter, as fat as that obese woman had been at the store or even bigger...but he definitely couldn’t tell her that. She would not only be disgusted but also feel terrible and he couldn’t do that to her. “I love you and find you beautiful just the way you are,” He answered immediately. “That’s not what I asked,” Carly pointed out, “do you wish that I was fatter?” So that was the major question again, one she wasn’t going to let him off the hook before getting an answer and he finally realized he had to answer honestly. “Yes,” He admitted guiltily. She looked at him for a long moment before then saying, “I’m going to have to think about this for a while.” “Of course,” He said, unsure what else to say now that his big secret was out. They didn’t talk for another couple of hours, he focused on getting work done for his father’s and his company but his heart wasn’t in it as he worried about Carly and how she now felt about him. Carly Following her talk with Jack Carly went into the bathroom and stripped naked to look herself over in the mirror. To most people she had an incredible body and she often got plenty of compliments on her lean but somewhat curvy figure. She knew Jack really did love her the way she was and would never expect her to change just for him. That being said, she had actually grown out her very long hair just for him as she knew how much he liked that. Or at least at first she had agreed to grow her hair out for him, by now she liked it just as much as he did, not only because of all the compliments Jack and everyone else gave her, but how much she liked it and made her feel beautiful. She had come to realize over the years spent with Jack, practically her whole life in fact, that she usually tended to embrace and enjoy whatever Jack did while he tended to be the same with her interests. They were of course their own people, but they were also the best of friends and definitely enjoyed each other’s company more than any other and they usually enjoyed whatever the other wanted to do. Yet purposefully gaining weight was a different story altogether. All her life, society had told her that being fat was unhealthy and not good for you and being thin was good and beautiful. It was hard to get past that. Yet she desperately wanted to be the absolute most beautiful that she could for Jack and if he would like her even more if she put on some weight… It really wouldn’t make much of a difference she reasoned if she gained a few pounds, not enough to be truly unhealthy but enough for Jack to appreciate the effort. Actually it really wouldn’t even be much of an effort, all she really needed to do was stop limiting herself on just healthy foods and finally give in to all her cravings she often had. In a way it was sort of like a small dream come true as she could eat whatever she wanted for a while and not worry about gaining too much weight as her husband would actually like it. Carly ran her hands along her body, thinking about what it would be like to fatter, not downright obese like the woman in the store, but having put on 10 or 20 or maybe 30 pounds. It really wouldn’t be so bad to have a little more curves on her. She lifted up the fattest part of her, her breasts. They were considered a nice size by most, but she had always secretly wished that they were bigger. Having some of the weight go to these would actually be really nice. Looking over her body one last time she made a decision...one that would ultimately completely change her life and that of her husband's. Please Review!
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