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    This is the best breeding video i've ever seen. The way she looks to the camera and talks it's extremely hot, I love how she slightly moves and everything shakes ❤️
    She is gorgeous. Her face, eyes, skin, belly... she is one of the most beautiful models i've ever seen. In this video the way she eagerly eats it's mesmerizing, i love it ❤️ By the end of the video she looks even bigger, please don't stop eating.
    Venus is so pretty, I couldn't resist to buy this, totally worth. Her belly is getting so big and round 😍 and the vibe toy is definitely a surprise
    First time buyer here. I have to say I'm really impressed, this latina girl is so pretty and has big appetite. Her smile, skin and big beautiful belly are to fall in love with. 5/5, I'll follow her to see even more in the future.
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