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  1. I don’t think you can pass for skinny anymore when sucking in. You’re destined for beautiful fatness and now you can’t hide it. Embrace it! Show it off! It is truly magnificent!
  2. I apologize for the other reposts my phone got screwed up and I thought it wasn’t posting when it actually was😂😬
  3. How can someone be this gorgeous? Tell me please! I love seeing how plump you’re getting it’s so beautiful!
  4. She’s always been stunning but the more she gains the more gorgeous she becomes. I didn’t know you could improve perfection but apparently you can.😍
  5. You just radiate utter confidence and beauty and it’s jaw-dropping. I’ve recently gained the Freshman 15 (more like 30 if including quarantine) so your content really helps me come to terms with my gain and helps me to embrace it. Thank you for all your great content!
  6. I hope she gains more confidence and feels more comfortable in her own skin. Her gain is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
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