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  1. Plaintext, BBCode, or maybe simple early 90s HTML, stored and uploaded as plain ASCII or, if you feel lucky, UTF-8. You never know what Word might be embedding in that rich text file unless you can read hexdumps.
  2. A dangerous neighborhood like between the car park and the office building? Maybe on the route between the train station and work, like what happened to someone else I knew. It happens everywhere, it can happen anywhere, it can happen to anyone, and if you're so foolish as to go outside, it can happen to you.
  3. That guy was totally asking to get mugged, going out in public dressed in a nice suit like that, flashing that expensive watch and those high end leather shoes. He may as well been letting his wallet hang out, dangling his Amex Centurion for all to see. What was he thinking?
  4. The first doxing I heard of was around 2000 or so. A 'mainstream' porn star who had retired and got a straight world job, techie boyfriend, etc., got doxxed and much of her post-porn life was wrecked. Reasonable precautions for the 1990s weren't enough when the 2000s rolled around, and reasonable precautions now won't be enough come 2025. I really don't know what to do now that will stand the test of time and ever improving Big Data AI, besides having gone dark since birth. Maybe. Things like Google Search by Image, TinEye, and Nero's organizing photos by faces will only get smarter.
  5. Not even one's full face, not anymore. Unfortunately, the half-masked pics and vids from years ago are still out there to be run through new software. https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/92140-straight-talk-about-face-masks-and-face-recognition https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190501114602.htm
  6. I would have if they'd muted Mango Mussolini's mic 100% of the time. Have you seen his (few) interviews that weren't total puff pieces?
  7. Or at least delete geo tags http://www.exifpurge.com/ and make sure your full name's not on anything like wish lists or receipts or your boss' diplomas aren't visible in the background if you get busy on his desk in your new video
  8. It could be that my Intertubewebs connection was b0rking or perhaps massively slowing without going down entirely. Ping and traceroute don't need much bandwidth though, so even if they don't show any problems, the connection could still be too slow for Curvage to be usable, leading me to think it was Curvage that's glitching. I have some tests to retry.
  9. Goofs happen. It can be as easy as forgetting or not knowing to strip EXIF out of a JPG. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geotagging#Dangers Or it could have been just one detail that should have been innocuous but a search on it leads to a deeplink in a school or company site, no names there, but back out to its homepage and start looking through the staff directory which perhaps unwisely includes face pics, or even just full names, with only one or two Marys, and bingo. That can be all it takes.
  10. I think she's thinking of something else, maybe rubbing and even slapping that belly. Then the spanking and hair pulling. And after the spanking, the Monty Python references.
  11. StirCrazy94545

    Lana Del Rey

    Believe it or not, not all dudes just see T&A and stop thinking about anything else. Who knew?
  12. Four (cheap) 'smart' devices with three different volume control placements and inconsistent button meanings, two blown eardrums, one blown out pair of headphones, zero brain remaining for today Well, I heard about a second of it or so 🤕
  13. My metabolism burns off anything over 220 or so fast if given half a chance, and I'm almost 6'0, but I love the chub and spanking a big fat ass, unff
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